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published 17/04/2011 | ljackson24
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Pro Career help, business help, good activities and events, nice new building
Cons Poor accomodation, not a great reputation, High Wycombe could be better
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"Bucks NEW University"

Bucks New University

Bucks New University

Bucks New University

Buckinghamshire New University (BNU) is located in High Wycombe, Buckinghamshire, and is a 30-40 minute train ride away from the city of London. I became a student at Bucks New Uni in September 2009 and have nearly completed two years of my three year course there.

When I made the decision to go to University, I knew I wanted to go to one that was in London, or at least near it. Subsequently that’s what most of my Uni choices were based on, rather than the possibly more important issues such as University rankings, facilities, and courses. I got accepted into all the Universities I applied to, which were all in or near London, and I had a tough decision to make as to which one to accept. I came very close to choosing one that was in the city, but ending up picking Buckinghamshire New University as its close enough to London, but not actually in it. As I’m from a fairly small city (York) and had only visited London a couple of times, I felt it might be to big a change to move right into the heart of the capital straight away, so Bucks seemed a good location.

University Reputation

For anyone whose heard anything about this University, it’s likely that you’ll have heard more negative than positive things said about it. A friend of mine actually highly warned me against going as he had just finished his degree there and informed me he regretted choosing Bucks as his University. Anyway I like to make my own mind up about these things, and after my visit to High Wycombe and the University, I decided I would like to go there. It is constantly right near the bottom of most University ranking tables that I have seen but as it has only been a University for around four years, I figured that is may simply not have had chance to gain a good reputation, or make a name for itself as a University. Before it made the transmission into having University status, it was a college for many years.

My Course

The course I am studying is Business Management BA (Hons) and although I feel I have been taught well for the majority of the time so far, this is not one of the courses that Bucks are known for specialising in. Instead, they seem to have a good reputation for the more creative courses, especially Graphic Design. The university teaches some fairly bizarre degrees as well as the more standard ones. These include Business, English, Journalism, Graphics, Sports, Music, Bed Sales, and Jewellery making.

For my course of Business Management, I am normally expected to attend lectures for around 12 hours a week, and study at home for a lot more than that. I was surprised that I have so few lessons despite the fairly high course fees. Having said that, this University charges the same course fees as most other standard Universities, and after speaking to friends from other places, it seems that 12 hours a week is also pretty standard.

When it comes to the quality of my lectures I would say that half of them are interesting, and involve more practical activities or class discussions which get everyone involved. The other halves of my lectures are very boring and involve just sitting and watching a three hour slide show. However I suppose they are called lectures for a reason and so they are bound to be slightly monotonous. Obviously if you are doing a more creative course then there will be more workshops, activities, and practical work. When learning about accounting and the credit crunch, it’s slightly more difficult to make the lectures interactive and fun.

The University

As I said, Bucks New Uni is located in High Wycombe, however I didn’t mention that there is also a campus in Uxbridge. The Uxbridge campus is only for people who are doing a nursing course, so if you choose to study anything else at BNU then you will be in High Wycombe.

Most of the University got rebuilt just before I became a student there, so half of it is quite old and a little shabby, and the other half is new and modern. The new part has a library which covers four floors, hundreds of new computers, and editing suites. There are also new lecture halls, but even the classrooms and lecture halls in the old building are satisfactory even if they’re sometimes a bit dated.

Student Accomodation

There are currently two options for Student Accommodation in High Wycombe. There are Hughenden Halls which were newly built two years ago and are brand spanking new and very modern. There are also Brook Street Halls which are old, extremely basic, not particularly clean, and generally look as though they haven’t been maintained.

Of course I ended up being put in the latter; Brook Street Halls. However, it wasn’t all bad, as these halls were cheaper, closer to University and town, and contained more flats and therefore more people.

I have visited the new accommodation many times as I had friends there, and also found them to be clean, spacious, and generally a nice place to live. However, friends I know that live there complain that it is not a fun place to live and nothing ever happens, the flats are clean which is nice, but it also means that some people feel like they can’t relax there properly.

Brook Street Halls where I lived, were not a ‘nice’ place to live, but they were a fun place to live. Most of the flats were shared by ten people, and each flat was in a ‘block’ so there were always plenty of people around, and plenty of parties going on. For the majority of the time this was extremely fun, but it could be occasionaly annoying if I fancied a quiet evening once in a while and there would be constant noise throughout the night. I felt that these halls were extremely badly maintained and managed, which it turn led to students having zero respect for their apartments and not looking after them at all, which only led to more parties and less cleaning up. A couple of times me and my flat mates had to complain about issues such as one of our showers breaking, and it took the ‘maintenance’ team about a month to come and fix it.

Students are only allowed to live in halls of residence for their first year of study, and after that they have to find a flat or house to live in. I had a great year in halls, but I don’t think I could have stayed there longer than a year!

