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published 13/05/2002 | Donnie_Brasco
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Pro Entertaining, talk of the nation, compulsive viewing!
Cons When nothing much happens, the rules have become too strict!
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"BIG BROTHER will broadcast LIVE SEX"

The hit Channel 4 reality game show will return to our screens on May ...For those of you that do not know about the Big Brother phenomenon I just have one thing to say to you...WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN????!!!!!

Love it or hate it, there will be no escape from the frenzy and hype that surrounds this show. The first series aired in 2000 and was an instant success, followed by the second series last year which was even bigger than the first! So for those of you who are not familiar with the Big Brother concept let me give you a crash course...


Big Bro In a Nutshell

10 contestants move into one house and are monitored 24 hours a day, 7 days a week by hidden cameras all over the house. Cameras watch their every move and the general public can watch them over the internet and on television. The show has a duration of 9 weeks and the fate of the contestants is decided by viewers. Each week the other contestants vote for two people that they would like evicted from the house and the contestants with the most nominations for eviction face the public vote.

Each week a housemate is evicted from the house and the winner is the person who survives public eviction after living in the house for 9 weeks and walks away with a cheque for £70,000 (not enough if you ask me!)!

Big Brother trademarks include the infamous Diary Room where contestants get to share their feelings with Big Brother and at times get to let off a bit of steam! It is also the room where they may be called in to get disciplined from Big Brother and where the sinister nominations for eviction get made. The weekly tasks are another intricate part of Big Brother where the contestants gamble on getting more money to spend on the food for the week if they complete the task successfully. If they fail, they just get less money to spend on food.
Big Brother has had two successful series' which has made celebrities out of members of the general public and it looks set to continue its success with the new one!


Things to look forward to in Big Brother 3:
Big Brother is coming back with a load of new changes and looks set to be BIGGER and BETTER than ever!
Some of the changes we can look forward to:
** The number of housemates will rise from 10 to 12.
** Viewers will be able to register their eviction votes by SMS text messages as well as via telephone and interactive TV.
** The contestants' weekly challenges will be shown live on Channel 4 on Saturday nights.
** Viewers will get the chance to see the contestants enter the house live on TV.
** A specially built new Big Brother house has been built at the Elstree Studios in Hertfordshire
** The new house will have an outdoor heated swimming pool in the gardens.
** The contestants will face a strict set of rules when nominating housemates for eviction. They need to give 'adequate' reasons for nomination and failing to do so will result in a warning. If they get three warnings then they face eviction.
** The housemates' weekly tasks will be shown live on Saturday nights on Channel 4.
** There will be much tighter restrictions on personal belongings. Musical instruments, games and books can't be taken into the house, but can potentially be earned by completing mini-tasks set by Big Brother. Only one magazine per person will be allowed, but the contestants will be able to take in up to six bottles or cans of beer or two bottles of wine.
** Viewers will be able to see the Big Brother contestants enter the house live on Channel Four for the first time.
Other news about the new BB from recent newspaper reports:
** Contestants in the new series of Big Brother will not be given any clues as to England's fortunes in the World Cup. They will not even be informed if England make it to the final.
** Viewers will be able to see the Big Brother contestants enter the house live on Channel Four for the first time.
** Channel Four have announced that if Big Brother housemates end up having sex in the new series, they will show it on television.
Big Brother Transmission Details
** Big Brother will begin on Friday May 24 2002. The first instalment will be one hour long and will be transmitted at 9pm on Channel Four with a follow-up programme at 11.35pm
** E4 the Channel 4 digital spin-off channel will present live coverage, 20 hours a day, along with the fanzine show Big Brother's Little Brother, which will be shown five times a week. On Sunday afternoons, Channel 4 will host a special edition of the fanzine show, with host Dermot O'Leary interviewing newly evicted housemates.
** The nightly 30-minute highlights shows will continue on Channel 4, with the Tuesday shows including the names of the two contestants who will be up for eviction at the end of the week.
** Friday nights will continue to be eviction nights.
The Last Word
Well, there you go! These are all the great things that you can look forward to seeing in the new Big Brother! As an avid fan of the first two series' I will definitely be tuning in to the new one and with 12 contestants instead of 10, it will certainly make compulsive viewing! I am sure that the new lot will be just as popular and successful as the contestants from the first two series but I do feel for them as I personally think that the new rules have been made too tight.
May 24th 2002. Put that in your diary now!


***** UPDATE!!!! 30th May 2002 *****

Well the new housemates have been introduced and it has been a week since we have been watching them (And what a week it has been!)

