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Oehlbach Flex Matrix MK II 500 High-Speed HDMI® Ethernet Cable 5.00 m Black

High-speed HDMI® cable with 180° pivoting connectors and Ethernet channel for easy and... more

...convenient Internet access; 3D TV support for
unlimited cinematic fun Full HD resolution: 4 K -
2160 p / 100 Hz, Deep Color(TM) 30 / 36 / 48 bit,
audio return channel (ARC), bandwidth: 10.2 Gbps /
340 MHz Experience Dolby DTS-HD(TM) 5.1 / 7.1
without compromising on quality 24-carat
gold-plated contacts and effective triple
shielding for completely stable signal routing;
innovative inner conductor made of silver-plated /
oxygen-free copper Plastic plug & durable webbing
sleeve; 180° pivoting connectors provide
astounding flexibility, even in confined spaces.


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Monster Ultra HD Performance Pack

Add the Monster Ultra HD Performance Kit to your 4k Ultra HD TV set to enjoy glorious high... more

...quality entertainment. Surge protection The
Monster Power Blackout PowerCenter HDP 850G Surge
Protector offers reliable surge protection for
your sensitive home entertainment and computing
equipment. Offering up to 4590 joules of surge
absorption, the Monster Power Blackout PowerCenter
HDP 850G can be relied upon to protect even the
most delicate AV equipment - and Monster back this
up by offering a £250,000 connected-equipment
warranty and a lifetime guarantee! Convenient The
Monster Power Blackout PowerCenter HDP 850G Surge
Protector features 8 power sockets, each with
surge protection on live, neutral and earth lines.
The sockets are labelled and colour-coded for
convenience, and automatically switch off when you
switch off your TV, to reduce power consumption.
The Monster Power Blackout PowerCenter HDP 850G
Surge Protector also features a clean-power filter
for reduced electronic noise, and has coaxial
cable, telephone, and PLC (powerline
communication) protection too! Get the best
connection Whatever your preferred HD source, the
Monster ISF 2000HD Hyper Speed HDMI Cable provides
the ultimate in HDMI connectivity. Performance
indicator The 2000HD cables feature an ingenious
performance display that visually indicates the
picture quality being transmitted to your TV. This
provides instant information on whether you are
receiving the picture quality you should be,
making it easy to correctly set up Blu-ray
players, games consoles and 4k Ultra HD TVs. Hyper
speed A super fast data transfer speed of 21 Gbps
ensures your TV receives the highest quality
picture possible. From the rich colours and
contrast of HD gaming to the pristine quality of
4K video, the 2000HD cable gives you the very best
of your favourite HD media. You can expect a
completely uncompromised signal too thanks to 24K
gold connectors that provide a stable connection
point that won't degrade over time. ISF
certification ISF certification makes th


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Antenna technology Bad Blankenburg combination-flex antenna GSM/FM/AM/GPS active

Highlights: ·1 mounting hole for 3 functions ·Dualband-suitability ·Integrated amplifier... more

...·GPS-reception  Features: ·Dual band ·Active radio
reception AM/FM with power supply (12V) via DIN
plug-in sleeve or phantom-feed via radio cable
·Active GPS-reception (phantom-feed) ·Installation
depth 15 mm.  Technical Specifications: Antenna
type: Car fixed-mounted antenna · Colour: Black ·
Connection: GSM: FME(m), FM/AM: M10x0,75 (m), GPS:
FME(f) · Radiation length: 420 mm · Signal gain: 0
dB · Suitable for mains: GSM 900, GSM 1800, FM,
AM, GPS Description: The combination-flex antenna
is a combined radio-/mobile phone wireless antenna
with additional GPS-reception. It is well suited
for replacing already available radio
roof-antennae. Owing to a lot of car-specific
adapters it can be used universally for most of
the cars.


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Add a basket and handle to rear of Neo-Flex LCD or Laptop Cart. Keeps task-related items where... more

...they can be quickly accessed.Includes rear basket,
handle, mounting hardware.


Postage & Packaging: £29.70

Availability: Usually dispatched within 4-5 business days...

100m Fisual S-Flex Studio Grade Speaker Cable 2 x 0.75mm

Fisual S-Flex studio grade speaker cable range has been developed with ultimate flexibility and... more

...quality in mind. The PVC composite jacket material
has a soft tactile feel and combined with the
multi-strand copper conductors ensures a high
level of flexibility. Fisual S-Flex can handle the
abuse of a studio environment and the ice white
colour means it will fit in with any decor at home
too.   The white colour, flexibility and diameter
of this cable make it ideal for running along
skirting with minimal visual impact.   
Specification   2 x 0.75mm² conductors   99.999%
oxygen free copper conductors  Super low-loss
signal transfer  Super-Flex jacket & multi-strand
conductor arrangement  Colour: Ice white


Postage & Packaging: Free!

Availability: Usually dispatched within 1-2 business days...

