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published 13/09/2017 | sellerleygirl
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Pro Attractive, convenient and heats up quickly
Cons Can be very expensive
Value for Money
Ease of Use

"Scintillating sausages sizzle super-fast"

Campingaz Bistro 300

Campingaz Bistro 300

Campingaz Bistro 300


With a decent week, weather wise, in May my grandsons decided to camp in the garden for a couple of nights. This traditionally always involves a ‘sausage sizzle’ – where the eldest – Harry – is in charge of cooking sausages on our old camping stove.
However, on their last night the stove sizzled its last sausage – the stove WAS around 15 years old – the same age as Harry -and had been dragged round campsites and pulled out for barbecues and the like many, many times over that time.
With the children returned home, we decided that we would go and replace the stove; we felt quite lost without it as – where we live we are reliant on electricity. Our water and heating is by oil – but we need the electric to fire up the boiler, we even need it to get water as our water is pumped from a well. So, if we have a power cut we have no form of lighting, heating, cooking or water – the last major power cuts was the December floods of 2015 when we were three days without electricity. That little stove cooked us bacon butties and boiled up bottled water to keep us going over that time – I think the amount it was used in that few days was probably somewhat of the cause of its demise!
Apart from that, we used the stove a lot as extra cooking space at family barbecues, the children use it for camping and my son and his girlfriend were going to a weekend festival camping with friends in June – so after a little online search, off we popped to Halfords to buy a shiny new stove.

About the Campingaz Bistro 300

Quick Specs

• Dimensions: 32.5 x 22 x 12 cm
• Cooking Area: 27 x 27cm
• Weight: 1 ½ K
• Cartridge: CV300 Plus Campingaz Butane/Propane Cartridge (not included)
• • Power: 2600 W
• • Consumption: 190 g/h
• • Runtime: 1h10min
• • Boil Time: 3min 10s
• • Fits Pan Sizes: 12 - 26 cm (min./max.)

This is aa very stylish, compact and convenient one burner table top stove that is very easy to use. It comes with a Piezo ignition so there is no need for matches or any other type of lighter.
It is very modern looking in silver and grey and has an easy clean surface.
The handy little stove runs off Campingaz Easy Clic Plus CV300 cartridges, and has a cartridge locking system meaning that it can be connected and detached even when they are not empty. The cartridge is not included with the stove. The stove gives 2600W of power from its single 27cm diameter burner with a raised steel grid, and once cooled down, it can be stored away
In the protective white, transparent plastic carry case making it perfect for both storing g or carrying around.
What Campingaz Say

“Born from a love of camping and outdoor living, Campingaz products are trusted by generations of campers, a trust that has been earned by creating safe, reliable products that don’t fail to deliver, time and time again.
Compact table-top stove. The CV300 Plus cartridge connects quickly and discreetly into the base, plus it comes with a convenient carry case for extra protection during transport and storage.”


• Carry case
• Piezo ignition
• Easy Clic plus cartridge connection
• Power: 2,600 W
• Operates off: Campingaz CV300

About the CV300 Plus Campingaz Butane/Propane

The dumpy blue canister (measuring 10.5 x 8.9 x 8.9 cm) is resealable but NOT refillable.
It is suitable for using with Campingaz Easy Clic PLUS and Easy Clic appliances – like the Campingaz Bistro 300. The canister contains 240 g butane/propane mix, 80/20 and when full weighs 150g. It has a high security self-sealing valve
The canisters can be easily disconnected and reconnected even when not empty which makes them-sealable which means they can be disconnected and reconnected even when they’re not empty, making the canisters perfect for periodic use.

Connecting the canister is easy:

1. Push the base onto the cartridge and you will hear aclick
2. Rotate 45º to lock it in place
What Sellerleygirl Says

I have to say, I do love this new little stove, it is fairly small and lightweight but it still heats up food or water very quickly, and it looks so sleek and modern.
The size is perfect for my son to put it into the rear pannier bag of his bike, and it is also stable and safe in use.

Our previous stove (one of those cheap £7.99 briefcase types) were still available, and despite our last one giving us 15 years use, it had got pretty tatty, pretty quickly, and despite the price difference I was pleased to opt for this more expensive one which has such a completely different design. I do have to say that it does heat up my little portable kettle much much when we take the stove in the car for a picnic. I would say that because the stainless-steel ring is quite high away above the flame and so in windy conditions it can blow out, and I recommend a little wind shield to avoid this.
The Piezo ignition has always worked first time, it really is very reliable and there is no need to have a ‘back up’ of matches or a lighter. The enamelled finish is easy to clean and despite it having lots of use over the last three months (picnics, several camping trips, a festival and lots of barbecues) it is still looking very good – I have put a current photo on of the stove.
When I first used the stove, I did have a little trouble getting the gas canister in but think that was probably me not doing it right in the first place, now it is a doddle – I think it was a case of being scared of turning it too much.
The gas lasts around an hour of continual use, but as it heats up so quickly it does last well; we are now on out third canister but – as I said earlier – it has had a LOT of use.

I am happy with my purchase, and for the price I paid I think that it is good value, the replacement canisters are very easy to obtain.
Judging by the torrential rain we have had over the last two days I am beginning to think my little stove is going to be needed again!!

Price and Cost to Run

The RRP for this stove is a ridiculous £54.99 – but you won’t have to pay anything like that!
When we bought ours in late June we got it on offer from Halfords for £22.99 with two free CV300 plus cartridges. – which should have been £4 each! Now I know our old ‘briefcase’ type stove that died cost us around £8 and the cartridges for it were only £1 from Pound Stretcher, so was it worth paying more for this one that takes more expensive canisters?

The Bistro CV300 boils water quicker (3min 10 Sec) and operates at a higher temperature 2600w but the old type stove works out cheaper to run albeit at a slower boil rate.

I've done some quick sums which shows that the unit cost per hour for each are:

• Pound stretcher £1.00 cartridge which lasts 1 hours 19 mins = around £0.80p hour
• CV300 Cartridge £4.00 contains 240g fuel which lasts 1 hour 10 Min = £3.63 hour
So, the newer stove is a lot more expensive to run

Current (September 2017) prices for stoves and canisters are:

• Amazon: Stove -£26.09 Canister £9.07
• Halfords: Stove currently N/A Canister £4.00
• Millets: Stove £35 Canister N/A
• Outdoor world: Stove £26.99 Canister N/A
• Stove £24.95 Canister £5.20

So, you do need to shop around.
Do I Recommend?

If you can pick one up for the lower price range I would recommend this stove, even though the briefcase type do work out cheaper, these really are more efficient to use and give you a mice cup of hot coffee a lot quicker!
Perfect for little camping trips, picnics or emergency use.

4/5 because of the higher price you could have to pay.

1. The stove today, in its storage box, after 3 months quite heavy use
2. Out of the box
3. Sealed in box, and gas canister
4. Removable base for putting in canister
5. Just screw in the canister
6. Secure fasten on box
7. Boiling a pan of water
8. The boys with the last use of the old stove
9. A close up, and as you can see it was pretty tatty!
10. The new stove been used in far more glamourous surroundings

Thanks for reading I do hope that this review has been of some help!

© Sellerleygirl July 2017

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