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Buzz! The BIG Quiz (PS2)

Genre: Puzzle, Party/Board Game, Kids/Family - Quiz/Trivia - Publisher: Sony - Developer(s): SCEE - Age Rating: 3+

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Review of "Buzz! The BIG Quiz (PS2)"

published 09/11/2005 | SRowlands
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"I'll Name That Tune In One..."

Welcome To Buzz !!

Welcome To Buzz !!

Of the three main consoles on the market at the time of writing this - Microsoft's XBox, Nintendo's Gamecube and Sony's Playstation 2 - there can be little doubt over the most innovative of the three.
Over the past couple of years, Sony has released accessories on the PS2 that have revolutionized gameplay. First, there was the dance mat, which made you look totally stupid whilst stepping on arrows that appeared on the screen.
Next, there was Eyetoy - a USB video camera that put you inside computer games, enabling you to interact with computer generated characters on the screen. Great fun to play with, but again made you look stupid to those watching you wave your arms around, and jumping up and down.
This was followed by Singstar - a karaoke style game that allowed you to sound stupid by singing through a microphone to classic and current pop hits.

Now, just to prove how stupid you really are, there is "Buzz" - an interactive music quiz !

Buzz is an interactive music quiz in the form of a television show, presented by the self-titled, Mr Buzz (voiced by Jason "Scott Ramsey" Donovan).
The game comes complete with 4 buzzers and answer controllers, which are attached simply by plugging the USB plug into the front of your PS2.

Upon loading, you are presented with a nicely presented introduction, then taken into the "green room", where you have several options.

Solo Game:

The solo game allows you to play the game by yourself, or challenge others to get a high score, and consists of just two rounds.
In the first round, you accumulate time by answering a series of twenty questions, which will be used in the second round to gain points. Depending on how quickly you answer, you will be rewarded with between 10 and 2 seconds for each question - or nothing for an incorrect answer.
A clip of music is played, and a question relating to the clip is asked. So, for example, it might play an extract from "Hello", and ask who the artist was - with a choice of four answers.

Round two works in much the same way, but this time you are against the clock, with the time earned in the first round. This round is very similar to BBC's "The Weakest Link", in that you work your way up a points ladder for getting questions correct. At any point you can bank your points, as should you get the next answer incorrect, you will go back to the start of the points ladder. Points start off at 100, and reaching the top is worth 2500 points.
This is actually very challenging, as there is such a wide range of musical tastes and eras available, it only takes one song that you have never heard of to jeopardize your points !

After you have completed the game, you are presented with a prize which ranges from a hot roasted chicken or a fondue set to a motor scooter and some very strange items !

Then, as the credits roll, there are a couple of "out-takes" and some information from your host, Buzz.

Multiplayer Game:

This is definitely where most fun is to be had ! The multiplayer game consists of a number of rounds, in each of which there are points to be won or lost.

Point Builder: The first round is nice and simple, with a points awarded for a correct answer. There is no penalty for incorrect answers, so if you're not sure it is well worth taking a guess !

Snap: As the name suggests, this round is about reflexes. A clip of music is played, and a question asked. A number of possible answers appear briefly on the screen, and when you spot the right one, simply press your buzzer. A right answer will reward you with points, but a wrong one will cost you !

Fastest Finger: Similar to the first round, a question is asked with four possible answers. The first person to get the answer right gets 400 points, the second 300 and so on.

Offloader: In this round, each player listens to a piece of music in turn, then has to allocate the question to another player who they think won't know the answer. This can be quite a tactical decision, and can really make or break a players chances ! This round is only available when there are three or more players.

Pass the Bomb: This is a really fun round. There are no points to be won, but there are lots of points to be lost in Pass The Bomb. A bomb is given to a player at random, and a question is asked. Getting the answer correct passes the bomb onto another player, whilst incorrect answers mean you hold onto the bomb whilst another question is asked. The aim of the round is not to be holding onto the bomb when it goes off !

Point Stealer: Once again, this round is only available when there are more than two people playing. Point Stealer is very similar to the "Snap" round. A piece of music is played, and words or phrases appear. When you see the answer that might relate to the piece of music, you simply press your buzzer. The twist is that if you get it right, you can choose who's going to give you the points. This round can dramatically change who's in the lead !!

Buzz Stop: This round is really difficult. You need to hit your buzzer when it is lit - which is easier said than done, as it only stays lit for a fraction of a second ! If you buzz when it is not lit, you are eliminated from the question. Hitting the buzzer whilst it is lit (or by being the only player left) means that you get to choose whether to answer the question, or pass it onto another player.

Look Before You Leap: In the final round, the question and possible answers are revealed gradually. You can buzz in whenever you want, but you might miss a vital point in the question, and an incorrect answer will cost you a staggering 500 points !

Tie-Breaker: In the event of a draw, a tie-breaker round is played.

