Buzz! The BIG Quiz (PS2)

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Buzz! The BIG Quiz (PS2)

Genre: Puzzle, Party/Board Game, Kids/Family - Quiz/Trivia - Publisher: Sony - Developer(s): SCEE - Age Rating: 3+

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Review of "Buzz! The BIG Quiz (PS2)"

published 17/01/2006 | miss_diva
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Pro Fun and easy to play
Cons I wipe the floor with everyone!
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I asked my parents to buy me Buzz & Singstar 80s for Christmas, but they got me a digital camera instead (no complaints!) so I went and bought them for myself.
We had my fiancé's mother staying with us at the time so we all had a drink and played Buzz. She is a bit of a technophobe so it took some explaining to her, but we were soon on the edge of our seats.

The game comes on its own or with the buzzers, so if you haven't got them already, make sure you get the pack with the buzzers. There are 4 buzzers, so up to 4 people can play- they plug into your ps2 through the USB port, so there's no need for extra attachments. The buzzers consist of a red button that lights up, and 4 buttons marked with different colours. You use these to navigate through the options and to select the correct answer.

The game starts as though you are being shown into the tv studio. You see the floor manager and answer questions about the game you want to play - e.g long or short game, older music, newer music, or all music.

You choose a character from 16 lookalikes from the pop world, you then choose their outfit and the sound of their buzzer - these range from animal noises, to a burp or horns, name your player and away you go.

Into the studio and we meet Buzz & his assistant Rose. Buzz is the host of the quiz, introduces each round and gives a commentary of the scores. Rose will tell you how to play each round - when you know what you are doing you can just hit the red button and Buzz will tell her that the explanation isn't needed.
Buzz also makes some wisecracks if someone is falling behind, or if you're hanging around between rounds.

The game has 5,000 questions and 1000 music clips from the last 50 years. The questions themselves vary, you are asked the song title, artist, decade or even how many band members there were.

There are eight different rounds. The first round is the Point Builder which lets you build up some points.
Then we have Snap, if you see the right answer on the screen you have to buzz in as quickly as you can.
The third round is Fastest Finger - where you will get more points if you are first to answer. The points decrease if you are 2nd, 3rd or 4th.

The fourth round is Offloader where you have to give the question to another player - so give it to someone who you think WON'T know!
Pass the Bomb is the 5th round - you are given a ticking "bomb" which will go off in a certain amount of time. Answer the question right to pass the bomb, if you get it wrong you keep the bomb and have to answer another question. If you are left holding the bomb when it goes off - KABOOM! There go your points!

Point Stealer - Here you get to steal points from other players, if you can buzz in first and get the question right!
Buzz Stop - When your buzzer is lit up you have to press it to get the question. I can never press it in time, so I tend to wait until others have tried to press it and missed. If you are the last one left who hasn't had a go you can have a go at the question. This is a pass or play, so if you think you know you can answer, or pass it on to someone else if you don't!

The final round is Look Before You Leap - the question and answers are revealed slowly, so jump in as soon as you think you know what it is, but not too soon!
There is also a Tie-breaker round, but we've never got to that because my friends and family are so far behind me :o)

Very fun & exciting game - but I need some new competition cos I win all the time.

There are also BUZZ Sports and BUZZ Movies coming soon this year, to add to the collection - my fiancé is looking forward to the Sports one because he will definitely beat me!

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  • aestro published 05/01/2007
    Buzz made me want to kill him lol, but this is great fun to play! :-P xxx
  • sha-olga published 04/01/2007
    great review i have just bought this after playing it at my friends over xmas
  • salem_witch published 17/01/2006
    It sounds like great fun. I just wish I had a PS2 now!
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Product Information : Buzz! The BIG Quiz (PS2)

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Genre: Puzzle, Party/Board Game, Kids/Family - Quiz/Trivia - Publisher: Sony - Developer(s): SCEE - Age Rating: 3+

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Publisher: Sony

Developer: SCEE

Release Date: 17th March 2006

Age: 3+

Genre: Puzzle; Party/Board Game; Kids/Family

Sub Genre: Quiz/Trivia

Platform: PlayStation 2

EAN: 711719673569

EAN: 711719673569; 711719676768


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