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Broken Sword: The Sleeping Dragon (PC)

Just like flares, cockroaches and Tony Blackburn, some things never die; this third entry in the Broken Sword series hopefully means the good old grap...

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published 02/02/2005 | crikivi
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Pro If you have nothing to do or if you don't know the other it's cool.
Cons A big mistake in the series which worked higher
very helpful

" But where has humor gone ?"

Hello, I will try for my second review to write with better English.

English version:
First I have to say that this game is the succession of broken sword and broken sword 2. In this previous game it was about saving the world helping by a really great Britain humour very very "screaming" (sorry, I don't know if it is the good word). There are two heroes, George Stobbart a handsome American (in the French game he have a very cute English accent... Mmmm, in France women are crazy about this accent, so do I!! Stop dreaming and let's continue the review) the second one is a pretty French woman Nico Collard (I remember: "Collard j'écoute" the sentence she says every time George phones her. May be in the English game "Collard I’m listening"). Our two heroes travels all over the world to find clues. These games are "point and click" games in which you have to solve puzzles.
During the game, you have to look around to find things to do or to take and often it's only to make jokes! Humour is ever-present and there is humour for all type of
taste. As a conclusion, they are masterpieces.

Unfortunately, not broken sword 3. For the first time, the game is in 3D and to do this it would be better to keep it in 2D.
No "point and click" any more, you play with the keyboard and it's really hard to play. It is the end of the research, when you can use an item, a twinkling star appear on the item.
Humour is really infrequent: During the game I may smile only two or three times instead of numerous burst of laughter in the previous games...
And graphics! What a shame! Characters are skimp on, errors appears too much...
And puzzles most of time are only Lara Croft puzzles: you have to move cases! The first time it's great, the second ok but after it's really boring! They must have only this idea to repeat this so often!

As a conclusion, this game is really disappointing, I don’t recommend it to potential buyers. If you know the other games, don't buy it you will be disappointed. Borrow it, if you want because even these bad things you won't be boring during this game. If you don't know the other game you will find that it is a good game. I have only say bad things about it but it is the George Stobbart fan which talk. If you don't know his humour you may find he his really funny.

Version Française :

Bonjour tout le monde, à mon tour de donner mon avis sur ce jeu. Je précise que je n'ai pas lu les autres avis car je ne veux pas être influencée, alors désolé s'il y a des redites.

Tout d'abord remettons les choses dans leur contexte. Ce jeu est la suite des "Chevaliers de Baphomet " et des "Boucliers de quetzalcoatl " qui relatent les aventures d'un bel Américain George Stobbart (avec 2 B et 2 T) et d'une séduisante Française Nico Collard. Pour résumer, dans les précédents épisodes il est question de sauver le monde tout en gardant un humour potache complètement décalé mais vraiment hilarant !! Nos deux protagonistes parcourent le monde à la recherche d'indices pour notre plus grand plaisir. Ce sont des jeux " point and click " dans lesquels il faut résoudre des énigmes pour pouvoir progresser. Tout le long du jeux vous devez regarder les moindres recoins du décor à la recherche d'une action à faire, ou d'un objet à prendre qui parfois est totalement imprévu (un string, un bout de charbon) et n'a pour but que de pouvoir faire des blagues (pour notre plus grand plaisir). L'humour est omniprésent et il y en a pour tout les gouts ! Bref, de vrai chef d'oeuvres !

Malheureusement, ce n'est pas le cas du dernier volet. C'est le premier de la trilogie à être en trois D et franchement pour faire ça valait mieux le laisser comme c'était avant.
Abandonné le concept "point & click" au profit du clavier ce qui rend le jeu franchement difficilement jouable sans une manette.
Fini les recherches dans le décor : dès qu'un objet a une interaction, une étoile scintillante apparait dessus.
Rare se fait l'humour, j'ai du sourire en tout et pour tout 3 fois au cours du jeu contre de francs éclats de rire très nombreux dans les précédants jeux.
Et les graphismes, une vrai honte ! les personnages sont bâclés, des beugs apparaisent assez souvent ...
Enfin les énigmes se résument la plupart du temps à bouger des caisses pour atteindre une sortie, comme chez Lara Croft !! La première fois, c'est sympas, la deuxième ça passe mais après c'est carrément ennuyeux, à croire qu'ils étaient à court d'idées pour toujours reprendre ce même concept !

En conclusion je dirai que ce jeu est très décevant, je ne conseillerais pas de l'acheter et si vous connaissez les précédents épisodes proscrivez cet achat, vous vous en mordraient les doigts. Franchement faites le vous prêter, là ça vaut le coup car tout de même à par les moments Lara Croft, on ne s'ennuie pas.
Maintenant pour ceux qui connaissent pas les Chevaliers ils trouveront sans doute que c'est un bon jeu. C'est vrai que j'ai fait que le descendre, mais c'est la fan du jeune Stobbart qui parle. Ceux qui ne connaîssent pas sa verve le trouveront certainement très drôle, pour les autres ils penseront qu'il était en baisse de forme flagrante.

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  • jesi published 15/09/2005
    Perhaps some concepts do not translate the same in English as they were in French - I don't like lara croft myself - never get her to jump or push properly - just like when playing dungeon keepers I don't "do" the possession of another of my "minions" very well - I like point and click I guess!... - &#9829;&#9829; - jes &#8776;&#8776;&#8776;&#8776;{; -)-{{::::: |||||< &#9829;&#9829;
  • MAFARRIMOND published 03/02/2005
    It sounds very disappointing all in all. Maureen
  • Youngatheard60 published 02/02/2005
    Hi again, I love the way you write. I have played this game but didn't enjoy it like the first two. I like point and click, I don't like using the keyboard. Have you played Syberia, I have just bought it and it is great. Will do a review when I complete it. Nice to talk to you again, Barbara xxx
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Just like flares, cockroaches and Tony Blackburn, some things never die; this third entry in the Broken Sword series hopefully means the good old graphic adventure is making a comeback. It was created by Sierra and perfected by LucasArts but unfortunately UK developer Revolution is the only company still making them like they used to--although this all-new title features direct controls, instead of point and click, and even Shenmue-style Quick Time Events.The plot in The Sleeping Dragon revolves around yet another ancient threat to the world, this time related to the mysterious (and real) Voynich Manuscript, which may or may not contain the secret to eternal life. Needless to say it's up to the game's hero George Stobbart and his long-term associate Nico to stop the bad guys from prevailing, and this they do by solving a long stream of logic puzzles ranging from getting into a locked room armed with only a press card to waking up an unconscious Australian before he falls off the side of a cliff.Even though the game is not controlled with the mouse the interface is extremely easy to use, with four main context-sensitive buttons used in conjunction with your inventory. It won't be to everyone's taste--those with a taste for arcade action may get bored quite quickly--but it all works well and has excellent graphics. It's a real game to watch this winter. --David Jenkins Edge Magazine"In terms of narrative-led videogaming [this] is leagues above anything else in recent times. 9/10." See all

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Release Date: 14th November 2003

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