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published 19/04/2011 | angelboouk123
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Value for Money

"Ideal Party Bag Fillers"

Bubble Magic is a type of bubble tub produced by Henbrandt Limited.

The bubbles are suitable for children over the age of 3. Each bottle contains 60ml of bubble liquid which create colourful bubbles. They are ideal for childrens parties when making up party bags or for treats on days out.

The bubbles come in different coloured, plastic bottles. My bottle is red with a yellow, leak proof lid. The Bubble Magic bunny rabbit adorns the label alongside a colourful rainbow making it bright and pleasing to a child. Inside the bottle, a bubble wand is stuck to the lid. It is long, thin and green and reaches down to almost the bottom of the bottle. The end of the wand offers an O shaped hole which is ridged along the outer of it. The bottle holds the bubbly mixture and the wand should be dipped in to the bottle.

Availability and Price

A single, 60ml tub of Bubble Magic can be purchased in supermarkets and little corner shops at around 50p. If you are purchasing wholesale for a party, you can buy a multi box of 24 for £8.99 from Amazon.
Our Experience

My son is nearly 3 and since he was a baby, he has had an obsession with bubbles! We have sampled the really small tubs through to the big, massive wands that can be bought. Our latest purchase was a tub of Bubble Magic which my son spotted during a recent trip to a heritage park. I managed to snap up a bottle for only 40p which is a pretty good price.

The little red bottle is easy to grip even when hands get a little drippy from the mixture within. Thankfully the bottle isn't completely full so less chance of accidents happening as a child opens it. The wand is a reasonable length though the thiness of it allows it to feel a little flimsy. The bubbles have a slight, original washing up liquid smell and are rather watery as you would expect.
I'm Forever Blowing Bubbles!

Ryan is at the stage that he wants to do everything himself. Previously, I would hold and blow the bubbles allowing him to run around catching them. Now, I notice him watching what I do and asking to do it himself. I let him but tend to prefer to hold the bottle to avoid a spillage and him having a hairy about the mess! We don't have a garden so usually blow the bubbles inside or out on our balcony. We sometimes take them out with us to blow at the park and the seal does do its job, holding all the liquid inside without leakage.

If the bottle gets shook about, the mixture goes rather white and fluffy and in reality, this makes it very difficult to blow proper bubbles. In this instance, the white bubbles focus around the wand and make a mess and no bubbles are made. The liquid needs time to settle and go slightly flat before it can perform well. Dipping the wand into the bottle, we give it a swirl around and a quick tap on the edge to knock any excess liquid back into the bottle. This leads to less mess and therefore less wastage.

It takes very little effort to get the right amount of liquid on the wand but Ryan gets frustrated when he pulls it back out with nothing on it..precision is the key! You can see the liquid forming within the hole of the wand as it goes slightly coloured. Holding the wand on its side, the bubbles can now be blown. We have had mixed results and I suppose it depends on how much mixture you get on the wand.

Most of time, we are able to get a few, small bubbles floating off the wand and into the air. Inside they don't go far and tend to float randomly before dropping to the ground and bursting. Outside, the bubbles float away in the air and last a lot longer which Ryan likes. Sometimes, we only manage one bigger sized bubble but I can't get massive bubbles from this bottle no matter how hard I try which is quite disappointing as I usually blow huge bubbles!

No matter how big the bubbles are, they are very pretty and moreso outside when the light from the sun catches them. The reflections of colour within the crystal clear bubble are very beautiful and attractive. As the light bounces off the bubbles, stunning glimses of purple, green, pink and blue are captured and where several bubbles have been released at once, it creates quite a show. There is nothing prettier than seeing lovely bubbles floating through the air and these ones are no exception.

The bubbles are of a decent quality despite not producing massive sizes or massive amounts at any one time. They don't instantly burst as they make contact with the air and float around gently before making contact with skin or surface and bursting leaving a little wet patch so care must be taken on slippy surfaces. I have had a few bursting on mine and Ryans sensitive skin and there has been no harsh reactions to the bubble mixture. It isn't all that messy providing the excess mixture is dripped back into the bottle before moving the wand.

Although we have only used these regularly for the past 3days, there is lots left so we will have more fun to come. Ryan loves jumping around attempting to catch and burst these bubbles and he giggles like you couldn't imagine. Its is very fun to watch and gets him active and tires him out at the same time. These bubbles are ideal for party bags and had I not already purchased Thomas the Tank bubbles for Ryans party, I would have bought a few more bottles of this for the party bags.

Thanks for reading x

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  • Coloneljohn published 04/05/2011
    Nice one. John
  • rojm published 21/04/2011
    shame you don't have a garden for the bubbles I insist they are only used outside and i don't even know why
  • MissDebdeb published 20/04/2011
    When I was a kid and my bottle of bubbles ran out, my parents would just top it up with a bit of washing up liquid and water. Even cheaper and a never ending supply!
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