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great monitor

Advantages: Great colors, flat screen, low dot-pitch, low glare
Disadvantages: large size

I bought the E200, which is actually an updated version of the 200ES. The menu controls on the front are different than the ES. I had been using four different computers at the library, and one computer had a 200ES monitor, which blew away all the others ...

DanielBlake 07.09.2000 · Read full review

Review of Sony Multiscan 200EST

Brillliant for graphics

Advantages: Clear, focused picture, great colors
Disadvantages: Heavy

I have now had a Sony Multiscan 200EST for about two years, moving around the world with it, and it's still fantastic. The colors, the sharpness and the clarity of the picture are still much better than a lot of other monitors I've seen, including active ...

dkoch 26.12.2000 · Read full review
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Review of Sony Multiscan 200EST

Sony at its glory!

Advantages: takes less space, good refrech rate, low heat/radio emissions
Disadvantages: expensive

The main thing that amazed is the amout of deskspace this monitor takes. Despite the fact that it is full blown 17" it takes much less space than other 17" monitors. The monitor complies with the latest TCO'99 standard which makes sure that heat and radio ...

zedix 12.07.2000 · Read full review

Review of Sony Multiscan 200EST

Usually excellent re-brand Sony's (Dell monitors that is)


I've found that the past 15 or so Dell monitors I've come across have been Sony's. There have been exceptions but this seems to be the general rule. I'm not going to give an opinion on any single monitor but instead a general comment about all of them. I ...

AndreBoyle 13.08.2000 · Read full review

Review of Sony Multiscan 200EST