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Cat Food

Are you looking for cat food? Browse through our category, compare prices and check out the other Ciao member`s opinion. Here you can find everything what you need: dry cat food, cat snacks and canned cat food. We also would like to recommend you our related topic, the Animal / Pet Books.

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A dreamy cat treat

22.11.2016 Review of Dreamies Cat Treats with Chicken

"My daughter and I were out shopping in the city centre last weekend when we noticed a promotional stall for Dreamies, on closer inspection we noticed that they were giving out free samples so we joined the queue and both received 3 15g packets for our cat ..."

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Dreams Cats Treats with Beef were unpopular with the kitties...

27.07.2016 Review of Dreamies Cat Treats with Beef

"Unfortunately, my cats were not fans of these treats. Given, they can be a little bit picky in general, but these just didn't seem to entice them at all. I've been offering them each one (I have two sweet kitties) every day for about a week now, but they ..."

Read full review by sharpev25

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~ * Keeping Kitties Happy!! * ~

20.05.2016 Review of Whiskas Adult Chicken, Vegetable & Meaty Nuggets

"...My three kittens Romeo, Tashie and Mistie are almost one years old now. Recently whilst browsing the cat food aisle in Sainsbury’s, I came across these Whiskas 1+ Complete Cat Food (chicken flavour) for £4.50 for a 2kg bag and decided the give them a go. ..."

Read full review by xd-o-n-z-x

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Felix as good as it looks- does exactly what it says on the tin

17.03.2016 Review of Felix As Good As It Looks Favourites Selection in Jelly

"...there I've said it! I like other animals well enough but give me a kitty any day & I'm in heaven lovely snuggly purring heaven. Alas I only have the one not quite the demented cat lady yet but here's hoping one day. The product Felix a ..."

Read full review by Harold41

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