The 12 contestants are:

ADELE- 23yr old aspiring DJ from Southport (Fitness fanatic!)
ALEX- 21yr old model from London (Brad Pitt look-alike!)
ALISON- 27yr old travel rep (Larger than life!)
LEE- 21yr old from Leicester(Bodybuilder)
LYNNE- 36yr old student from Aberdeen (Lively soul!)
JADE- 20yr old from London (Motormouth!)
JOHNNY- 29yr old fireman from Newcastle
KATE- 22yr old from London works on an IT helpdesk (Gorgeous!)
SPENCER- 22yr old from Cambridge (Cool and laid back)
PJ- 23 yr old Law student from Birmingham
SANDY- 43yr old fWomens personal shopper from London(Strange!)
SUNITA- Barrister from Brixton (Boring!)


*Week One*

Well the big news of the week so far is that Sunita has left the BB house! She is the first ever contestant to leave of her own will. This is just the kind of publicity that this series needed as alot of people seemed disinterested and were slating the show. It should be a good boost for the ratings if not anything else!

My favourites are Kate and Spencer and I really hope that one of these two go on to win the Big Brother prize money!

I like Kate because she seems like a very pleasant and genuine person (And she is also totally gorgeous!)

Spencer is another favourite of mine because he is quite calm and keeps himself to himself. He seems like the type of person that would walk away from conflict rather than rise to it.

The housemates got a huge shock when they were given three minutes to decide who they wanted out of the house...Jade or Lynne! Unaware to them, the public had been given the opportunity to vote for the two people who they wanted to be up for eviction and Lynne and Jade were the top choices!

With only three minutes to decide, they came to a unanimous decision that Lynne should be the first to go! Naturally, Lynne did not take to this news lightly!

Personally I think Lynne should have been left in the house for a bit longer as I felt she would have caused more of a stir. I would have liked Sandy to go this week as I find him extremely dull!


*Week Two*

Sandy, Alex and Alison are put to the public vote!!! It was obvious that Sandy and Alex would be up for nomination as they seemed to be winding up most of the housemates with their moaning and segregating themselves from the rest of the house.

Alison was announced as the second person to be evicted from the house. But she was evicted by the narrowest margin of votes in the shows history. More than 1.4 million viewers took part in the vote, with Alison getting 38.52% and Alex 38.44%.

I personally felt really sorry for Alison and wish she had not been evicted as she was quite entertaining and got all the housemates involved in games! Although, she really annoyed me at times especially in the diary room where for some reason she would yell! Once again, I was hoping that Sandy would get out as he is getting more and more boring by the day! Although Alex moans alot, he is entertaining to watch as he is very outspoken and causes a stir in the house!

This was the week that Jade came out with her most classic lines to date...She thought that Cambridge was in London, although she knew that Birmingham was not in London!!! She has certainly surpassed Helen in the 'dumb blonde' stakes!!!

The housemates wake up to find the house divided into two- one is a rich side and one is poor! I really do not like this idea as I feel it will spoil the interaction between the housemates and will keep potential couples like Spencer and Kate apart.

*Week Three*

YESSSSSSS!!!!!!!! Sandy did the best thing he could have ever done! He ESCAPED from the house!!!! For someone who I thought was more boring to watch than watching paint dry, he certainly attracted the attention of the whole nation by climbing over the roof of the house!

The other scandal in the house this week is when Alex wins the weekly task and is given the option of which side of the house to stay on and who gets to stay with him...Naturally he opts for staying on the rich side and manages to ruffle a few feathers when he choses Adele, Jade and Sophie to stay with him!!!
Lee and Johnny were put to public vote and Lee was evicted as a result after getting 84% of votes! I like both Lee and Johnny but out of the two I am glad that Lee got the boot although he was making interesting viewing with his escapades with Adele and Sophie!

Sandy was replaced by new contestant called Tim who made his entrance into the house four days later. He is a bit of a 'toff' and coffesses to being one too! It will be interesting to see how he gets on with the others but I can predict an alliance with Alex as he has joined the rich side for the week...

*** I will provide more updates as the series goes on *** WATCH THIS SPACE!!!!

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  • ice_pink published 28/08/2006
    Funny how your talking about the Big Brother from 4 years ago! A good read, I wasnt too into this BB (well not as much as this year!) but nice to read x
  • Dan_ep published 09/07/2006
    Funny how you mention the world cup but you are talking about the last one! Havent bothered watching this one but was hooked on the previous ones! Dan.
  • Chalk published 04/04/2005
    OOh, I'm not a big brother fan, but it seems to have gripped you. Congrats on your red!
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