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... This is a packet of 'Burts hand fried potato chips, made in devon' in Firecracker lobster flavour. The bag weighs 40g, so a tiny bit heavier than a standard Walkers bag (which is about 37g I think?). This particular bag is a lovely deep pink all over (this was why I got bought them) with a ... Read review

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Community Level 4JuzzaNg


Chips ahoy!

AdvantagesAll natural and really tastey

DisadvantagesNot suitable for vegetarians (Just this particular flavour), calorific.

"...about the creation of the Burts Chips company and the chips themselves on the left hand side. On the right is (from top to bottom) the sell by date, the name of the person who fried your chips and an explanation of the flavour inside. In this case, it is a combination of Norwegian lobster and chillies from North China (Mmmm, yummy). Proceeding this is the list of ingredients (see below), nutritional values, bar code and then contact details (also ..." Read review

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Community Level 7lazza123


Burts the Real McCoy!!

AdvantagesNatural, Taste

DisadvantagesMaybe a bit pricey

"In my trawl through the racks in the local health food shop, I came across these crisps – as I’ve mentioned before, I like to try anything new, so I snapped them up! ** What are they? ** Burts hand fried crisps (or chips as they call them) are literally that, crisps that are hand fried in deepest Devon. They fry the crisps in “a cauldron of sunflower oil” and when they finish frying, one of the staff “checks” them – I guess this means that they ..." Read review

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Community Level 1Chipeater


Simply the best and most delicious crisps ever!!!!

AdvantagesDelicious, delicious, delicious.


"If you have never tried these chips give it a go. Quite simply a life changing moment when you put the first one in your mouth. Well done to the fryers in Devon (they put their names on the back of each pack). Great flavours including Firecracker Lobster and Sweet Red Paprika. My personal favourite is their Sea Salted variety. I love the packaging, looks very cool and definitely catches your eye on the shelves. Great packaging, great flavour - altogether ..." Read review

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