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... oOoOo THE WRAPPER oOoOo A Taz bar comes in a purple (what do you expect being Cadburys?) wrapper about 3 inches long. On the front there's a picture of Taz himself (the Looney Tunes Tasmanian Devil) dressed in an ice hockey kit complete with skates and a ice hockey stick! Taz is written ... Read review

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Community Level 7Fruity_Tart


Who let the Tazmanian Devil loose....

AdvantagesCheap, a nice 'hit' of chocolate when you don't fancy a big bar

DisadvantagesVery sweet, kids get in a mess with them

"...Above this is the Cadbury Land logo and beneath it says this is milk chocolate with a soft caramel centre. The wrapper's got a spiky, chaotic feel which sums up Taz how I remember him from the cartoons! Turn the wrapper round and you've got the Looney Tunes logo complete with '2000 Warner Bros'. You've also got the ingredients list, nutritional info (125 cals & 6.6g fat), contact details and the question...... 'Have you been to Cadbury World yet?' ..." Read review

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Soft centred devil

Advantages Cheap, and sweet

Disadvantages none

"I f you find you cannot spare the 50p or so required to purchase a tube of Rolo's then you might just find yourself hitting a little bit of a lucky streak, especially if you are in the vicinity of a garage. Why garage…………….well this is the hiding place of the lesser known cousin of the Rolo, somewhat larger, somewhat devilish, and somewhat cheaper. It might be a bit of a task to hunt down one of these Tasmanian Devils or TAZ for short, but the ..." Read review

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Community Level 4ady_ankle


Tasty Taz!

Advantages10p/taste/ everything


"My Review.................... Another cheap, sweet treat hits my belly again! My local Spar shop is full of things for the kids so this is my favourite place to get a treat and bring back some fond memories! The Cadbury's Chocolate Taz bar has been around since I was a kid and I used to buy a lot of these and Freddo The Frog bars. The Taz bars were perhaps always my favourite as they had a little extra surprise. Packaging, Price and Appearance. ========================= Cadbury's ..." Read review

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Cadbury Taz Bar - Lovingg them

AdvantagesTaste delicious, real Dairy Milk chocolate, Extremely Cheap.

DisadvantagesVery sweet, high fat content, Sickly after to many.

"All kids adore these delicious bars, so I thought I’d see what I’m missing out on as I had never tried one.. It smells just like Dairy Milk Chocolate, a smooth, delicious, creamy smell, that just makes you want to take a bite. The bar is a really weird shape, similar to a coffin but you can tell it has the outline of a freddo, as they are similar only with a taz on top! Moulded into the top of the bar is a picture of the Taz i just mentioned, quite ..." Read review

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Community Level 5whoopidoo


Taz the way, ah ha ah ha, I like it!

AdvantagesCheap & Delicious

DisadvantagesAddictive, Caramel strings out

"Cadbury Taz come packaged in the trademark Cadbury purple wrapper and depict Warner Bros Tazmanian Devil in various poses on each packet i.e. the Taz bar I just wolfed shows Taz as a baseball player and the Taz I am now about to scoff shows him as a love struck little soul. There is a big red 10p price overlapping the Taz picture letting unworthy bratlings and adult chocoholics alike know the bargain price for this delectable titbit. On the ..." Read review

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