Fisual Covert SuperFlex Miniature Speaker Cable - 30m Reel

This 30 metre reel of Fisual Covert SuperFlex speaker cable is the perfect compliment to any... more

...surround sound speaker package, with plenty of
cable to run to each speaker for most rooms. Its
compact size makes it easy to tuck under carpets
and the neutral white colour makes it almost
unnoticeable when running along skirting etc. 
Fisual only use high quality 99.99% oxygen free
copper to ensure the best signal quality is
maintained. This is protected by a high grade
ultra-flexible PVC jacket which allows the speaker
cable to be routed around tight bends.


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Walimex GPS Receiver N3 for Nikon SLR Camera

Geo-tagging for your pictures GPS data is valuable information for photographers. With it, you... more

...can reconstruct even months later where exactly
you took your pictures. With the GPS receiver by
walimex, your camera adds latitude, longitude,
altitude and UTC time to your pictures. The
information is directly saved in the RAW or JPEG
files which makes the later use of the data
particularly easy. This can easily be done with
geo tagging software (not included) or internet
portals (e.g., Google Earth Plus).Ready to use at
a moments notice The GPS receiver is simply
mounted to your Nikon camera using its standard
flash shoe adapter. Then you connect the cable of
the receiver with the socket on the camera and
switch on your camera. While the receiver is
searching for the satellites, the LED on the GPS
module blinks. When three satellites have been
found, the LED blinks green and the device is
ready to record. At four or more satellites, the
LED lights up green permanently. Then the recorded
data is even more precise. The GPS module can
track the position of the camera up to 1 to 5
meters.With cable remote trigger In order to
ensure blur-free pictures when using a tripod,
especially in poor lighting conditions, a cable
remote trigger is included which can be connected
to the GPS receiver.


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Availability: Usually dispatched within 1-2 business days...

5,00m Inakustik Excellence Audio Cable RCA Mono

The Excellence audio cable creates brilliant reproduction with its silver-plated signal... more

...conductors. The symmetrical design, the foil
shielding and the additional earth conductor
ensure the highest level of immunity from
interference. The double mono design ensures
optimum channel separation and excellent
electronic properties.


Postage & Packaging: £5.90

Availability: Usually dispatched within 2-3 business days...


The QED Profile Cinema cable pack provides all the cable you need to go with your new 5.1 home... more

...cinema set-up.  Featuring a 30m reel of Micro
Original speaker cable, 1m & 3m Profile eFlex HDMI
cables and a 3m Profile subwoofer interconnect,
this handy pack delivers convenience and
performance in equal measures.


Postage & Packaging: Free!

Availability: Usually dispatched within 24 hours...


ViaBlueTM H-Flex toslink cables are optical high-end digital cables that transmit digital... more

...signals by fiber optics technology. Electrical
interference fields thus have no influence on the
transmission.  H-Flex toslink cables are the
professional optical connection between high-end
devices such as amplifiers, CD/DVD player, etc.
The H-Flex toslink cables function with optimal
light efficiency through the manufacture of a
special fiber for the optical wave guide. A very
high flexibility is achieved through several
processing sequences with application of
insulation layers with different materials, which
allows tight bending radii without any problems
and without increasing the attenuation rates. Even
with higher bending, the H-Flex fiber optic cables
transmit without errors.  Both ends assembled with
T6s toslink plugs.  The very high-quality inner
optical wave guide is protected by a special soft
plastic mixture. Directly over it, there is
another thin, hardened plastic layer for
stabilizing the position and fixing the sensitive
inner construction. The thick outer shell protects
these three inner layers from breaking or other
damage. For added outer protection and optical
effect, the H-Flex toslink cables are braided with
the ViaBlue Cobra fabric.  Technical
specifications:      Outter diameter: 9 mm    
Fiber diameter: 1 mm     Connectors: T6s Toslink
plugs     Featurs: very high bending protection   
 Fiber material: Polymethyl Methacrylate    
Marking: black


Postage & Packaging: £5.90

Availability: Usually dispatched within 2-3 business days...

Bass Flex 1.5mm² Speaker Cable

Profigold Bassflex speaker cable, 2x1.5mm. Features & Benefits99.96% Oxygen Free Copper (OFC)... more

...for superior analogue stereo and digital
multichannel audio exactly like the original
master recording Solid bass


Postage & Packaging: Free!

Availability: Usually dispatched within 1-2 business days...

Furutech FI-33 (16A) IEC Inlet Rhodium

High End Performance 20A IEC InletFI-33(R) Rhodium-Plated, Type:2-pole+earth, Rating:20A 125V... more

...A.C. and 16A 250V, Pure copper ? (Alpha)
Conductor, Material: Nylon/fiberglass , Specified
for wire diameters of 4mm (set screw), Dimensions:
60.4mm (W) x 30.4mm (D) x 38.7mm (H), Rated:
20A/125V and 16A/250V


Postage & Packaging: £1.49

Availability: Usually dispatched within 1-2 business days...

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