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A man is caught in a desperate race against time in this claustrophobic thriller from director Rodrigo Cortes. Paul Conroy (Ryan Reynolds) is an Ameri...

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Review of "Buried(DVD)"

published 10/03/2011 | linzee_loulabelle
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"Buried alive in a coffin...what do you do?!"

About the film

Buried is a 2010 thriller film (released on DVD in February 2011) which was written by Chris Sparling and directed by Rodrigo Cortés. It stars Ryan Reynolds. With a run time of 91 minutes, the film is rated 15.


Paul Conroy is an American, working as a truck driver in Iraq, thinking it would be a job to help his family out with money situations. The film opens as Paul wakes up, realising he is in a coffin, no idea who has done this to him or what he is doing there. In the coffin with him is a mobile phone and a lighter, along with a pencil. Paul quickly realises that he wont last long in the coffin, with the air quickly running out so he has to think of a plan and quick. Will anyone even be able to find him if he can get in contact with the right people? Who can he call to help him when he is probably stuck somewhere in the middle of the desert with his time running out?


Ryan Reynolds ... Paul Conroy
José Luis García Pérez ... Jabir (voice)
Robert Paterson ... Dan Brenner (voice)
Stephen Tobolowsky ... Alan Davenport (voice)
Samantha Mathis ... Linda Conroy (voice)
Ivana Miño ... Pamela Lutti (voice)
Warner Loughlin ... Maryanne Conroy / Donna Mitchell / Rebecca Browning (voice)
Erik Palladino ... Special Agent Harris (voice)

What I thought

As soon as I heard about this film, I was dying to see it. Not only did it look extremely different than anything I had seen before but it also starred Ryan Reynolds, one of my favourite actors.

While Reynolds started out as a comedy actor, being known as Van Wilder for a long time, he has certainly come a long way since then. Although comedy is Reynolds’ main genre of film, he has now shown what range he has and the different types of characters he is able to play. I think the first time we saw something different in him was from The Amityville Horror back in 2006 although he also did a fine job in Blade Trinity. Buried sees Reynolds really excel himself compared to his other roles. Being the only actor shown in the film, all eyes are on him for the whole 91 minutes and it isn’t as if he has anywhere to hide, he is stuck in a coffin the whole time. The acting in Buried is by far the best I have seen so far from Reynolds and would love to see him in more serious films from now on, as well as his typical comedies, which I still enjoy.

As you can see from the cast list, there are others involved in this film. As Paul has access to a phone in the coffin, he has the ability to call quite a few people. These extra voices break up the monotony of hearing Paul talk to himself while he tries to figure out what he should/ can do, while trying not to panic too much. Through these phone calls, we get to find out why Paul is buried alive in a coffin and what happen in the run up to this. We also get to find out a lot more about his personal life and some of the things that matter to him, which gave his character so much more depth.

The camera work is one of the things that really makes this film, although as I said, Reynolds’ acting is spot on throughout. Imagine the camera being stuck in one place for the whole 91 minutes… that would be boring right? The camera work here showcases different angels of the coffin, showing little things which would have been missed otherwise, like the phone numbers Paul writes down on the walls. The lighting was also amazing and very atmospheric. Due to the light from the phone and Paul’s lighter, it changes all the time, giving off different vibes and feelings, matching whatever Paul is going through at that moment. Sometimes, there are only a flickers of light and nearly pure darkness, proving just how bad of a situation Paul is in. Actually, the opening of the film is in pure darkness with only the sound of Paul waking up, figuring out what is going out.

As there are no other cast members on film, the whole thing plays on Paul’s emotions while he tries to come up with a way of getting out of the coffin. The most basic emotion of fear shows through the whole time, even when Paul is trying to calm down and talk to someone on the phone. If you were buried in a coffin would there ever be a time where you weren’t utterly terrified of what was going to happen. I think that no matter what was happening, I would be so afraid that I don’t know if I could compose myself enough to talk rationally to someone on the phone. As the film goes on, you see Paul experiencing different emotions like hope, anger and sadness. I loved that a film such as this could play on emotions so much even though the scene never changes. This is the main reason why I think Reynolds is a such a fantastic actor. Would anyone else have been able to play the part as well with as much passion and believability?

At the time of this review going live, Buried is available for £9.97 on Amazon. Even though I completely loved this film, I wouldn’t say that it is worth the price. I don’t think it will be a film I will watch again so perhaps a cheaper price would be better suited. As good as it is, I would urge you to wait a while until the price goes down before buying this film. If a tense, emotional thriller is what you are after, this is definitely the film for you!!

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  • hiker published 22/05/2011
    Genuinely the stuff of my nightmares! Everyone I know has strict instructions to make sure I'm committed to the flames. Lx
  • Coloneljohn published 27/03/2011
    Interesting but I don't think it's for me. John
  • MrBrightside1987 published 11/03/2011
    Loved this movie. E from me :) x
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A man is caught in a desperate race against time in this claustrophobic thriller from director Rodrigo Cortes. Paul Conroy (Ryan Reynolds) is an American truck driver who has been contracted to work in Iraq, and while delivering a load of kitchen equipment as part of a humanitarian aid program, he's captured by insurgent guerrillas who intend to hold him hostage. Paul is struck unconscious, put into a coffin-like box, and buried, and when he comes to, all he has to help him get out is a lighter, a cell phone, a pen, and a jacknife. Trapped underground with a limited supply of air, Paul frantically calls his family, his employer, and American military and political representatives, trying to remain calm as his chances of survival slip farther away with each passing minute.


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