There are different lengths of game, which will range from around ten minutes to half an hour - a choice is available within the options screen.

Buzz contains over 1000 clips of music, and over 5000 questions, so chances of getting repeated questions are quite remote.
The questions vary in difficulty, from fairly easy ones such as name the song or the artist, to quite difficult such as "What happened in the same decade as this song was released ?".
The music in the game covers many decades, from the 1950's right up to 2005. You can select in the option menu whether you want older music, newer music or the whole range.
It should also be noted that all the tracks are reproduced, and none of the original artists are included on the tracks. However, the quality of the tracks are, overall, very high. There are a few clips that we have come across that are difficult to recognize - even after you have been told what the song is - but most are instantly recognizable and as good as the original recordings.

If the whole TV show style of the quiz doesn't appeal to you, you can also select a "Quick Quiz". This then asks a pre-selected number of questions without any interruption from the host or contestants.

There is a great feature called "Quiz Master". Ultimately, a music quiz may not appeal to everyone, and that's where this feature comes in. By using Quiz Master, you become the host, and you can ask questions from any source (e.g. Quiz Books). By using a standard PS2 controller plugged into port one, your friends can buzz in and answer the questions using the game engine of Buzz. You can then select if they get the answer right or wrong, and points are allocated or deducted accordingly !
This works really well, and will lengthen the life of the game - this now means that there are endless quiz questions available !!

The game itself is very enjoyable, especially when played with friends. The multiplayer mode gives it a very competitive edge, and the unique buzzer system makes this a very entertaining quiz machine.

So, the game itself is excellent - highly addictive and entertaining. Unfortunately there are some downsides to Buzz. My main critism is in the TV aspect of the game; whilst this is a good idea, and visually appealing, it slows down the gameplay. After every question, the game cuts back to "Buzz", and onto the contestants to see their score updated. This really does interrupt the flow of the game, and after just a few rounds you'll find yourself desperately hitting the buzzer trying to skip these pointless interludes. This aspect also causes further problems, in that there is very limited dialogue in the game. At the start of every game, you'll hear Buzz introduce his lovely assistant Rosie in the same words, and in game phrases are also repeated several times in the game. Even the "out-takes" at the end of the solo game are repeated, as there is only the one set on the disk.
Buzz resembles a PC quiz game that I reviewed some time back, called "You Don't Know Jack", which allows up to three players to compete using one computer keyboard. Unfortunately, YDKJ is a far better quiz game. The humor is better, it plays much more smoothly and there is very little repetition in comments from the host.

Another flaw are the buzzers themselves. They do their job well, and are easy to set up, but they feel.... cheap. They are made of plastic, but you feel as though if you drop them they will stop working. Indeed, the first copy of this game that I purchased had to be returned as one of the buzzers would not work from new. The buzzers are also quite bulky, and also mean a lot of extra wires. It is quite an effort putting them away neatly at the end of each game. An attempt has been made to make this a bit easier by adding a Velcro strip on the wires to allow easier storage, but it is simply not enough.

Overall, I really do enjoy Buzz, and would recommend it to all music or quiz enthusiasts out there. The newer music questions would suit younger players (probably from aged 12+), whilst the older music will be better for "more mature" players. There are already plans to release future Buzz quizzes in the form of an Uber quiz (general knowledge), a Sports quiz and a Movie quiz - all of which should use the same controller system and therefore be cheaper to purchase. Despite the flaws, the game is an exciting concept which, again, takes the PS2 to a new level to create a new, challenging and enjoyable game.

Buzz is released by Sony Entertainment and will set you back between £30 and £40, depending on where purchased (it is worth shopping around for the best deal !). For this you get the game and 4 game controllers.

For more information, check out the excellent official website, which includes some sample questions, downloads, great humor and more, and can be found at

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  • Susanimber published 03/09/2007
    Had this game included in a PS2 package nearly 3 years ago, most likely would not have bought it on its own, but glad it was included in package as it is very good, we have 3 buzz games and all play as a family, although I am old enough to remember Jason Donovan from when he first became famous I cannot think of him now as anything other than Buzz.
  • phoenix072124 published 18/04/2007
    Excellent review and a great game.
  • LeeroyBrown published 27/06/2006
    Not been around for a while and this is the first review I have read in ages, glad I picked a good one ! I have the Dance Mat, Eye-Toy and Singstar so should really get this as well. Great fun for when loads of friends are around for a few beers. Leeroy ~Onwards and Upwards~
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Product Information : Buzz! The BIG Quiz (PS2)

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Genre: Puzzle, Party/Board Game, Kids/Family - Quiz/Trivia - Publisher: Sony - Developer(s): SCEE - Age Rating: 3+

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Publisher: Sony

Developer: SCEE

Release Date: 17th March 2006

Age: 3+

Genre: Puzzle; Party/Board Game; Kids/Family

Sub Genre: Quiz/Trivia

Platform: PlayStation 2

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