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Character Options Doctor Who - Dalek Sec Hybrid

Action Figure - For ages: 5 Years +

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published 12/04/2015 | Chippytarka
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Pro Looks like the character on TV, well made, great detailing, robust
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Value for Money

"The Ugly Side of Doctor Who!"

No surprise for many of you that there are afew characters from specific TV shows that seem to wander into our home thanks to my children. I dread the day I have to write a review about a Power Ranger toy or item, as this is something my son is obsessed with right now ( I hate them!). But thankfully, he still has lots of love for the TV show Doctor Who. This was bought for him for Christmas 2014 from the BBC shop online for less than £3.00 (exact amount I cannot remember I’m afraid).

Why did I buy this?

It was only last year that I discovered that the BBC had an online shop! Perfect as it had so much Doctor Who stuff it was frightening! I was fearful that the prices would be higher for the majority of things, compared to if I sourced and researched them from somewhere like Amazon. But I’ve surprised myself and found firstly they have the hugest range of Doctor Who things under one roof (no shock there), they have free delivery and some of the items are cheaper than anywhere else! This particular figure was supposed to be around the £10 mark but there were quite afew items on sale and this was more than half price, so I bought it! A nice stocking filler I felt, and a character I knew my son would recognise.

Back Story

Episode -The Daleks In Manhattan. The Doctor (David Tenant) and his companion at the time, Martha Jones, have just ‘landed’ in the city of New York. The year is 1930, and they’ve discovered a group of people in an area of the city called Hooverville. New Yorkers who are homeless, no money, no food, some were successful, majority were just leading a normal life but lost it all. They have their own community now and are trying to survive. The Doctor and Martha discover some of these people have been paid to do some work in constructing the largest new building in the city. Only problem is they’ve been disappearing.

The ‘man’ behind the construction is Diagoras. A man with huge ambitions, and is actually carrying out the work of the Daleks. One Dalek, Dalek Sec sees something in him that makes him the perfect person to perform an experiment on…..turning Diagoras into a Human Dalek, by merging himself (Sec) with him…

How does this look?

This figure stands at 5.5 inches in height.

The overall look and colouring is quite dark and moody. Starting from the top of the figure, the top of the head resembles an exposed brain (sorry!). Brain in shape, sort of in colouring and also has a slight textured look to it which you would associate with it. What’s different is lines, almost channels, running straight down the middle of this section and then across various times, almost segmenting this area. These lines are dark brown in colour, and merge to an almost skin look down the head which forms into small tentacles that you can see fall away down from the side of the face. The back of the head has this skin like look and colour to it, and you can even see spine shaped lines going down most of the back of the head. The face (if you can call it that), is made mostly of ‘skin’. Sat two thirds down the front of the face is one eye smack bang in the middle of it. The rest of the face is made mostly of a large chin.
The character is wearing a dark coloured pin stripe suit. Made up of a shirt, tie, jacket and trousers. The shoes he wears are black in colour with white detailing on the top of the shoes. The suit is all moulded onto the character, isn’t made of fabric but the same material as the figure itself, so none of this comes off.

His hands look old, wrinkled and dark brown in colour, the same as his face.

This figure is jointed. His head can turn 360 degrees around, as well as his shoulders, slightly below the top of the arm, and his hands. His elbows and knees have a decent amount of movement to them. Not quite as full as the other areas mentioned, but still lots to it.

This figure is made from some form of plastic.

Recommended age is 5 years plus.

What did my son think?

I gave this to him as a small Christmas gift. I can’t remember whether it was in his Christmas stocking or not, but I do recall the look on his face when he opened the paper and saw the Doctor Who symbol emblazed on the packaging! He was very excited, and even more so as he could see the figure through the front of the box thanks to this area being made from clear plastic. He recognised the character straight way and shouted ‘Human Dalek!’.

I didn’t buy this toy thinking he would play with it for hours and hours at a time. I think it’s hard to do that with such a simple item. But what did surprise me was his ability to play with this with other Doctor Who related toys. My son has a TARDIS, a flying one, that I bought for him for his birthday last year. I found that this Human Dalek spent many a time in this while my son was doing lots of role play! He’s played with it, thrown it about and even his sister has had her turn. Definitely a piece that hasn’t been kept in the box!

What do I think?

I already measured the size of this toy so I had a good idea what I was getting. We previously have had Matt Smith Doctor Who figures in the past, which I was quite pleased with and this and those figures are of similar size and shape. What I loved about both of these items firstly was their packaging. Doctor Who is a very specific brand, and set of fans to go along with it. The packaging reflects the series very well in style, colouring and logo. You already have an anticipation of what is waiting for you inside.

I also, like my son, recognised this character straight away. It’s a very strong looking character and memorable from the show for all kinds of different reasons. But the main thing is its very distinctive. I felt that this was an excellent replica to the character from the series. We’ve seen the two part episodes featuring this character many times and the overall look was spot on. The face and the head are obviously going to be the main thing about it. The brain like top of the head, the almost finger like tentacles down the head/face….it’s not something you forget in a hurry, and that is how I remember it from the show. What I did like about this more than anything is they didn’t dumb down the look. Figures from sci fi shows specifically aren’t always bought, given or received for children. It’s a massive business where you find grown adults collecting them or just buying them because they like it. But obviously it’s a big thing for children as well. This isn’t a character that you can make pretty. Or look like something it isn’t. Its ugly, slightly weird looking, which is how I remember it from watching it on TV and that’s how it should stay! And I’m glad they’ve kept it like that and not worried about scaring little children. The suit, the overall appearance of this character, again is a good reflection from the one seen on the show. Excellent detailing and they haven’t skimped on the little bits that make it stand out e.g the texture to the head of the character, the appearance and cut of quite a tailored and slim looking fitted suit etc.

Not only is there attention to detail here in the form of looks, but things like the movement of the figure is key too. The limbs have a great range in movement. They’re very easy to move and moving each part is reasonably smooth and trouble free.

The quality of this piece I cannot fault at all. It doesn’t look or feel cheap in anyway. When you hold it, and give it a good squeeze (as you do!), it doesn’t feel hollow it feels quite full although not heavy. It’s very easy to hold and somehow fits snugly in the hand. It’s all proportioned very well. Nothing appears to be too big or small or out of place. Of course, the head is a touch large, but this is how it’s supposed to look and be.

Considering that I have a slightly younger child as well as my son, I haven’t had any issues of safety wise with her and this item. It’s so well made and all the pieces seem a good size. So if there was an accident and something popped off, I doubt it would cause any obvious harm. Of course, I would be more wary if she was much younger, but I’m happy with her and her brother being able to play with this independently and without help or too much supervision from me.

I mentioned mobility before about this item. It’s also important to mention abit more. This figure can stand firmly on its own…and stay there! It’s stable and can balance evenly. It also can sit down very well also.

There are no obvious signs of wear or tear, damage, fading of colour and things of that kind of nature. It’s a tough little thing, and considering that my children are quite rough in play, this toy has been tested to its limits….and survived!

This I would say is a perfect addition for anyone who already has Doctor Who figures. Checking online a lot of them are available measuring the same size, which would create a lovely set to play with, or collect.

Would I buy this again?

Most definitely! I think the price I paid for this was an absolute bargain, but even at full price I think this is a nice item. Fabulous quality, stays true to the character on the show and would make an ideal gift for a fan!

(I’ve checked Amazon at the time of submitting this review and you can buy this item for just under £6.00 which doesn’t include p&p).

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