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Buyer Beware! (urgent warnings about products/services to avoid at all costs)

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Review of "Buyer Beware! (urgent warnings about products/services to avoid at all costs)"

published 14/03/2005 | COOOEEE
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About me :
Pro Free helpline
Cons Having to explain your problems over and over again until the staff understand
very helpful


It looked so simple to change over from my normal pricing plan with AOL to the new super duper broadband package that AOL were offering customers. The best thing was I would only be paying an extra £2 per month to upgrade to broadband. Just click on the online form and hey presto a modem would be on its way. The order was confirmed immediately and I was informed via e-mail that the delivery of the modem to my home address takes up to four days to arrive and as soon as the modem is installed I would be transferred onto the new broadband pricing plan.

♠Problem 1

Receive welcome letter 3 days via e-mail to inform me that my new broadband pricing plan was now effective and if I log online before the modem is installed I would have to pay a dial up charge to use the Internet. As my modem hadn't yet arrived but was due any day I would just stay offline for a few days until it arrives so wasn't too put out with that

♠Problem 2

I still hadn't received my modem five days later and was now getting very stressed at not being able to access the Internet unless I paid per minute. I rang the AOL help line on the Monday morning and explained the situation. The gentleman was very helpful and gave me a tracking number to enter on the Royal Mail web site and arranged for me to have access to the free numbers for the AOL Internet so I wouldn't be charged for going online.

♠Problem 3

The order was still not showing as in the sorting office on the Royal Mail web site by Wednesday so I again rang the AOL help line. I was again given the tracking number in case I had written it down wrong and told to ring on Friday if the modem still had not been delivered and there would be no problem as another one would be ordered. I was still having access to the free Internet access numbers for AOL so although miffed was fine with the solution.

♠Problem 4

Modem has still not been delivered to my home address on Friday and is still not showing in the sorting office. No problem I will just ring the AOL help line and they will send a new order out. Wrong I had to explain the details all over again and was again given the tracking number and advised to ring back on Monday morning if the modem still hadn't arrived. I am starting to get really peeved with this now I can assure you. Not going to be so pleasant next time I decide.

♠Problem 5

I go to log onto the Internet on Sunday night and none of the AOL numbers are accessible for me to connect to. I tried for over half an hour and decided to phone the AOL help line. All our operators are busy please hold the line until we are able to connect you. Twenty minutes later and I was still holding on the line with a firm grasp. I wasn't putting the phone down until I had spoken to a human being.

Hurrah eventually and with steam coming from every orifice I explain my new problem of accessing the Internet with AOL. Hold the line please while I investigate the problem. Ten minutes later he returns and says the problem is because I was supposed to be on the broadband pricing but hadn't installed my new modem and was I having problems installing it. Grrrrrrrr I haven't received the modem yet. The free phone numbers are only put on temporary until the modem is installed and as I hadn't bother to install it I would have to pay per minute to go online.

I explained in a very slow voice that I didn't have my modem and once he understood this put me again on hold while he spoke to his supervisor. She agreed to again log me onto the free numbers for AOL until my modem arrived. The young man I spoke to spent quite a long time leaving details of my missing modem and the need for a new one onto their computer system on my AOL details and asked me to phone up today and speak to the sales and billing department as he couldn't actually order the modem. He assured me I wouldn't have to explain all the details again and it would just be a quick phone call to confirm a new modem needed to be sent out as the details were all on screen now. . I spent over an hour on the phone with Ian and he couldn't have been more helpful

♠Problem 6

I rang the sales and billing office this morning after the postman had been. Hello I was asked to phone you today so that you could send me out a new modem as my other one cant be tracked and you sent it out on 28th February so it is obviously lost. All the details should be onscreen as typed in by the lovely Ian last night. Oh but Kitty wasn't having any of that. Oh no she wanted all the details again. I went to great lengths to explain what had been happening the previous week and over the weekend and about my really long chat with Ian. Her answer was to give me the tracking number yet again.

That did it I blew my flipping top. I wanted to speak to a supervisor and they could stuff the broadband connection up their arse I would go elsewhere with my business. I was informed I couldn't do that as I had signed a contract and BT had already upgraded my line ready for the broadband connection that I would have to pay to be disconnected again. I was spitting bricks by this time and nearly screaming with pure frustration at the poor woman. Could I hold the line please? At least 10 mins later of holding the line she returned not with a supervisor but to inform me she had now ordered a new modem for me and it should be here within the next 48 ours. Well we will see.

