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published 29/09/2006 | djrx
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Pro A fine smooth and creamy ale.
Cons quality varies from pub to pub.
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"Full of Creamy Goodness."

I started drinking Caffery's about 10 years ago, I was 18 and wasn't a keen admirer of lager, but also didn't enjoy the majority of ale's available on the market.

At the time Caffery's was extremely difficult to find, it was usually only found in Irish bars and only the minority of those. A lot of pubs ran by or obligated to the breweries only stocked either Caffery's or Guinness, never both. And as you can imagine Guinness was much preferred by pubs for its high sales.

Nowadays you can find Caffery's in most Irish bars even if they do sell Guinness and you'll find it in a whole heap of other pubs also.

It is just as easy to find on the continent and in the U.S., as it is here, just look for any pub stating with O'.

One problem with Caffery's is that it doesn't seem to have a very long shelf life and the quality seems to vary quite a lot. You can often find you have a pint that tastes stale or slightly vinegar-like.

It should be poured similarly to Guinness, slowly! and should be well chilled. When the barperson is pouring your drink it should be a very creamy white, not at all opaque and it should take several minutes to fully settle, it should look like a clean honey coloured ale as it settles and you should be left with a nice creamy head not to large, If the head it too large it has been poured too quickly.

There are 2 good ways of telling if Caffery's is not fresh even before you drink it, if the beer settles to quickly there's a chance it will not be fresh, it should still be nice but not at its optimum temperature or age. If after settling you don't have a creamy head, I would be very worried about how fresh or the quality of the Caffery's you have been served. By taste it is very obvious when Caffery's is off as it will taste vinegary.

It is a very refreshing and easy to drink beer and is great for sitting by the open fire in a traditional British pub in the depths of winter, or for sitting on the patio watching life go by, in the blazing sun of Andalusia.

I'm no beer expert or taster or reviewer, but I will do my best to describe what I think about the taste, smell etc...


It has quite a malty taste, extremely smooth, but it's naturally smooth it doesn't taste artificial in anyway. It has a slight honey/fruity sweetness, but it is far from sweet, it also has a slightly bitter finish. The most dominating taste/sensation is the creaminess. It is quite a lightly flavoured drink but still has a distinct enjoyable flavour. The strength is noticeable in its flavour.

Smell (or nose as the better educated may say):

You can smell the malt for sure. But it isn't an oppressive or even a strong smell. Like the drink its smell is almost as creamy as its taste. It also has quite sweet overtones, how to describe hat the sweet smell is? To be honest I have no idea.


It is quite a strong beer at 4.8%, being so easy to drink you should be careful about the quantity you consume. It is I think about the same strength as Guinness, and some other stronger drinks. It is much stronger than beers like Worthington's.


It can be fairly high priced. It costs £2.70 - £3 a pint in some of the more exclusive bars around here. The cheaper town centre bars it seems to range from £2.30 to £2.50. (A pint of Worthington's there would be around £1.80-£2.20)


You should find this in most high-st bars, nearly all Irish bars and nowadays a lot of local bars.


Cafferys is great in cans and comes with the obligatory widget, attention should be paid to how this beer is poured from the can, pour slowly and steadily for maximum taste / flavour.


A very smooth creamy drink, slightly expensive with a nice round flavour. You should definitely try it if you don't like Irish stout but drink British bitters/ales. Especially if you are a fan of the British smooth / creamflow bitters, this is a slightly fuller and creamier version of those.

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  • tune57 published 04/11/2007
    Yes please, Mines a Pint :-)
  • bmthkatie published 20/10/2007
    It smells and looks lovely but I can't stand it!! Great Review!! xx
  • Miles13 published 30/09/2006
    Nice one -Milt
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