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Cat Food

Are you looking for cat food? Browse through our category, compare prices and check out the other Ciao member`s opinion. Here you can find everything what you need: dry cat food, cat snacks and canned cat food. We also would like to recommend you our related topic, the Animal / Pet Books.

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Some of the food OK - but appalling customer service

13.08.2015 (17.08.2015) Review of Natures Menu Cat Pouches

"I had tremendous problems with this company after a non-delivery, but I persevered and the matter was escalated up to the managing director (Craig Taylor), who apologised unreservedly, acknowledged the points where the company had failed to deliver (in al ..."

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My cats love it!

11.07.2015 Review of Eukanuba Iams Adult Adult Chicken

"Ive always given my cats a range of foods, to avoid them becoming fussy and I find it has worked- they will eat just about anthing! I buy iams in bulk as its never affected their tummys, and the quality is decent for the price. Ive added this review to th ..."

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Felix in Jelly Cat Food

20.06.2015 Review of Felix Fish Selection in Jelly Pouch

"...This is a good all-rounder cat food, very moist and my cat seems to prefer it to whiskers. The ppuches are much easier than a can and are usually reasonably priced. The flavours avaliable range from meat to fish and more recently felix sensations which di ..."

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Creamy milk your fur baby will adore!

24.05.2015 Review of Sainsbury's Cat Milk

"Vitamins that are present in this milk are as follows; Taurine and iron are prominent in this product as it is essential in a cats daily diet. This product is not suitable for kittens under the age of eight weeks as they require their mothers milk at that ..."

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