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Buzz! The BIG Quiz (PS2)

Genre: Puzzle, Party/Board Game, Kids/Family - Quiz/Trivia - Publisher: Sony - Developer(s): SCEE - Age Rating: 3+

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Review of "Buzz! The BIG Quiz (PS2)"

published 28/01/2007 | halstead123
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Pro choose the duration of the game
Cons appeared to favour the older music
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"Buzz PS2"

I love 'Buzz' as it appeals to my competitive nature. Although the game is embellished with quirky characterisation of contestants and buzzer noises, the undeniably real purpose of the game is a simple old-fashioned, tried and tested formula, of who has the best knowledge of music and who is the quickest on the buzzer.

The duration of the game is predetermined by the players at the beginning ; the longer the game the more rounds there are to compete in. The first round is a gentle point builder but ultimately sets the tone for the remaining rounds with regards to the music range. However, after playing 'Buzz' for just one evening some of the opening questions were already repeated. This was great for my younger sister who hadn't previously known many of the answers; some, therefore, may say it was educational!!!

But here is the rub, 'Buzz' is really not as exciting for children as it is for adults and hence it often ends up with four adults in commmand of the controllers. It draws on competition for motivation, so much so, that it can often start a few family wars, as players can choose to deduct hard won points from other players in order to increase their lead - it's fun, but not for everybody.

Looking closely at the set up of the game, there are two options, single or multiplayer, you can play with up to 3 other people so in the average family everyone can play. Once you have got past this choice you can decide whether you want a short, medium or long game. I feel this is an important part of the game as you may just want a quick game before dinner and because the short game is available you don't have to cut it out half through. On the other hand if you require a longer game in the afternoon you can. After this choice you can make a decision on what era of music you want, old new or a mixed selection. This makes the game more enjoyable, because if you are all 40 that are playing the game then y may just want the older music, however if you want that king of all title then you will select mixed.

This is where the real fun comes into the game, after enetering your name which will appear on the screen, as it would in a real quiz show, you get choose the character you want, ranging from people based on well known popstars. Once you have done this you can choose their costume and the sound of your buzzer. The sounds include cats and evil laugh.

Once the game has begun the cocky and arrogant host introduces the show. His 'Beautiful' assistant explains all the rounds of the game before they begin, this is very helpful the first time you play as it gives you the information you need to complete the round. However after the first game is over and you know how to play the game these help cutscenes become irritating. Here are some examples of the rounds

Pass the Bomb- One person is given the bomb and to pass it onto the next person they have to answer a question correctly, this is good fun when the bomb doesn't land on you. I did find that the game liked to target one person in every game, on one occasion i was blown up 8 times in row, however on another game a family member was targeted just as badly.

Point-stealer- A question is given to the group, whoever answers is correctly and the quickest they have the opportunity to steal of any of the other contestants.

There are many more rounds in the game which give enjoyment to all. There is one final section of the game that is well placed. As with any quiz show there is prizes and not always the best ones. Who ever wins is taken to the front and their prize is revealed, they could either win a speedboat or car, but they could also walk away with a years supply of beans.

This, like many other games, is brilliant but not worth buying and keeping on your shelf. It is however worth renting for those special occasions, such as Christmas and Birthdays, as it is bound to get many family members involved, but it will not be a game you will find yourself playing non-stop for the next month.

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Product Information : Buzz! The BIG Quiz (PS2)

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Genre: Puzzle, Party/Board Game, Kids/Family - Quiz/Trivia - Publisher: Sony - Developer(s): SCEE - Age Rating: 3+

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Publisher: Sony

Developer: SCEE

Release Date: 17th March 2006

Age: 3+

Genre: Puzzle; Party/Board Game; Kids/Family

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