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published 26/02/2004 | whoopidoo
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"Pink 'N' Whites - Dieters Delights!"

K, I’m not on a diet - I’m trying to change the way I eat for life. Stop laughing - I am. My New Year resolution was to be a size 16 bum and size 18 top by New Years Eve this year. My dream size. As I have achieved the top half already (within a month, gloat, gloat) I now have the perilous task of the bum area.

My goal on New Years Day this year was to lose three stone. I lost 14lb in January so by my reckoning that still leaves a whopping 2 stone but with a little over ten months to go I reckon it’s not an impossible mission... or should that be a mission impossible?

Now being a one-woman sweetie munching pac-man type of gal it has not been easy giving up on my delectable tit bits as you can well imagine. Besides, why should I? I’m not out to punish myself; I don’t want to be skinny, just Marilyn Monroe curvaceously gorgeous. Not much to ask now is it? The first 14lb dropped off when I discovered my new love, Kenco Really Rich (Have you read my op? If not, why not? Go straight there and do not pass Go.) This with two...sometimes three Splenda’s really satisfied those sweetie cravings in the early stages.

However imagine my surprise this week when I found myself raiding the kids choccy biccie box. Naughty Whoop! After severely reprimanding myself (and scoffing a couple more for good measure) I decided that the Whoopster needed some sweetie treats of her own to scoff.

Fast forward to trundling my trolley round Tesco, innocent people skidding every which way on the trail of drool I am leaving behind me as I browse the biscuit aisle, when LO! What do I spot? A day-glo pink cellophane wrapper bearing the all important dieters national mantra “98% FAT FREE” As my eyes swivelled past this magical sign I noticed the picture on the front. A LARGE piece of pink and white marshmallow sandwiched between two ice-cream wafers.

Ok. It’s not chocolate. The evil Tesco staff, spawn of the Devil have sandwiched the product between the chocolate wafers and the Penguins. It is almost fat free. It’s not chocolate. It’s quite a large packet with only six pieces inside so they must be fairly big. But. It’s not chocolate. Hold fire. They’re only 38p a packet.

Back home after unloading my three packets of the imaginatively titled Pink ‘N’ Whites, I said a leisurely howdy to Mr Really Rich and promptly shredded the cellophane packaging to my new treats. Inside were six surprisingly large mallow wafers inside a plastic tray. I would guess at roughly 2” x 4” about an inch thick with a generous amount of pink and white mallow peeking out of each end. The ends of mallow look as if they have been dipped in sugar. Sugar? Now hold on one “let me get on my high horse and check on my calculator cos I feel a complaint coming on” moment!

Per wafer these work out at:

46 kcal
10.6g Carbohydrate
0.03 Sat Fat

Ooooh. So for a large chunk of bouncy mallow dipped in sugar and sandwiched between two crisp, sweet wafers you are only ingesting ½ a Weight Watchers point.

What’s that I hear you say? What do they taste like? Well as I take a delicate bite out of my wafer, the mallow resists a little before giving way to my teeth. The crisp sweetness of the wafer contrasts a little with the sugar on the mallow if that’s possible. The mallow is all at once chewy and yet meltingly sublime. I swear it’s almost succulent, definitely not powdery like some mallows. It blends so well with the wafer to give a fulfilling, deceivingly naughty tasting sweet fix.

According to the back of the packet these also come in Chok ‘N’ White and Pink ‘N’ White Jammie flavours. However our area hasn’t been graced with these as far as I can see - mind you why am I surprised? We have only just got Broadband!

For all you nut sufferers out there - ya can’t have ‘em! Wooharharhar! They may contain nut traces so all the more for me. Any other special ingredients? Hmmm - so far as I can see the only other items to be aware of would be Gelatine and whole dried egg. No E numbers and it’s all natural flavourings and colours.

What more can I say except, go armed. Be prepared to wrestle. Be prepared to lay down your life and enter a rugby scrum style skirmish to reach these little beauties. They are the dieting worlds best kept secret.

And the secret is out!

Thanks for reading :o)

** I recommended this product to Ciao as Caxton Pink 'N' Whites - for some reason they have headed them as just Caxton Pink **

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Comments on this review

  • steffzi published 02/11/2005
    Absoutely Fantastic!
  • jammy_banana published 23/11/2004
    I love these, great op
  • pesky33 published 30/03/2004
    you're an evil woman, i bought a pack of these yesterday, and they're nearly all gone now!!!!!!!!
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