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The Simsons

02.04.2015 Review of The Simsons

"...James L. Brooks spoken with Matt Groening HAD On The Creation Of A series of animated shorts, which Groening would be based on his comic Life in Hell. Al Realize That Life in Hell convert the animation would require the rescinding of publication rights an ..."

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Beautifully Crafted and Intricate Story. Must See!

09.12.2013 Review of Legend Of Korra

"The Legend of Korra is a wonderfully designed cartoon that will leave you wondering- is this, in fact, a show only for kids? The show is marketed toward a very young audience, but the themes are so powerful and moving that people of all age will thoroughl ..."

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South Park FTW!!

26.11.2013 (27.11.2013) Review of Channel 4 - South Park

"I'm sure you have all heard of the animation South Park, with all the strange and lovable characters; Stan, Kyle, Kenny & Cartman. For some people south park is crude and vile, shouldn't be seen by anyone, but in my opinion it is amazing with high level ..."

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Legend of Korra: Orginal and Inspiring Kids Show

15.01.2013 Review of Legend Of Korra

"== The Legend of Korra: As Great as A Show for Kids Can Get? == === There is reason to believe it is === Legend of Korra, a sequel to the widely acclaimed show Avatar: The Last Airbender follows a feisty teen girl on an adventure to fulfill her duty as t ..."

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