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Burned - P.C. Cast, Kristin Cast

Zoey Redbird, vamypre High Priestess in training, seems to have lost herself. Her awesome powers over the elements were not enough to save someone clo...

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Review of "Burned - P.C. Cast, Kristin Cast"

published 14/05/2010 | sarahbarrow
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Well that was the longest couple of weeks break I've ever had! xx
Pro A sensational book that has redeemed the series for me, after the poor previous book.
Cons I have a while to wait for the next one!
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"Burned......and proudly bearing the marks!"

After being reasonably unimpressed with the previous book in this series, I was initially dubious about rushing to read the book I will now review for you, the only reason I rushed to read it was due to the fact it was actually a lend off my little sister.

The book I will now review is - “Burned by P.C and Kristen Cast”.

Warning!!!! This review will probably contain spoilers for the previous book “Tempted”.

The book starts immediately from where Tempted left off.

After witnessing her human boyfriends death at the hands of her mortal enemy and in a previous life partner Kalona, Zoey Redbird, vampire fledgling and high priestess of the “house of night” ( a school for newly turned vampires), finds that her grief has shattered her soul and threw her into the “otherworld” (heaven for vampires).

Due to her being a high priestess she has 7 days grace before her body dies also. Never in vampire records has a high priestess returned from such a tragedy….but Zoey is no ordinary priestess, so there is hope there.

After Kalona has killed Zoey’s human consort, he feels something that he thought he would never feel again….regret. He never intentionally wanted to cause harm or distress to Zoey, but felt Heath would get in the way of her eventually giving herself to him and coming over to the dark side.

After Zoey’s soul shatters Kalona is then bribed into following her into the afterlife, and to try and prevent her warrior and guardian Stark from working out how to bring Zoey back into her body.

Will Zoey be able to return to her body or will Kalona keep her from returning and saving the world?

As I said earlier the previous book had been a disappointment, but after reading the first few pages I soon realised that I was hooked and the mother and daughter author combo, were back on top form!

The book itself is set out very differently from how I remember the previous books being, with each chapter being told from a different characters point of view.

Although most of the characters are reporting upon the same thing, ie Zoey and getting her back to her high priestess role. It is nice to hear about what is also happening with the “red fledglings” and Stevie Rae (priestess of the red fledglings) and her burgeoning friendship/love with a Raven mocker, which is beast made from evil, but turns out that he has a little humanity within him, enough to form a relationship anyway!
This is a relationship that must be keep quite for the time being though, so you are never really sure whetehr love will outor whether Stevie Rae would be willing to turn to the "dark" side for her new love!

The entire book is set in the space of 7 days, this is to symbolise the days left of Zoey’s body, whilst she lies in a catatonic state.

The book is quick paced and full on, but aimed at the slightly younger reader, so there is a little violence, though never really graphic, and the briefest amount of sex.

The characters are by this point, very well established, so reading or starting the series from this book wouldn’t be recommended as the authors feel no real need to re-explain who and why the characters are as they are within the story.

Price wise this is available from www.amazon.co.uk for the sum of £5.99 plus P&P.

For more information visit - www.atombooks.co.uk

This is a really good book, that I thoroughly enjoyed and I am now looking forward to the release of the next book in the series - “Awakened”.

Thanks for reading x

ISBN 978-1-905654-81-9

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  • jesi published 20/05/2010
    I hate series books which cannot stand alone . . . the same way I used to hate serialised stories . . . I never used to be able to read them in order . . . and you lost continuity . . . this particular genre doesn't interest me either . . . ♥ jesi ♥
  • arnoldhenryrufus published 16/05/2010
    nice review - lyn x
  • paulpry118 published 15/05/2010
    Not the type of book I would go for
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Zoey Redbird, vamypre High Priestess in training, seems to have lost herself. Her awesome powers over the elements were not enough to save someone close to her, and now her group must help her reclaim her centre and find herself again. But evil has its own plans, and these won't wait for Zoey to return to full power. The House of Night is facing its biggest threat yet and Zoey, and her BFFs, are needed at full strength to face the trials that have besieged it. And these trials go beyond any (un)usual red vamypre, fallen immortal, or even boyfriend troubles.

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ISBN: 1905654820

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