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************************************************* CACTI AND OTHER SUCCULENTS ************************************************* Cacti and other succulents display a unique variety of sizes and shapes, and have a wealth of colour and texture. Some have plump, smooth surfaces, while others ... Read review

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Community Level 5SnowiestElf


Prickly Plants! Review with images

AdvantagesLow maintenance


"...this group are the Christmas cactus (Schlumnergera bridgesii), Rhipsalidopsis gaertneri, and Rhipsalidopsis rosea. Some of the loveliest are the magnificent hybrids created by crossing Epiphyllum species with those of Echinopsis, Heliocereus, Hylocereus, and Nopalxochia. These hybrids produce extraordinarily beautiful, and sometimes fragrant, flowers in spring and summer, in colours ranging from pure white, through cream, yellow, and orange to red ..." Read review

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Community Level 6whitbybunny


Christmas Cactus

AdvantagesLow maintenance, beautiful flowers, cheap and cheerful

DisadvantagesBe careful with watering, don't expect them to flower at Christmas!

"...shown here is a Christmas Cactus and I even have the same blue pot (claim to fame!) Can you imagine green oblongs all joined together with spikes coming out? This is the best way I can describe the leaves. They will grow to a length just longer than the edges of the pot you plant them in – for instance mine stretch for about nine inches. Through the seasons new oblongs will grow on the end and about a month before flowering the ends of these strips ..." Read review

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Community Level 5Gardenex


How to grow the best cactus

Advantageseasy to grow

Disadvantagesslow , growers

"Cactus are well known for the spines that replace typical leaves . The spines are the cacti's leaves in reality . They have evolved into the spine shape to reduce water loss to an absolute minimum. Big leaves lose lots of water , so it follows that spines lose very little . This helps the cactus survive in desert like conditions and go weeks sometimes months without rainfall. In this op I am not referring to the likes of Christmas cactus -I am ..." Read review

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Community Level 3jayl


Hairy,spiny areoles

AdvantagesEasy to grow, fantastic flowers

Disadvantagessome very spiny, take a while to grow

"...always easy to see. The cactus flower is often large and beautifull, many cacti flower annually some never flower at all and some can take many years. They all have the ability to store water in their stems in order to survive periods of drought. They make the ideal plants for us that have busy lifes and are forgetful. SITUATION AND TEMPERATURE Almost all cacti can be overwintered at a temperature of 5oc(41oF), if kept dry which can produce ..." Read review

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Community Level 5danniell


christmas time



"...had to. Silly me, my christmas cactus didnt flower because i had got to put them somewhere cooler and with more hours of darkness to stimulate a winter for them before they would flower. Last year i moved them into the kitchen at the end of september as the dark nights began and to my shock at the begining of december they began to bloom, i was so happy, i thought they never would but i had lovely flowers from early december right through untill ..." Read review

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