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published 13/06/2001 | sarahbethy
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Pro It can be funny and entertaining
Cons You have to sit through all of the Boring, Dull and Elizabeth stuff before you get to the fun
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"The most boring bunch of idiots"

~~~UPDATE 02/07/01~~~

What is the country playing at? Ok, Narrinder and Stuart i agree with, they were annoying and should have left, but Bubble? Come on! We've reached critical point here people. We're left with with six people who, when you put them all together, have about as much personality as Paddy's left paw (If you don't know who Paddy is, he's the cute little dog they've been given for this weeks task) and Brian.

Brian is the only one in there worth watching and once he's gone, so has the show!

I know I’m a little late in writing this opinion as the show has been on for two and a half weeks already, but I wanted to get a feel for the contestants before I started insulting them, and believe me, I will. Remember last summer, the ten contestants, the fun, the laughs, the backstabbing and the little slips on paper with peoples names on it. The nation was gripped to the screen and the Internet. Yes, that’s right, Big Brother entered our screen and we never looked back, until it started all over again.

~ E4 ~

Yes, BB2 is here, and I must say that the technology has improved. E4, channel 4’s new digital channel, is the main reason for this, broadcasting the show live from 11 0r 12pm in the evening until 5:30 pm the next day, as long as you don’t mind the sound being cut off every ten seconds. You can also get interactive menus throughout the day by pressing the little red button on your remote, which gives you the options of watching what is happening live, or you can view one, two or four hours before, which is very impressive as long as you have digital TV. Then there is Big Brother’s Little Brother, 7pm Sunday through to Thursday. A show presented by Dermot O'Leary, Natalie Casey and, for this week only, Penny (The first Housemate to get kicked out) that let’s you phone or e-mail to have your say about the show. It’s presented from the production rooms of BB so you get a great behind the scenes look at what is going on.

~ The Internet ~

The BB site is quite a bit like last year’s, basic information on the contestants (Not as detailed as last year), the latest news from the house, vote for your favourite and of course, live footage available 24 hours a day! There is now also four games that you can play, questions you can suggest to be put to the public (Is Stuart a prick? I think yes!) and oh yes, that BB shop, just in case you have to have that Big Brother vest top or shot glass! There is also a fancam option, where you vote for a housemate and that person is followed for the day, which you can watch on the website of course.

~ The Latest News ~

Not satisfied with having E4, the internet and e-mails keeping you informed with what’s happening? Great! You can pay £15 for a voucher for your mobile and it will send you text messages with the latest news. Or you can use your wap phone or PDA to get the latest info into your hands but…

~ What is the point ~

The amount of time and effort channel four have put into new technology and bigger gimmicks (Also more ways to steal our money) is impressive. There’s a lot more that I didn’t mention in case you’re bored already. Well done to them for making the show easier and more enjoyable to watch. However, what is the point of being able to watch this group of ten people (one left, another one joined) if they pick the most borring people ever to place into the house.

Brian, Josh & Bubble – The last statement did not include these three peeps. They are very enjoyable to watch, funny and clever. You never know what is going to happen next and are obviously enjoyed by the public as Brian is the favourite on the website. Notice how one of the most enjoyable contestants is the one we voted in.

Stuart – The public hates him at the moment but he can’t help it if he’s mean and unkind. He still has nothing on Nick from last year and his winking is enough to make anyone want to punch him. He is incredibly boring and doesn’t have much of a personality.

Elizabeth – She opens her mouth and you just want to shove that bread she is making into it because you know whatever she is going to say will make you fall asleep! I think she is the most vindictive, more of a Nick character than anyone else in the house and she has the worst smile I have ever seen. Seriously incredibly boring and no personality what’s so ever.

Dean – Plays noise on an instrument a lot and thinks he is the daddy of the group. A lot of people are comparing him to Darren who was in the house last year, but I don’t see it, Darren was funnier. Again, boring and dull, noticing a pattern here?

Paul – Most interesting thing he does is talk in his sleep. Boring and dull! I’m really seeing a pattern here.

Helen – Doesn’t know what a liberal democrat is! Need I say more?

Narrinder – I haven’t heard her say one nice thing about anyone but she seems ok as long as she is around Brian, they make quite a good double act.. If she stopped complaining all the time she’d be ok.

Amma – Same as Narrinder, her glass is always half empty, but she doesn’t have Brain to make her look better so she always seems so cold towards everyone and everything.

Compared to last years ten, these lot seem to spend most of there time sitting down and doing nothing. There is no creativity or imagination, which was enjoyed greatly last year with Nicola and her body painting starting it off. I don’t know if it is because we have so much access to them now that over familiarity is really breeding comtempt or whether they are trying to see how many people they can bore to death whilst they are in the house. Is there a world record for that or what?

~ Overall ~

There is a lot more to talk about on the subject of BB, but I think I’ve given you enough to start off with. In my conclusion, the technology is excellent, channel four have done well, but where oh where did they get them contestants from when over 5000 applications. Surely there must have been more interesting people in that lot.

~ Predictions ~
Finally, here’s who I think (but not who I want) will get kicked out when:-

Week 3 – Stuart
Week 4 – Paul
Week 5 – Narrinder
Week 6 – Amma
Week 7 – Helen
Week 8 – Bubble
Week 9 – Josh

Left with Dean, Elizabeth (They keep quiet and probably won’t get nominated unless that start writing on bits of paper or something) and Brian. Brian will win! I will not be watching it because Dean and Elizabeth would have drove me insane by this point!

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Comments on this review

  • JADELOUISESILVA published 09/05/2003
    There are lots of things I would like to say but Dean lives just down the road from me! (He doesn't like talking to people who haven't been on T.V!) Jade x Great op!
  • andystrong published 07/05/2003
    If I could sum up Big Brother in four words it would be: BORING BUNCH OF IDIOTS! So well done...
  • Elainebaba published 06/05/2003
    My neice was in bib brother one and is doing well. I wish shw would marry her lovely boyfriend, can't wait to get a hat! heeheee! avril
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