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By Request - Eric Bogle

1 CD(s) - Singer/Songwriter - Label: Greentrax Recordings, Greentrax - Distributor: Proper, Proper; Gordon Duncan - Released: 02/04/2001 - 50180810210...

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Review of "By Request - Eric Bogle"

published 13/09/2015 | CoffeeQueen68
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Pro Lots of nice songs on the album and some thought-provoking ones too.
Cons None.
Quality and consistency of tracks
Cover / Inlay Design and Content
Value for Money

"A sublime and lovely album."

For those of you who may not of heard of Eric Bogle, he is a Scottish Folk singer who now lives in Australia. He was born in 1944 in Peebles, Scotland. According to the Boglegraphy on his official website, he was born a few months after D-Day and has a twin sister, who was born 15 minutes after him. This album I picked up from a carboot sale a few weeks ago for £1. This album is a compilation of most of his early songs and ones requested by his followers.

Released: 2001
Genre: Folk
Label: Greentrax
Number of CD's: 1
The Songs

1) The Gift Of Years (3:03)

This is a slow, mellow song. This is a lovely folk song where the only musical instrument is his guitar. Although the words are quite sombre, this is such a beautiful song. Eric, I find, has a rustic voice and he sings about his memories and going back in time.

2) Santa Bloody Clause (4:04)

After the last song, this is quite a contrast in musical taste. This is a silly Christmas song. It's a fast song and, again, playing with the guitar and with female backing singers throughout the song. This is certainly a fun song to play when Christmas gets here for all those that like to moan about the festivities!

3) A Reason For It All (5:25)

This is not a slow song like the 1st track, but has a nice tempo to it. I wasn't familiar with this song when I bought the album, but it's a nice song. He can hit the high notes in this song and sings about how about not looking for a reason for it all. I find with his songs there is usually a story behind his lyrics. Don't talk to me about the meaning of life. This is definitely worth listening to.

4) Leaving Nancy (5:25)

Nancy is Eric's mother and this song is about how he leaves Nancy at the railway station and how his last sight was the image of his mother standing at the train station crying her eyes out . Quite a sad image to have that isn't it? But he wrote a song about that. Let me hold you one more time. Again, I find the words to this song quite sombre, knowing the story behind it, but it's a nice song to listen to. And it has a nice, slow tempo to it too.

5) He's Nobody's Moggy Now (1:49)

This is another quite a silly song on the album. He sings about a moggy. This is only a short song on a album, compared to some on it anyway. He sings about the demise of a cat and how he's nobody's moggy now. Poor cat. =(

6) No Mans Land (6:25)

This is another quite a slow song and another sad song on the album. He talks about how he was only 19 when he joined the glorious fallen in 1916. This was such a terrible time in history and he sings about how he hopes he fell quick and clean. Although the words are raw and thought-provoking, it does make you think about what people have gone through.

7) Singing The Spirit Home (6:14)

Again, this is quite a sombre and sad song about a man who was being led to the gallows to be hanged and how the other inmates was singing to him as he was being led away. Although quite an upbeat and fast song, the story behind it is quite sad. I wonder why people request these and like listening to these kind songs? It's a nice song though, but the story behind is is quite sad.

8) If Wishes Were Fishes (4:15)

This is my favourite song on the album. If wishes were fishes we'd all cast nets in the sea. He sings about how he wishes he could care and share again. This is a slow song on the album and a lovely, mellow song. I really enjoy listening to this. The guitar instrumental halfway through the song is lovely and I love how Eric sings this with a soft, tender voice.

9) Now I'm Easy (4:08)

This folk song is another fairly slow track on the album and with the guitar playing in the background, this is another relaxing, mellow song on the album. Again, quite a sad song about how he marries a girl at 20, but dies during childbirth at the age of 30. The song is nice though and I like the music to it.

10) Safe In The Harbour (5:11)

With a nautical theme to this song, this is another slow track on the album. There is a harmonica playing quietly in the background and I find this, like other previous tracks, a mellow, easy listening song to listen to. He sings about sailors searching for treasures. Life at sea must be hard for families and this song touches on that. This is another beautiful, relaxing song to listen to.

11) Silly Slang Song (3:33)

Things speed up slightly again with this song. I'd never heard this song before until I got this album, but again, quite a silly song on the album to pick things up after some of the sad songs on the album. Just over 3 minutes long this is a fun song to listen to and Eric's deep, rough voice sings this nicely and quite enjoyed listening to this.

12) Glasgow Lullaby (3:30)

This song is, again, quite a sad song about how this little babies daddy comes home drunk again stumbling up the stairs. Hush wee babby he's coming through the door. Although he sings about him having a bucket, he sings about how he wants more and how the wife is a drinking mans wife. Sad thing this there are all too many families about in this situation. Another thought-provoking song that will get you thinking with these lyrics. This is quite a slow song and the lyrics and be heard clearly and Eric sings this well.

13) Ine Small Star (5:03)

Again, this is a slow, mellow track on the album. Played with a guitar as backing music, I find this song relaxing and enjoyable to listen to. You're light's still shining in my heart. He is singing where he is learning to live without someone where he never thought he would, and learning to smile again. He sings about how the light is still shining and how it is a star to guide him. This is a lovely little song and the instrumental midway through the song sets the tone to the softness and gentleness of this track.

14) Big In A Small Way (4:07)

Speeding things up with this song, this is more of an enjoyable and fun song to listen to. This is typically how I would imagine a folk song to listen to. It has the banjo playing in the background and Eric singing the lyrics quite fast, but clearly. He sings about how he is big in a small way. This is a nice song and I enjoyed listening to this.

15) And The Band Played Waltzing Matilda (7:01)

This last song on the album is the longest one on the album at just over 7 minutes long. This is probably the most famous track on the album and again, a sad and thought-provoking song. He sings about how the young man was given a tin hat and marched off to war. I've heard different versions of this song and it always makes me sad listening to this knowing what the story is. Don't get me wrong, it's a nice song and he sings this well. But it's just knowing the dark story behind it.
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My Thoughts

Although there are a number of sad songs on this album, I think the fact that there are a few silly songs on it too compensates for that, and there are also one or two beautiful love songs on it, which I enjoyed listening to. Generally, I do enjoy listening to this and the majority of the tracks are thought-provoking with the talk of war and losing a loved one etc. But the songs are nice and I would recommend this album. As this is an album that was requested by his fans, I do think there is variety on here and a good selection of songs.

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