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I tried to sign up for this service when they first started at the end of 1999, unfortunately I was too late and missed my chance when they closed subscriptions. I was actually glad when I heard the service was very poor. I then heard a few months later that the service had improved and they ... Read review

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Community Level 2MarkAlston


A disaster



"...tried to sign up to CallNet months ago and was promised an adapter to allow the free calls to be made. I waited weeks and heard nothing from them. I queried the delay and was told that I should have already received the adapter and that it would be with me very soon. After several weeks I finally phoned up to cancel the order, reasoning that a company so disorganised would be worth avoiding (not that I really had a choice). A few weeks later ..." Read review

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Community Level 3bobsmith


Very disappointing

AdvantagesFree internet calls

DisadvantagesSlow, don't seem to be organised at all, selectively answer emails, don't want you to contact them

"...just as everything seemed fine, callnet decided to take £20 out of my account for no reason. I tried to get in contact with them but the only email on the website was technical support, who I received a reply from after a week giving me a different email address. I sent my email to the new address who failed to respond at all. With no alternative I had to phone the only number on their website which was technical support charged at 60p a minute. After ..." Read review

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Community Level 2friends


Revolutionary ISP with problem

Advantagescompletely free

Disadvantagesfrequent busy tone, inaccessible technical service

"Callnet0800 is a revolutionary ISP which first brought the 0800 internet access to consumers in UK. They have done a great job and has a reasonable business model which intend to fund their operation through e-commerce and telecom revenue. They have been there for more than a year and I believe they will continue to be there in the future. They offer good value on internet access where a £20 Smart-dialing box is all you have to pay in order to enjoy ..." Read review

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Community Level 1masser



AdvantagesCost zip!

DisadvantagesTakes ages to get on the net

"A half a year ago I could not wait to get callnet! free net calls and 30% of phone bills! Now I like the bit about the free phone calls - though I have not got a bill! The box takes years to come! I can not get on the net for hours with it enganged tone going on and on my advive is to let it have a few attemps and leave in ringing whilst you do something else! this service is so slow and help you if you want to download, though it is free and ..." Read review

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Community Level 1jimbocool


too good to be true?

AdvantagesFree internet 24 hours a day

Disadvantagesslow connection

"Callnet 0800 is by far the best internet provider you can get if you are on the net more than 2 hours a day. It is totaly free accept for an intial charge at the beginning to get a dialer that you plug into the the phone socket. This costs £20. Delivery takes about 1 month but the wait is worth it. You can go online any time of the day absolutely free for a miaximum time of 1 hour until you get disconnected and you then have to dial up again. This ..." Read review

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Good speed, no engage tones,Used to be great.
Not good value for money anymore.Poor technical support. (*)
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Speed, always-on, flat-rate charge, leaves phone line free for voice calls
expensive, seriously crap news server, only available in areas of high population, must have a BT line, must have a credit card or Visa Delta card, less than fantastic technical support, poor customer service, extra software, can't use it with Opera (*)
faster, cheaper
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1MB Fast Connection, Reliable 24-7, Fast Download times
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none (*)
They CLAIM up to 8Mbps LIVEBOX speed ~ can connect 2 computers via Ethernet plus 6 wireless
MY PERFECTLY ADEQUATE WANADOO Broadband connection disappeared OVERNIGHT for over two months! (*)
Whe it works it's OK. Fairly cheap deals.
When it doesn't work, you might as well talk to the wall. Slow and unreliable. (*)
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free text messages
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