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published 08/07/2001 | tom_knowles
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"Those damned caravaners..."

I came across this category the other day, which immediately made me think about writing an op on this subject. So here is what I have to offer.

Camping I love. I have many a fond memory of my days in cubs, scouts, and ventures. At the very best of times campsites really are dreary, boring places with mandatory crap weather whatever the time of year. But what made camping so fun was what a bunch of twenty or so lads could get up to. I must add at this point that none of us ever went to private school… so there were no activities like dropping the soap, nor anything involving biscuits- is that made clear?

The real beauty of a cheap week or long weekend for the price of petrol and food was most appealing to my parents. This was a small price to pay for getting rid of me. I got my own back when I brought them my washing home. Do you remember mums… the T-shirt worn the whole week, twenty pairs of rancid socks, trousers that had begun to walk without legs in them, and numerous pieces of wildlife unknowingly smuggled back within filthy jumpers?

Every boy scout/girl guide/young camper will have vivid memories of campfires, knifework, knots and biverwacking (building your own shelter out of natural resources). I am sure that the parents will not forget the father (now parent) & son (now child) camps. It was just a good excuse for dad to get away from mum so that he could have a few two many tins with the other dads. In fact we were the most sensible there! From the hard lump in the breakfast’s dodgy baked beans to the accidentally stabbing your best mate with a blunt penknife, camping was a superb laugh.

Of course for those more adventurous, camping can be equally as cool. For instance rockclimbing holiday camps, or kayaking trips down river- stopping off to camp in a random field every night. The possibilities are endless. This brings me on to my next point about caravan sights. In my opinion who on earth would want to participate in this kind of activity?

Camping despite its basic living style and poor image, I have managed to legitimise. But going on holiday to a caravan sight is just pointless. For a start these holidays are damned expensive. One could pay for a family holiday apartment for a whole week, this for the same price as a family caravan plot for the same period of time! It beats me why anyone would want to pay his or her hard-earned money to sleep in the armpit of someone else for a whole week. To cook something you have to fold the caravan up around yourself, then squash the rest of the family into a cupboard… and that’s just so a small pan can be removed from a draw! Oh yeah… what a fantastic idea going to a foreign country only to see the same ten meters of ground for a whole week or two. Then there is the fact that you have next door neighbours hanging their washing up, therefore reducing that view to only five meters. Add annoying parents that have no clue about controlling their children, gypsy folk, and endless arguments. These WILL occur when a family of five all live within five meters square of each other, and ten meters square of another family of five that you have never met before in your life!

This type of holiday is a no no. It is a recipe for disaster, family feuds, unnecessary animosity with other campers, not to mention a total waste of money. If you get your own caravan- not only do you have to cart it around every where, but also have to find a place for it in your driveway or yard. In many towns there are local bylaws prohibiting this. To be quite honest, would you like to look out your window every day to see a hideous hulk of metal on wheels blocking out or your natural light? No… nor would i. For all those die hard caravan fanatics out there, I curse you and your ideas for having fun. Thanks for reading… whilst you have been doing so I have been looking for anti-caravan hate sites on Ciao. Tom:-)

The rating is for caravan sites... not camping in general.

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  • pinkflipflop published 19/02/2003
    oooh, i think your verdict was a little harsh there. my family go on a caravanning holiday at least twice a year, and it is the best time to be had. a caravan site (especially tourers) is the only place where you get complete strangers talking to each other all fortnight. if the weather is crap noone complains, and if you run out of something you are bound to find another caravanner who will lend you it. it does not cause rows, it builds friendships with others, and is a nicer place than a commercial hotel in tacky ibiza with screaming kids everywhere. thats all i have to say
  • Cazz published 11/07/2001
    Great op, don't know why Ciao have to lump camping in with caravanning, they are so different! And for the price of most caravanning weeks you could have a cottage or apartment (or a month's camping!) Cazz xx
  • RobinLawrie published 10/07/2001
    OOOH I think I am one of those bloody caravanners Tom, I dont keep it at home however but (hangs head) guilty as charged on all the other counts. Heres an idea..why not go read my op and see if I can't convert you :-)Robin
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