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... Or, how about slobbering down a phone line or singing the merits of and oversized takeaway food item? Budweiser have had some of the best adverts on the TV. They've also had some remarkably normal ads which don't entertain you as much but probably put the message across better. Currently ... Read review

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Community Level 4stevecook


Mines 12 inches long, what's yours

AdvantagesInstantly recognisable product

DisadvantagesGone downhill since Frank and Louie

"...was a tad dissapointed when Budweiser introduced their next campaign. But it soon started tongues wagging (in more ways than one). Simply put - "Wazzup". The campaign had various situations of a group of friends ringing each other up, screaming "Wazzup!" down the phone and saying they were watching a game, drinking a bud - whether they were at home, or actually at the game. Simplicity itself. What Budweiser probably weren't expecting was the way ..." Read review

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Community Level 2bananaman


Bud.dy Good Ads

Advantagesexcellent product awareness, clever ads

Disadvantagesnothing - can I have my free bottle please

"...a 'Bud' ! Well the Budweiser company have most definately marketed their beer very well. There is hardly a bar in the UK that you can't see a group of lads - and girls - with bottle of Bud in hand. Other 'trendy' designer beers may come and go, but Bud seems to be as popular as ever. The companies TV Campaigns have been memorable, if quirky. First one I remember is the Budweiser Frogs. Remember those, some might say cute, frogs on the bank making ..." Read review

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Community Level 5daseaford


Louis the Lizard learns Wassssup.

AdvantagesVery funny - Very clever.


"... If you haven’t seen the Budweiser adverts then the start of this opinion will not mean anything to you at all. But, that will probably also mean that you have been on another planet for the past few months, so you probably don’t know what Budweiser is either. The ad men at Budweiser have been really clever here. For the past few months they have been running two simultaneous sets of adverts for Budweiser beer, with totally different ..." Read review

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Community Level 2stereoman


'Wassup' with these set of adverts?

AdvantagesGood production values as always.

DisadvantagesWe're in the UK, we couldn't care less about the great American contradiction.

"Oh dear....generally the Budweiser series of adverts have been hit-and-miss. The set of adverts that were inspired from the film 'Delicatessen' (the man trying to swot a fly whilst jumping on a bed whilst others are doing menial things in synchronised rhythm) are generally a miss. Whilst the talking frogs/sadistic lizards series were fantastic and very original and were undoubtedly a hit. While saving us for the treat that are the 'Wassup' series ..." Read review

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Community Level 2fclayson


you are so beautiful, bud...

Advantagesrefreshing, smooth, moreish

Disadvantagestoads look good

"...her my heart, my all... Ah, Budweiser beer makes a guy feel reallllllllly special, in a dozy sort of way. That toad, tumbling between car wheels as i watched, her throat ballooning out, belching her protest as she raised two fingers at the errant car driver, was as ugly as sin normally. But hey, Bud makes you wistful, ok? This is a 440ml can, and it's appealing to my sense of colour: the red/white/gold livery of the aluminium making me think ..." Read review

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