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Chanel Chance Eau de Parfum Spray

A sweet, sensual floral scent Evokes brightness & intimate sensation Rounds with notes of fresh floral Creates a timeless indulgence for modern women ...

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Review of "Chanel Chance Eau de Parfum Spray"

published 28/04/2010 | lillamarta
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Pro Long - lasting
Cons Disappontly linear, boring and artificial creation from this brand
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Chanel Chance Parfum

Chanel Chance Parfum

Launched: 2003
Group: Chypre floral


Miniature fragrances are a great and cost-effective way to try and discover fragrance. Amonst others, I own a number of Chanel miniatures including a 1.5ml Chanel Chance Parfum. Fragrances are issued in a variety of concentrations, including the ‘parfum’, the most concentrated form of commercially available fragrances, otherwise known as pure perfume though it’s far from being pure, it’s still made up of predominantly perfumer’s alcohol. A ‘parfum’ contains 15-40% aromatic compounds (tipically about 20%). A parfum concentration will have a different olfactory profile than an eau de parfum or eau de toilette as even if they share the fragrance notes. Understandably, a ‘parfum’ will have stronger staying power ranging from 12 up to even 48 hours or more.

As opposed to the traditional Chanel look that brought out No.5, No. 19, Cristelle, Coco or men’s fragrances such as Egoise and Pour Monsieur in square-shaped designs, Chance comes in a round wheel-shaped bot-tle that is topped off by a simple, square and transparent lid. Undeniably aimed at the younger market, the outer box of chanel is pink on the front and the back and a classy silver colour on the sides.


Top notes: pineapple, iris, peppercorn, hyacinth

The fragrance starts out with a strong, sweet and fruity aroma of pineapple which is also lightly astringent. The pineapple note isn’t like the smell of real, ripe pineapple fruit or even pineapple juice. It smells perfumey and reminds me strongly of the pineapple note that’s quite dominant in Just Me by Montana. A few minutes later the pineapple note blends in with the thicker, creamier but unidentifiable floral notes. Within an hour, I start discerning some sweet jasmine too with some lemony undertones slowly creeping into the mixture.

Heart notes: jasmine, lemon

After about 2 hours, the fragrance settled into a comfortable, inconspicuous white floral with a musky edge. The floral theme was pleasant, but uninteresting, polite but bland. I would even describe the heart as skeletal as it was clearly lacking, not in longevity but in substance and complexity. The heart consisted mostly of a single note, a clean, clinical, fabric conditioner-like, plasticky jasmine that smelled nothing like the fragrance of jasmine flowers or even diluted jasmine absolute. The floral heart lasted for about 5 - 6 hours.

Base notes: musk, patchouli, vanilla, vetiver

The base notes of Chance scream musk, musk, musk! More specifically, a type of white musk, heavily loaded with sugar. Yes, the smell of white sugar that permeates everything and probably blocks my olfactory nerves too as this is the only note I can discern here apart from the occasional brightening effect of the lemon. The composition doesn’t change or play with other notes, it stays linear and terribly uninspiring. Altogether, the scent stays detectable up to at least 12 - 14 hours depending on your skin chemistry or temperature.


Having tried a few of Chanel’s classics (Coco, Egoiste, No.5, No.19 or even Allure) in comparison, Chanel Chance isn’t really a Chanel perfume. It’s a modern fruity floral with a clean and sugary musk base. Hadn’t I known the ubiquitous and easily recognisable smell of Chance, I would have thought I was dealing with a scent of medium calibre at best.

In perfume concentration, the notes are even more drawn out and skinned than in the Eau de Parfum and gives a feeling of a deserted and barren land. However, what disappointed me most about Chance was that Chance didn’t feel natural at all: it was the olfactory equivalent of a still picture, or a plastic food – flower decoration in a shop. I understand Chanel uses floral absolutes e.g. that of jasmine grown in Grasse so it must have been the overused synthetic musk or pineapple scent that ruined it for me.

Defnitely not recommended for the price or prestige it’s being marketed as.

Available in Boots and bigger department stores for the approximative price of £70 / 7.5ml Parfum. The 1.5ml miniature version can occasionally be snapped up for about £5 - £10 on Ebay.

Summary: A boring, linear and unimaginative plasticky jasmine and sugary musk scent.

Thanks for reading.

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  • louisechackett published 15/07/2010
    I adore this perfume :)
  • greenierexyboy published 01/06/2010
    One of these days you should write a parody perfume review, just to see if any men on here can tell the difference from a serious one.
  • Suavilous published 06/05/2010
    Great review, its a shame about the price
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