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... Mum came home one day after work last week with some Cerumol Ear Drops. She said it was worth a try although I didnít really hold out much hope. Mum helped me in applying about five drops into each of my ears as I lay on the sofa and kept my head tilted firstly to one side and then the ... Read review

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Cerumol Ear Wax Drops

Cerumol Ear Wax Drops

Cerumol Ear Wax Drops are a traditional remedy that have been providing relief for over ... more

fifty years. Cerumol is effective because it
penetrates deeper to ease out the ear wax. Its
unique oil based formula penetrates in between the
wax and ear canal, gently softening and loosening
the wax. Unlike many remedies, it is especially
effective for removing hard wax and can often make
syringing unnecessary. All healthy ears produce
ear wax, which forms a protective coating around
the skin lining the ear canal. The amount of ear
wax produced varies from person to person and
doesn't need to be removed unless it is
obstructing the ear canal, has caused dulled
hearing or caused itchiness or discomfort. In the
UK over 2 million people have problems with ear
wax which needs some sort of management. Problem
Ear Wax? You're not alone. Over 2 million people
in the UK suffer from some kind of ear wax
problem. This short animation shows how Cerumol
works to loosen and remove ear wax. Cotton buds
are suitable for the outer ear only and should not
be inserted into in the ear canal as they can
actually push the wax further into the ear. To aid
the extraction of ear wax, use Cerumol Ear Drops.
How will I know if the drops have worked? By the
fourth day the loosened wax should have come out
on its own. If not, and a plug of wax is still in
the ear then see your doctor or practice nurse, if
syringing is necessary, the drops will make the
procedure easier. How does it feel when using
Cerumol Ear Drops? When the drops are first put in
your ear it is normal to feel a warm tingling
sensation. Adding the drops to the ear wax may,
for a short while, increase deafness. If you are
concerned about any symptoms, consult a healthcare
professional. How does it feel when using Cerumol
Ear Drops? When the drops are first put in your
ear it is normal to feel a warm tingling
sensation. Adding the drops to the ear wax may,
for a short while, increase deafness. If you are
concerned about any symptoms, consult a healthcare

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Cerumol Ear Drops 11ml

Cerumol Ear Drops 11ml

To loosen wax in the external ear canal. Liquid containing: Arachis (peanut) oil 57.3 %w/v ... more

Chlorbutanol 5 %w/v p-dichlorobenzene 1949 2 %w/v
Dosage: Adults: insert 5 drops into the ear,
leaving for 20 minutes. Repeat 2-3 times daily for
up to 3 days.

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Cerumol Ear Drops 11ml

Cerumol Ear Drops 11ml

CERUMOL EAR DROPSFor the loosening and removal of ear wax.CERUMOL EAR DROPS will help the ... more

removal of wax from the ears. When deafness or
pain in the ear is caused by blockage with wax.
The use of the ear drops may avoid the need of
syringing, or make syringing easier.Make sure you
know how to use the ear drops. These ear drops are
only to be used in the ear canal! The ear drops
may cause a tingling feeling in the ear.When the
drops are first put in the ear it is normal to
feel a warm tingling sensation. Adding the drops
to the wax may, for a short while, increase
deafness. Do not use the drops if the ear drum is
perforated, or if the ear canal is sore or
inflammed (from eczema/Otitis)If you are pregnant
or breast feeding, no evidence has been reported
that any harm would arise while using these ear
drops. Absorption of any of the consituents is
very limited.Sensitivity to CERUMOL or oil of
turpenteine is extremely rare.Warning:If
accidentally taken by mouth the chlorobutanol in
the whole bottle might cause a child to be very
sleepy. Consult the doctor immediately if this
happens. The ear is a delicate organ. You are
advised to consult your doctor in all cases of ear
disorder before using any ear drops. Use within 6
months of opening.

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Community Level 7pennywa


Come 'Ear - I Can't Quite Hear You!

