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Cat Food

Are you looking for cat food? Browse through our category, compare prices and check out the other Ciao member`s opinion. Here you can find everything what you need: dry cat food, cat snacks and canned cat food. We also would like to recommend you our related topic, the Animal / Pet Books.

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This Food is the Cats Whiskas

26.03.2015 Review of Whiskas Senior Pouch Chunks in Jelly

"Billy is a black tortoiseshell cat who adopted us some five years ago. She camped out under the fir tree in the back garden and refused to vacate the premises. We didnít know how to sex a cat, but we automatically assumed the Black Panther like feline wa ..."

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~ * Kitty's Keen * ~

14.03.2015 Review of Whiskas Pouches

"...We have two cats; Rosie and Roxy who are two and three years old. When it comes to feeding, Whiskas seems to come out best. We usually buy these pouches as we find that they are easy and convenient. They are available in different flavours; chicken, rabbi ..."

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Thinks biscuit!

09.03.2015 Review of Whiskas Adult Complete Tuna & Vegetables

"My cat has a sensitive tummy and as much as I always intended on feeding her a dry diet this didnít go to plan. Too much biscuit upsets Tinkís tummy so she has wet food with a small sprinkle of dry food with her evening feed to give her a little variety i ..."

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Go cat- for indoor cats

09.03.2015 Review of Go-Cat for Indoor Cats Chicken & Vegetable

"I have never owned a cat before so I have no idea what is good or bad for our little Simba, but through trial and error, we try to give him the best we can afford and more importantly, what he enjoys the most. When we first got him, he was used to eatin ..."

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