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The housing lottery that is costing lives

26.06.2017 Review of Working in Social Housing

"I only briefly did a temp job in social housing and so this review not about that so much. It was mostly around the non payment of council tax and housing the very poor. You will be surprised who doesn’t want to pay it. The poor can’t afford it and so no ..."

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Mystery Shopping

18.05.2017 Review of Mystery Shopping

"== Mystery Shopping == === Background === Mystery shopping is where a company or firm hires a mystery shopping company to assess their service. The service of the company can be measured regularly by the company in the way of mystery shoppers. The com ..."

Read full review by jules.34

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Can you sell snow to the eskimos?

19.03.2017 Review of Telesales

"I have in the past done a number of jobs that have either directly or indirectly involved me having to carry out some work that is generally termed 'Telesales', and I would just like to write a review based on my own experiences of this particular area of ..."

Read full review by ravingreviewer

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Huddersfield Morrisons - 2010 Staff

13.07.2016 Review of Morrison, (WM) Supermarkets

"I worked on checkouts and in the kiosk mainly but helped out on shop floor too. The pay is pretty good with decent benefits, it used to be time and a half for sundays too. Decent training, you can train up on different departments and work your way up whe ..."

Read full review by emmaloo84

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