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... I ran out of gas so I flipped the reserve tank switch and got to the nearest gas station to fill 98 gas and i mixed it with the Castroll TTS straight in the tank 3%... The engine lasted for 5-10 miles before the engine had a breakdown... Do I need to say more? The engine had only run 50 miles ... Read review

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Community Level 1Pirathore


Can you afford a top end overhaul every 50 miles?

AdvantagesIt has a nice filler cap which avoids spills when filling up your bike with oil.

DisadvantagesCan`t compete wih Shell`s cheaper alternatives. My sylinder was scored thanks to this oil

"...and blended it with 3% Castrol TTS so the engine should run much richer than when it was raining so I am allmost positive that the reason to why my engine broke down was caused by this low quality oil. I have been told later by a Ducati dealer (this man owns 6 KTM 2 strokes) that the Castrol TTS is bad stuff, and he only runs his bikes on Shell Racing X in worst case scenario the Ultra 2 which he told me he never had any problems with. And ..." Read review

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Community Level 1DrBoom


Castrol TTS

AdvantagesProtection it offers, smell, price

DisadvantagesOpening the bottle!!!

"I have used Castrol TTS for many years now, I first started using Castrol TTS on my tuned two stroke scooters, the oil has always offered first class protection and was recommended to me from friends who race highly tuned motorcycles where oil is a major concern. The first thing you will notice is the deep brown colour castrol use for the oil, then the smell after the oil has been used, it is like no other, instantly sending a whole generation ..." Read review

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Castrol TTS is a fully synthetic 2-stroke motorcycle engine oil that has been designed to maintain a tough, replenishing layer of protection on critical engine parts. It reacts to changes in engine operating temperature which frequently occur in highly powered 2-stroke engines, releasing extra protection as needed. Castrol TTS will provide maximum and sustained engine performance, even at wide open throttle and high engine speed conditions. Extreme protection even at maximum rpm; Protection against thermal and mechanical breakdown; Protection against ring sticking and engine seizure; Visibly low exhaust smoke. Exceeds JASO FC, Exceeds ISO-L-EGD (Designed for both fuel injection and premix lubrication up to a fuel/oil ratio of 50:1) Available in 1 litre packs

Product details

Header / Model TTS
Capacity 1 L
Type Motorbike Engine Oil
Stroke 2 Stroke
Manufacturer Castrol


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