AdvantagesIt works very well, cheap and easy to find

Disadvantagesnone really

"...work last week with some Cerumol Ear Drops. She said it was worth a try although I didnít really hold out much hope. Mum helped me in applying about five drops into each of my ears as I lay on the sofa and kept my head tilted firstly to one side and then the other and let the drops do their magic. As I lay there waiting for about twenty minutes I read the pretty little pink and white cardboard box and saw that the drops claim to contain no artificial ..." Read review

Ciao members have rated this review on average: very helpful

Cerumol Ear Drops. Effective and easy to use.

AdvantagesNo horrid side effects, easy to use

DisadvantagesMay not shift stubborn wax

"Review of Cerumol Ear Drops ==Why I Bought it== Both my daughter and my partner have hearing loss, for different reasons, but they both suffer with the discomfort of hardened, excessive ear wax. The condition is uncomfortable for them as the presence of the wax can have the effect of lessening what hearing they do have. Unfortunately, a side effect of my partner's hearing aid is that it causes a build up of ear wax. Cerumol was recommended to me ..." Read review

Ciao members have rated this review on average: very helpful

Community Level 4laura2310


Hey, Mr Stinky Pants!

AdvantagesIt works

DisadvantagesIt stinks!!!!! It is also fiddly and messy to use.

"...be Cerumol. You should take Cerumol twice daily, dropping 5 drops in to the ear then plugging the ear if necessary with cotton wool moistened with either Cerumol or Petroleum Jelly. We don't tend to bother with the Cerumol or Petroleum Jelly on the cotton wool ball; we will just lie down and apply the drops then my son will stay in that position for a while - either trying to get to sleep (at night), or listening to me reading a story (morning). ..." Read review

Ciao members have rated this review on average: very helpful

I can hear clearly now...

Advantageseasy to use, really works


"...There is also a newer Cerumol olive oil drops available as well. The packaging on this ear drops is very simple but the bright pink also makes it quite eyecatching. There is a separate dropper, which is sealed and the small pot of the eye drops. Again, the white and hot pink theme is continued on the bottle. To use these ear drops, lie on your side, and use the dropper and drop 5 drops into your ears. I usually stay lay down for a few minutes ..." Read review

Ciao members have rated this review on average: very helpful

Community Level 7randy_edith


These drops really help my ear wax

AdvantagesThey are natural and they work well for me

DisadvantagesCan be a little hard when using it yourself for the first time

"...just comes back. I have bought Cerumol Drops from my Chemist and I have used these now every time the wax has come back. I like these drops because they are natural and they are easy to use and they do help to naturally soften the wax and get rid of the hard ball which keeps on forming. The Bottle is in a glass container and it is quite small and it is dark brown. It has got 11ml of liquid but you donít need to use it very much for it to help ..." Read review

Ciao members have rated this review on average: very helpful

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Manufacturer's product description

For the loosening and removal of ear wax. CERUMOL EAR DROPS will help the removal of wax from the ears. When deafness or pain in the ear is caused by blockage with wax. The use of the ear drops may avoid the need of syringing, or make syringing easier. Make sure you know how to use the ear drops. These ear drops are only to be used in the ear canal! The ear drops may cause a tingling feeling in the ear. When the drops are first put in the ear it is normal to feel a warm tingling sensation. Adding the drops to the wax may, for a short while, increase deafness. Do not use the drops if the ear drum is perforated, or if the ear canal is sore or inflammed (from eczema/Otitis) If you are pregnant or breast feeding, no evidence has been reported that any harm would arise while using these ear drops. Absorption of any of the consituents is very limited. Sensitivity to CERUMOL or oil of turpenteine is extremely rare. Warning: If accidentally taken by mouth the chlorobutanol in the whole bottle might cause a child to be very sleepy. Consult the doctor immediately if this happens. The ear is a delicate organ. You are advised to consult your doctor in all cases of ear disorder before using any ear drops. Use within 6 months of opening.

Product details

Long Name Ear Drops
Type Ear Drops
Manufacturer Cerumol
Type for Subname Ear Care


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