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Type Fiction
Genre Crime
Publisher Telos Publishing
Release Date 01.05.2005
Author Hank Janson
Title Broads Don't Scare Easy
EAN 9781903889893
ISBN 1903889898


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similar by Price (5 GBP to 9 GBP)
Great story, deals with the issues of racism in a small English town.
Is just that bit too drawn out. (*)
Intriguing central character; interesting locations; good tempo
Terrible type-setting; some incredible elements (*)
Fast Paced, Several Suspects
- (*)
Fast paced and full of suspence
Maybe should have been released in December? (*)
It ties up the trilogy story nicely
Not so good if you've not read the first two books! (*)
similar by Title (First Letter) (B)
Excellent story that had it all
Occasionally Cockney talk (*)
Needs concentration (*)
Great storyline, believable characters, great detail
May be a bit gruesome for some, some of the story lines are from previous books (*)
An original idea, thrilling beyond belief
Set in the 80s and therefore some things are outdated (*)
similar by Author Surname (First Letter) (J)
I didn't guess who the murderer was!
The hero's a bit of a limp lettuce. (*)
recognising places and realistic scenarios
had not read any previous Skinner books (*)
Well written, great story
None (*)
An occult twist
Way too much golf for me (*)
Gritty crime novel, with a good pace and lots to keep you interested.
I found main characters from earlier books in the series were poorly described at times (*)
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