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"The best dog in the country"

The Cairn Terrier is one of the oldest terrier breeds, originating in the Scottish Highlands and recognized as one of Scotland's earliest working dogs.

We got our first Cairn Terrier a Male called Alfie last May day bank Holiday. He cost us £150 even though he had just turned 5, It maybe a bit expensive but he is the most loveable dog on the planet. He was very skinny and boney when we first got him so we set about beefing him up. He had always previously been used for breeding and never as a pet ( as far as we know). Alfie is a pure blonde Cairn, absolutely beautiful looking. Even though he was never a pet before he took to being in our home straight away. He absolutely loves attention and spending time with me and my girlfriend. So much so that if he is out the back and we are in the kitchen he will jump up repeatedly at the window to see you and Bark "hello". His bouncebackability is unreal you would swear he was standing on a trampoline the way he keeps bouncing up. He does bark quite a bit when out the back to get in for attention which is a slight drawback.

Most dogs play up whenever you bath them or groom them, but not Alfie, he will literally let you do anything to him - I think because as he sees it he is getting attention so why fight it.

he is a very good natured dog, we have minded other dogs who are smaller than him (females) and he lets them bully him, they fight with him steal his food and he just sits there with a big smile on his face - Nothing bothers this dog. His given name is Urban Calm and its easy to see why. He is the most laid back dog in the world.

Walkies get him excited beyond belief so much so that he strains at the leash to get to the next pee spot. He gets very excited when out and about.

People tell you, you can't teach an old dog new tricks, and to be honest this has been hard work. He sometimes still lifts his leg in doors. But the one thing that we were able to teach him that has stuck is "Bed" he actually picked that up pretty quickly and while he may keep trying to come over to you for a cuddle he will always go back when you tell him.

We wouldn't trade him for the world, he would literally eat anything, apart from Veg! I went to the chippy once and overindulged and had some left overs, he ate everything. I watched him as he came to the battered mushrooms. He peeled the batter off with his teeth!, I've never seen such an act of precision from a dog. The mushroom went untouched and the batter went down a treat.

We loved Alfie so much that when we learned my partners sister was getting rid of his Daughter ( The all Action Poopy Partying Puppy herself) one year old Gypsy we took her as well. Naturally this meant we had to get Alfie fixed and once again he didn't put up a fuss.

Gypsy herself has her mothers darker colouring and some streaks of her daddies blonde hair running through her. She will eat absolutely anything from carpet to poop!. Every time she gets out of bed she immediately sniffs round for a snack. She has also destroyed two of her beds!.

I have been able to teach her a lot more tricks than Alfie because of her age. To date she knows: Bed, Sit, Lie Down, Come here, Shake Hands, Other Hand, High 5 and other hand high 5. She is a very intelligent and obedient dog. She literally licks anyone see meets to death and loves a cuddle and attention. Every time we let them out the back she does the cutest wee motion with her paws to Alfie, lifting one up and rotating it almost giving him a playful slap as if to say "lets Play". When nervous she can pee in doors but toilet training with her was generally a breeze. In fact if in the middle of the night she needs to go to the loo or even wants out for a drink she will bark so we let her out.

Gypsy at the start was very hard to bath as she wouldn't sit still but with time she has gotten a bit calmer in this respect. When going up and down the stairs or out for a walk when she gets excited she actually Hops on her back legs instead of walking. It again is one of the cutest things you ever.

Interacting with Alfie at the start was indifferent until my partners mothers dog Molly (also a cairn) came to stay. Molly absolutely tortures Alfie and Gypsy picked up on this. She started fighting with him evry time we started to put food out for them as if to say "i'm getting it first" We of course chastised her for this and on one occasion after being chastised she went straight overr and started on him again as if to say "you got me in trouble" again she was disciplined for this.

But then this past November she turned the corner and is now very protective of her daddy, if we are chastising him she will put herself in between us and Alfie lie on her belly and act all cute as if she is saying "don't scold him play with me instead" Also in November and December two other thing happened that while they weren't righ tI was quite proud of her for doing it in the first place. both incidents involved Molly again.

The first in November was when we went to London for a few days and my partners mum looked after our dogs. As soon as our two walked in the door Molly Growled barked and snapped at Alfie. Gypsy was having no-one bullying her daddy and so went straight over and got stuck into Molly and sorted that out....

The second happened on Christmas day and while its terrible to laugh I found hilarious. All 3 dogs were in a play pen when Molly started Fighting with Alfie, again Gyspsy was having none of it and tore into Molly. So bad in fact that my partner had to go out and lift Molly oput of the pen. As she lifted her though Gypsy was still stuck to Mollys back leg which she had clamped in her mouth, 3 feet in the air and dangling with her mouth from a dogs hind leg, the message was clear DON'T MESS WITH MY DADDY, I only wish I had a picture of that.

We are so glad we got our two doggies while they are hard work for walkies and cleaning up after its well worth it. We wouldn't trade them for anything. The two pictures I rotate on my profile here are actually of the dogs.

Cairn Terriers are a very intelligent loyal friendly breed of dog, A puppy could cost you between £300 - £450. But I highly recommend if your looking for a dog you couldn't do any better than a Cairn.

Highly recommend,

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