♠Problem 7

Today is Wednesday. Has the promised modem arrived. NO IT HASN'T. Rang them again and guess what? I have been given a tracking number to use on the Royal Mail Site. I really have had enough of this farce and am sending them a copy of my review.

♠Problem 8

Today is Thursday and still no modem dropping through my door. Thank goodness the helpline number is free to their customers as I have now spent many hours on the telephone. Today I rang again. Yes the modem was re-ordered on Monday and I would recieve it by next Monday at the latest. Um hang on a moment what happened to my special 48 hour delevery as I am not here from Saturday? Apparently they don't do that so Kitty was just feeding me a load of rubbish.

I am not here for a week come Saturday morning so who knows what the next episode will be. Will the modem ever turn up? I have told them that if this one is not here in the next few days I will be cancelling my account with them.

♠Problem 9

Today is Friday and still no modem. I go away tomorrow and don't hold my breath about it turning up in the morning before I go.

♠Problem 10

Today is Saturday and despite many promises from AOL my modem still hasn't arrived. I have been an existing customer for over three years now and can't believe how inefficient they have now become. Who knows I may arrive home next week to a little card on the mat to say a parcel arrived but had to be taken back to the main office, as I wasn't here to receive it. Ahh well you have to stay positive don't you? Well I am off on holiday next week so no daily updates for a while. See you all soon to continue the saga of the missing modem. 19/04/2005

♠Problem 11

Today is Tuesday 22nd March. Car knackered so returned from my holiday early. AOL must be owned by the RAC as they are even bigger money grabbers with poor customer services than AOL. But that is a different story. Modem still not here, no note on the door mat to say I missed the delivery and I am losing the will to fight anymore as just had two days of arguing with the RAC. Why the hell can't life be simple? No modem, No car. No luck.

♠Problem 12

Today is Tuesday 29th March. I have no modem or broadband connection yet my bank account been charged £24.99 for the AOL Gold Broadband Package. I only signed up for their Silver Package at the cost of £17.99. As I am not yet on broadband the bastards shouldn't be charging me at all.

I phoned their helpline this morning and spoke to a very nice man called Paul. According to Paul a modem has NEVER been sent to my address, let alone two as I was advised by the support staff as BT never confirmed they had upgraded my line ready for Broadband. He has no idea why I was given tracking numbers as there are none listed on my details on the computer so they must have been made up to placate me. He also confirmedI had been lied to when I was told the new modem would arrive by special delivery. They don't do that at all.

Paul is disgusted I have been treated this way and sent e-mails to two supervisors demanding the problem be sorted. He was so lovely and really apologetic. Apparently AOL have a system where if the customer has phoned more than three times in a month the call should be directed to him which as you all know the staff never did. I now have a direct phone number for Paul and his e-mail address and I have to ring him on Friday to see if I have a modem although he does think it would take a little longer. Maybe by this time next week I will have my modem. I will let you know as there are quite a few Ciao members following the life of the missing modem.

♠Wednesday 30th March---Big Hugs and Kisses to Paul . I think he should get a promotion or reward as the best customer service advisor ever. One phone call and the modem appears the next day. I really am impressed. YES I DO HAVE MY MODEM TODAY. I sent the lovely Paul the link for this review so he can print it out and give it to his supervisors and bosses to read. Shame on them all except of course darling Paul.

I know what a modem looks like now and have added some pictures which you can see below. Hurrah.

My advice is if you are already an existing customer with AOL. Seriously think twice before deciding to sign up with them for broadband as if you don't receive your modem for weeks on end or even if you never receive it at all you cannot cancel the broadband package without incurring charges. Not sure if that bit is true as I have been fed so many lies by certain staff at AOL..

Thank you for reading. Fionaxx

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  • CChurch published 01/10/2008
    thanks for the comment & this is a great review =) very informative.
  • plod591 published 16/05/2008
    My mate has had nowt but problems with this company and he is supposed to be a technilogical whizz !! LOL.,
  • Expired-Account published 25/04/2008
    Wouldn't choose AOL anyway, far too expensive when the service is so bad, great review
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