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published 21/04/2011 | Spottydog11
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"Glitzy, glamourous Miami"

Never had forensic science looked so cool and sexy as it had until CSI Las Vegas arrived on the scene. CSI is a television series that follows the working lives and sometimes personal lives of a team of crime scene investigators Las Vegas was the first franchise in the CSI brand and has been on our screens since 2000. The investigators work the night shift and so a lot of the filming is quite dark and sinister but I definitely think this adds to the greatness of the show. They are dealing with dark, scary crimes and the bleakness of the night shows just how depraved human nature can be.

CSI Miami however, deals with murder in all the glitz and glamour of fashionable Miami with all its beautiful beaches and coastlines. The team in this show work the day shift so it's always bright and sunny and they are usually always down by the beach. Most of the suspects are in Hawaiian beach shirts which I find quite funny, the fashion is definitely relaxed beach wear. There are also a lot more party scenes in this series showing the fun, flirty lifestyle of Miami.

The show follows the same format as CSI Las Vegas. Each week there is a new crime, generally two that the investigators visit to collect clues, process the evidence and then try and figure out exactly what happened and why and by who.

Once the investigators have collected their evidence such a blood, hairs etc they take it back to their lab and run lots of tests on it. A lot of the scenes are shot in the lab as this is where they do a lot of their investigation work. It's really interesting to see all the different machines and techniques that they have at their disposal to uncover the real truth behind things. The lab in Miami is a lot more technical than in Las Vegas. THey seem to have a lot of the newest machines and techniques in order to capture the bad guys. They use a lot of fancy computer programmes, especially to look at fingerprints and computer chips they have found at the scene.

Again, like Las Vegas you do get to see a bit of the personal lives of the CSI's but not too much. I think in this series it has taken a lot longer to know the characters than in Las Vegas and some of them are still a mystery and you are still trying to discover who they are. The Miami team are lead by H, Horatio Cane, played by David Caruso. He is an interesting character, quite brooding and generally answers questions in one word answers. He is not particularly well built or scary looking but the known criminals in the Miami are definitely scared of him and what he can do. He seems to know a lot of what is going on underground and has his own special way of doing things. They often deal with a lot of organised crime in Miami and the criminals are all connected and into the same schemes. THis keeps the story going throughout all of the series and is quite an interesting way of showing the crimes. Generally in each series H has a nemesis that he hunts throughout the series and gets in the end through a number of different crimes and outcomes.

Just like Vegas there is a strong female character in this show in the form of Calleigh Duquesne, a pretty lady with long hair who's the firearms expert in the lab. They also have another female CSI and a female medical examiner. There are also two male CSI's and a male police officer who helps with their investigations.

I do find it quite funny that most of the show is actually filmed in California. They do some location shots in Miami but most of the rest is filmed in Long Beach in California.

The show began in 2002 and has now been renewed for an eighth series in the USA. Here is it shown on Channel 5 on Tuesday evenings at 9pm. All in all, a glitzy off-spin of CSI Las Vegas that is well worth watching.

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  • Coloneljohn published 06/05/2011
    Nice one, This is one of the few TV programmes I actually enjoy. John
  • silverstreak published 21/04/2011
    I have to laugh when the women turn up at a crime scene in their designer gear and never get so much as a bloodstain on their (usually) white or cream trousers. And if I had a pound for every time he takes those shades on and off...
  • kappaslappa published 21/04/2011
    I love all three CSI's :o)
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