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... This year my mum received a box of Cadburyís chocolate biscuits from a colleague at work. Much of the chocolate we receive gets given out to friends and family but having enjoyed these last year we decided to hang on to the box. The biscuits come in a large purple tin, keeping in line with ... Read review

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Cadbury's Dairy Milk Chocolate Biscuit and Cake Tin

Cadbury's Dairy Milk Chocolate Biscuit and Cake Tin

Large airtight storage tin for all your culinary delights. Features classic Cadbury's ... more

vintage advertising for that touch of nostalgia.
Size: 23cm x 8.5cm

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Postage & Packaging:  £6.01
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A chocoholics delight!

AdvantagesYummy biscuits!

DisadvantagesHeavy on the calories

"...tasted very much like the Cadbury Chunk, not that thatís a bad thing! Orange Crunch Another classic combination! I donít think you can really go wrong with chocolate and oranges. It consists of a tangy orange flavoured chocolate biscuit covered in milk chocolate. Itís a little different from the other biscuits in the box as it is covered in gold foil, making it look extra special. Simply Shortcake This is rectangular in shape, covered in ..." Read review

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Community Level 7grafter123


Where's the biscuit?

AdvantagesThick thick chocolate, great variety, filling, Cadbury.lond end date, lovely

DisadvantagesToo moreish and fattening

"...some milk, a tin of Cadbury Collection biscuits forced itself upon me, accompanied me home and set about making me fatter than ever. I was easily persuaded as the 400g tin had suffered more than one price reduction and was now priced at £2.99. Still expensive, I hear you say, but they are Cadbury's. So what did this final Christmas blow out offer. PACKAGING ~~~~~~~~~~~~~ The tin is much bigger than it really needs to be for 400g of biscuits. ..." Read review

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Community Level 5textmad


Luxury chocolate biscuits !

AdvantagesTastes delicious


"...! The biscuits are made by cadbury and are in a purple tin, it has 400g of biscuits in, the front of the tin has the cadbury logo on the front and a picture of some of the biscuits that are in the tin. My first impression of the tin was that this was going to be a luxury product and made by cadbury, i knew before i even tasted them that we would like them, when i opened the tin there is a what looks like a piece of thick grease proof paper, ..." Read review

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Community Level 5cheung


Anyone for chocolate biscuits

AdvantagesGreat taste

Disadvantagesbad for your diet

" a gift. The normal Cadbury logo is present with a vey stylish font for the words "Milk Chocolate Biscuits", there are also contact details for unsatisfactory customer, and nutritional values. DOES THE CHOCOLATE MELT EASILY? It does not melt in your hand so easily, but it will if you put warm hands/fingers onto the chocolate for more than a minute. JUST FOR CHILDREN? No, children and adults will love this. There are few people who hate chocolate ..." Read review

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Community Level 2heather2209


Kids at school, break out the biscuits

AdvantagesScrummy thick choclate

DisadvantagesMMmm when the tin is empty

"This selection of biscuits are what I call absolutely fantastic. I am a real chocolate fan ( oh and biscuit fan as well) I love the way that cadburys have put something in there for everone. On a personal note. I ma not keen on the shortcake ones, but hey you have to share don't you. What i really love is the thickness of the chocolate on some of the biscuits from the selection. I am sure it is upto half an inch thick in some places. You can go round ..." Read review

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