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Are you searching for that perfect car accessory? You can find a wide range of car accessories for your car and motorcycle right here at Ciao. Accessories include, car seats for babies and children, radar detectors, car parts & wheels among many other accessories and equipment for cars and motorcycles. Why not check ... more

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09.12.2017 Review of Michelin Crossclimate+

"==CAR TYRES & WHY YOU OWE IT TO YOURSELF TO BE INFORMED== In a recent debate article on reading consumer reviews in general, I commented that one of THE subjects that I really value quality reviews on is car tyres. This is not the first time that I have ..."

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Michelin Energy Saver, a tough decision.

16.09.2017 Review of Michelin Energy Saver

"== First impressions == When you are looking to replace the tyres on your car you might just have to specify to the garage whether you want budget, mid-range or premium branded tyres. The garage will select tyres for your vehicle, and along with the bran ..."

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Scrape the Snow and Let it Go!

14.09.2017 Review of Betterware Car Ice Scraper

"=~ Betterware Ice Scraper ~= I used to be a very good customer of Betterware, back in the day when a rep brought a book around to leave and demonstrated some products. These days I don’t ever see a catalogue but because some of their range is so good I’ ..."

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Well gripped (Goodyear Ultragrip 9)

01.03.2017 Review of Goodyear UltraGrip 9

"Where I originally come from, most people change tyres between winter and summer seasons as a matter of routine. When I originally came to the UK (many years ago now) and realised winter tyres were seen as some kind of specialised product that people conf ..."

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