Prices for living in halls go up every year, and they are currently about £110 a week for Hughenden Halls (the new ones) and about £95 a week for the old shabby Brook Street Halls. These prices include bills and internet, but I think they’re very expensive, especially the Brook Street prices. In Brook Street you get a small bedroom, communal kitchen, showers and toilets, and as I said, the accommodation is generally bad quality. The price for rent is certainly a complete rip off, but if you’re about to go to University then I would definitely recommend living in halls of residence for the first year as it’s the best way to meet lots of new people.

High Wycombe

As the University is situated in High Wycombe, the town has played a big part in my University life so far. Although, I have had a good time there, and am happy to spend another year in High Wycombe, it is not the most interesting of places to live, especially as a student. Luckily I have met some great people who have made the last two years an enjoyable experience.

The town itself has a fairly new shopping centre called the Eden Centre (which I have written a review on) and it is probably the town’s main asset. It is modern and has many shops, as well as places to eat, and a cinema and bowling alley. The rest of the town and the High Street have a limited amount of shops.

There are some good pubs in High Wycombe, including ‘The Antelope’ and ‘The Hobgoblin’ and just one club, which is called ‘Pure/Life on Mars.’ The club can be good sometimes, especially on student nights, but I wouldn’t want to go there more than once a week.

One of High Wycombe’s redeeming features in it’s proximity to London, which as I said is one of the main reasons I chose to go there. The trains to London are very regular and the journey takes 30-40 minutes. This is good if High Wycombe gets a little boring, as it sometimes does.

As I said before, I have met great people at University who have made my time in High Wycombe enjoyable. I think that you can live in the most exciting city in the world but if all the people there are awful then you probably won’t enjoy living there, and likewise, High Wycombe may not be that amazing but I enjoy living there because of the friends I have met.

Studying Abroad

Last year, certain courses, including mine, were told that we would have the chance to study abroad for a large portion of the second year of our degree. We were given a choice of many European countries including Germany, Holland, Italy and Spain, as well as some locations in the USA also. Personally I think this is a fantastic opportunity not to be missed, and I took full advantage of it, which is why I am now half way through a six month period of studying in France. I was surprised that not many fellow students have taken part in this as it is a great experience.

Anyway I was impressed with Bucks being able to offer this and they have been as helpful as possible throughout my transition to France and French education. Not only was I given this opportunity but it was included in the cost of my University fees so I didn’t have to pay anything to take part other than travel and accommodation.

When I return to BNU I will be able to continue my degree the same as my class mates, and I will have had the fantastic experience that I am currently having in France.

Student Union

The student’s union bar is a place I often find myself on various nights throughout the week. As I mentioned earlier, High Wycombe is not the best place for a thriving night life, and so the Students Union proves very popular with myself and fellow students. There is something on every single night of the week, whether it is live music, a fancy dress themed night, or a pub quiz.

The various events, teamed with the fact that it is always free entry for students, the drinks are fairly cheap, and it’s where most of the students go, mean that I have a high opinion on BNU’s Student’s Union.

Clubs and Societies

There is a multitude of clubs and societies already available to join at BNU, or sometimes you can start your own. The ones already in place include many sports clubs such as football, netball and rugby, and as well as other societies, for example YES (Young Entrepreneurs Society.)

If you want to set up a club/society then you just need a certain amount of interest from other students, and the University will provide you with a budget for advertising and events.

Career Help

One thing I like about this University is the fact that there are always people on hand to help with job hunting, career advising, and CV writing. You don’t even have to see anyone as they will do it all by email if you want. There are job fairs at the university every now and then, where local employers who need staff will come and meet students. I have got a couple of job interviews this way and it’s a great way to network.

As a business student, I am also very interested in the fact that BNU won ‘Enterprising University of the Year’ last year, and are always big on helping students out with business ventures. Last year I came up with a business idea that the staff thought was good and was therefore awarded with £500 for it. They also offer other help as well as financial; they can assign you a business mentor as well as put you in touch with other people who will be able to help. There is also an enterprise festival every year, where business professionals are invited to come and talk to students, and various business competitions take place.

Overall Impression

I have mixed opinions on my University, but they are more positive than negative. As a business student I have been extremely impressed with the enterprise festival, and the support available to students who want to start a business. I also love the new part of the University buildings as they are modern and have new and fantastic facilities. Another thing I forgot to mention about BNU, is that they give each student £500 per year as a bursary, which is a very helpful bit of money, especially when you’re a student.

Aspects of BNU that I have been less impressed with include the poor state of the accommodation and certain parts of the University buildings. Having to live in the city of High Wycombe is another slightly bad point to being a student at BNU, but as I said, I have enjoyed my time there so far.

I would say that BNU is a good University and I don’t regret going there, however when I have visited my friends at other uni’s it is clear there is much better out there. I would give Bucks 3/5 overall as I think it is improving all the time but still has a fair way to go if it wants to compete with some of the older and more well known institutions out there.

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  • torr published 24/05/2012
    Very good clear review. Best of luck with your degree.
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    You've done a great job here!
  • Graygirl published 22/05/2012
    Excellent and thorough review. x
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