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Call of Duty: Ghosts (Xbox 360)

Genre: Shooter, Action/Adventure - Publisher: Activision - Age Rating: 18+

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published 31/07/2017 | jb0077
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Pro Good story, decent single player campaign.
Cons Focuses way too much on multiplayer.
Value for Money
Difficulty & Complexity

"Call of Duty Ghosts Xbox 360"

Call of Duty: Ghosts (Xbox 360)

Call of Duty: Ghosts (Xbox 360)

Ghosts takes the Call of Duty series in a slightly different direction, the gampeplay remains the same but this storyline is very different from what veterans of the series will be used to. I have most of the Call of Duty console games and I much prefer the single player or co-op elements of these games to the online, speaking of which Ghosts has two disc and the first is the main game disc (the one you us to play the game) disc two has in fact to be installed to play the single player campaign. This shows how the series has evolved to support multiplayer over single player, that being said though the game still has a good single player campaign with an interesting story that takes you to an earth where things have not gone the way they were supposed to.

The Game

Ghosts is another first person shooter in the Call of Duty series of games and this one has an individual story that takes place in a very different environment to what fans will be used to. You generally play as Logan who is one of two sons to a man named Elias, he tells a story of a division of highly trained men sent to deal with an outnumbering threat and many of them fall but a few remained after the first assault. Those men waited under the bodies of the dead with their fallen comrades blood running over them, when the next battle came the fifteen men killed all ninety of the remaining enemy and became known as ghosts (as they were forever changed because of the events of that battle and considered fearless).

They boys wonder if that is a true story or just a tale but by the end of the game both they and you will know the answer to that, aside from the storyline the game centres on a battle between the "Federation of The Americas" and the "United States" after a super weapon was hijacked and used against the latter by the former. Now the Federation outnumber the U.S. forces and bloody stalemate has been going on for the last ten years as the U.S. forces hold what is left of their cities. All this is about to change though as Elias says he is tired of being on the defensive, he sends Logan (you and his other son David (known as Hesh) into no mans land (an unpredictable wasteland as a result of the initial battle ten years earlier) their job is to gather intel on the enemy but they find out more than they expected to. Although the game centres on Logan's perspective and the majority of the game you play as him there are several other characters you will also play as for short stints.


When the shooting starts your first fight is actually starts out in space, thus bringing in the first new gameplay element to be found here - Zero Gravity shooting. The control here is not an issue though as physics is not a factor [they like to keep it simple], this means that you can float around shooting but the recoil of the gun won't push you back. They get away with this as you are in a spacesuit and have the RCS thruster pack on to keep you stable, you of course only have to aim your weapon and shoot the bad guys in typical Call of Duty style there is nothing else to concern yourself about. The next new element is underwater combat, in MW3 (Modern Warfare three) there was an underwater mission but the one in Ghosts is much more intense, there are a number of bad guys and as you are told three shots are generally required to take out a bad guy as bullets don't work so well underwater.

Beyond that it is pretty much business as usual (as in enjoying simple gameplay thanks to Call of Duty's tried and tested user friendly control method). Aside from running around shooting you also get to drive and shoot from a tank, mounted guns and another powerful item that I will say nothing about as that would be a spoiler. There are a few press the button when indicated sequence (they are annoying but luckily there are only a few). Plus whenever a specific button needs to be pressed you are told and when you have to interact with something it is always highlighted to make it easier to locate.

The Multiplayer

As with many of the more modern Call of Duty games there is an extensive multiplayer option in Ghosts, now as usual there is lots of extra content that can be downloaded (a good way for the developers to rake in extra profits by fleecing customers with downloadable content when it could just as easily have been placed on disc) but it is optional, the last game I did this on was black ops and it was a bad choice as I hardly used it.

COD World at War was the only other game in the series that I took the content for and we had a blast with that one (pun definitely not intended) but getting the extra content is entirely up to the player, I would not recommend this unless you have a good circle of online or offline friends willing to help you, the multiplayer modes in this game are extensive to say the least. Squads is an interesting one because you can create your own ten player squad with any players from anywhere in the world, having experience with squad based combat I can say around the world does not work as time zones will mess you right up, with AI squad mates available it is not so tedious to find enough players. There are three play modes you can play with your squad, Squad vs Squad, Wargame, and Safeguard.

Other multiplayer options include...
Search and Rescue.
Gun Game.
Free for All.
Team Deathmatch.
Search and Destroy.
Team Tactical.
Kill Confirmed.
Hunted Free for All.
Ground War.
Drop Zone.

In my opinion there are far too many modes for multiplayer, but the young seem to love Call of Duty multiplayer and lots of modes will encourage them to shell out for the extra maps and such to make the most of these modes of play, so I say good luck to you but it ain't for me.


This is a new mode based on aliens rather than the typical zombies that featured back in some other Call of Duty titles, it is for up four players in co-op. I tried this solo and it is not so easy, yes it is easy when you start out but it just gets tougher and before you know it you are overwhelmed. There are five available maps for this but guess what.. only the first one is included with the game, the rest must be downloaded at an extra cost, oh and you only get one addition per DLC that means you need all four packs to get them all... what a rip off.


As with many of the later Call of Duty games this one looks superb but you will have a few moments of have I been here before? This is because if you have played a Call of Duty after number three then you will recognise some areas because they have been used before but in a different configuration. That is only the odd part here and there though, the majority of the game looks new and very cool too, loads of detail in everything and lots of cool places to fight in like space with its floating debris and such is infinitely cool. So as usual the team did an exceptional job with the environment, you will also fight with infra-red and night vision too which both work like they are supposed to and at one point you use a strobe light which is pretty weird but cool.


With the great graphics in the game also comes great audio, the voice acting to the dialogue is superb. The music is epic when it is there and the sound effects are spot on as well, there is not a single thing wrong with the audio in the game.


You have the usual choice of Recruit, Regular, Hardened or Veteran, now I played on Regular at first which I found easy enough then I moved on to Veteran which was a cakewalk when compared to some of the of the Call of Duty games I had played on this difficulty in the past. It took me six to seven hours to get through the campaign each time roughly, there are eighteen missions total and after your first play through you can access any mission at any time through mission select and replay it on any difficulty you want, it is handy for mopping up any achievements missed along the way.


Well the single player ones are not too difficult to unlock, I would say any experienced players can get all of them fairly easily. The multilayer ones require help of course and out of the one thousand gamer score available from the game not counting extra content of course you can get 49 out of the 50 achievements offline for a total of 980 gamerscore out of 1000 which is good, but that is only possible not guaranteed as some of them really require another player or two but still can be unlocked offline on a single Xbox 360 console.


Ghosts is a great game that does manage to live up to the franchise in delivering the typical thrills a Call of Duty game can, but I would have been disappointed if I had paid the retail price back when this title was first released, the campaign was fairly easy for me even on veteran. But I have to say for the measly £3 I paid recently I am very happy with the purchase. In recommending it, I would say totally yes because the game is dirt cheap now and well worth a few pounds that it costs these days.

Thanks for reading, ©jb0077 2017.

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