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Burberry Original for Women Eau de Parfum

Burberry Original For Women Eau de Parfum Spray. Created by the design house of Burberrys in 1995 Burberry isclassified as a refreshing oriental fl...

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Review of "Burberry Original for Women Eau de Parfum"

published 17/01/2012 | K2705
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"Burberry Original for Women"

For Christmas I always ask for perfume from my husband and parents as I find that by doing this it keeps me stocked up for the year near enough, the last couple of years my husband has brought me Prada however a couple of months before Christmas I received a bottle of this as a present so instead of getting me the same he decided to get me on of my other favourite perfumes which is Burberry Original, this was one I hadn’t had for a couple of years as I had tried some of the others in the Burberry range so it was nice to try this one out again.

I cannot remember exactly what the box was like as this was dispensed with shortly after I received it but from what I can remember the bottle came in a large cream coloured box, there was very little information on it other than the name of the perfume. The bottle which the perfume comes in is quite plain and simple yet stylish, the bottle is almost oval shaped yet quite flat on both sides, on the front of the bottle is the word "Burberry" written in gold writing and that is basically it there is no other information on the bottle at all. There is a shiny silver lid on top of the bottle which simply pulls on and off, this has a series of ridges going around it which helps to grip the lid when removing it. Under the lid is a small silver button which once pressed dispenses the perfume in a fine mist. The glass which the bottle is made from is quite thick and totally clear which allows you to see the colour of the perfume inside. Although the bottle is quite plain I do like the design as it is not fussy and looks quite stylish its the sort of bottle I am happy to have out on display in my bedroom.

The Perfume

The perfume is quite a dark amber colour, obviously I knew what to expect when I received this present for Christmas as I have tried it several times in the past.

*Top Notes - Blackcurrant, Peach, Apricot and Pear

*Middle Notes - Jasmine

*Base Notes - Musk, Cedar and Vanilla

As you can see particularly by the top notes this is initially quite a fruity smelling perfume, this I have to agree with, when I first smelt the perfume I could definitely detect the fruity notes although I could not actually tell what they were, no particular fragrance was more dominant they all blended together to give a lovely delicate fruity perfume. the middle notes suggest that this perfume should develop into something more floral, however I did not find this was the case, after originally spraying the perfume I found that it quite quickly developed to produce the base notes, after a little while of wearing the perfume I could soon smell the musk, this was blended with the fruity fragrance of the top notes, the vanilla was also a dominant fragrance in Burberry Original, personally I feel there is a hint of this when the perfume is originally sprayed which when combined with the fruity top notes gives the perfume a sweet fragrance, it takes the sharp edge of the fruit notes which can initially be smelt. As the perfume develops and it becomes more of a musk fragrance the vanilla becomes slightly stronger, this keeps the sweetness of the perfume. After I have worn the perfume for several hours I do find that the fruitiness does start to fade and these can be detected less, the perfume becomes more of a vanilla/ musk fragrance which I do particularly like. The Burberry Original perfume is definitely what I would call long lasting, I can spray myself with this in the morning before work and can still smell it when I get home at the end of the day, admittedly the perfume has faded a bit by this point but it is certainly still detectable, I find there is no need to reapply during the day. I find that this perfume has a very refreshing fragrance to it, it is in my opinion very versatile it is ideal to wear during the colder months and the summer months. I have read that this is designed for day wear, however personally I would say that Burberry Original could be worn for any occasion and there is no reason why it cannot be worn for a night out, I have worn this perfume on a night out on many occasion, the way this perfuming is long lasting makes it ideal for an evening out as well as during the day as you do not need to reapply it will last for several hours.

Price and Availability

Burberry Original can be brought from many shops as well as online, it is available in most department stores as well as other stores which sell perfume including Superdrug and Boots. However my husband brought mine online from Cheapsmells.com as this was selling it at the best price. I received a 100ml bottle and this cost £27.75, personally I think this is an excellent price, this sized bottle if brought on the high street would normally cost around £40.00, obviously this varies a little depending on where you buy it from, as does the price online. You can also get Burberry Original in different sizes including

*30ml Bottle - £16.96

*50ml Bottles - £23.25

*100ml Bottle - £27.75 (the one I have)

These are the prices on Cheapsmells.com, these may vary a little on other websites or in store. Personally I think the price of this perfume is fair as it is of an excellent quality, it is long lasting, and also the fact that you do not need to keep reapplying means that the bottle will last you a long time. I do not use mine everyday as I have other perfumes I use as well and this sized bottle lasts me several months so it is well worth the money in my opinion.

My Opinion

This is definitely one of my favourite perfumes, I particularly like the fruity sweet fragrance it has which later develops into a more musky smell, the perfume is very long lasting making it ideal for any occasion, I am pleased that I do not have to keep reapplying as I find that this is a waste. I would definitely recommend this perfume to anyone, it is the sort of fragrance that would suit people of all ages. This is definitely one I will continue to use and buy in the future.

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  • doriee.jay published 19/01/2012
    good review!
  • ryeb published 17/01/2012
    Sounds nice, and versatile too.
  • angelboouk123 published 17/01/2012
    nicely covered - I think I would quite like this one x
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Product Information : Burberry Original for Women Eau de Parfum

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Burberry Original For Women Eau de Parfum Spray. Created by the design house of Burberrys in 1995 Burberry isclassified as a refreshing oriental floral fragrance.This feminine scent possesses a blend of peach apricot sandalwood cedar amber and musk.Fresh and sensual fruity oriental fragrance. Top Notes:</b> blackcurrant peach apricot and pear. Heart Notes:</b> jasmine. Base Notes:</b> musk cedar and vanilla.

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Gender: for Women

Type of Perfume: Eau de Parfum

Manufacturer: Burberry

Long Name: Original for Women Eau de Parfum


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