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published 11/09/2017 | sellerleygirl
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"Combining traditional tabletop gaming with modern smartphones"

Cheatwell Games App Player Board Game

Cheatwell Games App Player Board Game

App Player Board Game

Cheatwell Games


When we play games as a family we are continuingly shouting at one or other of the teens/20year olds to “put your phone down”. So, when my son received a game last Christmas that actually NEEDED a smart phone to be used, it seemed like a rather good idea.
That game was the App Player Board Game from the aptly named, for my family, Cheatwell Games.

About the Game

App-Player is the world's first game to replace printed playing cards with digital cards, which are provided on your iPhone, iPod or iPad. This is a game that combine a traditional family board games with a little bit of modern technology; if you have a smartphone (iPhone or android) this is perfect as a family game for you and your teens, older family members or friends. It is for ages 12+ and is for 2 or more players.

The game comes in a box measuring 11” square and 3” deep and in the box are:

• 1 6 spoke game board
• Multi game board inserts
• 1 Counter tub
• Dice and Counters
• Rules for all 4 games

The game comes equipped with four different games that are preloaded onto your smartphone, which must be either an IOS handset or Android. You will be given different game cards for the 4 preloaded games that will basically tell the board what game you want to play when inserted. The same thing happens virtually on your phone; when you open the app for each game you will see virtual game cards that are passed around to each player. Because the questions are generated through the app questions may be as current as yesterday’s performance on X-Factor to questions dating way back to the Beatles.
The game apps are free to download from the Android Market or Apple App Store,
When it comes to playing the game, players still physically move their counters around the board, but all the gameplay prompts come from their phones.

The four games you can play off your phone are:

• App-Player Great Big Trivia Quiz - thousands of trivia questions on all your favourite topics.
• App-Player Humm Bug - the famous song humming game
• App-Player Tension - the frantic category game.
• App-Player Masquerade - charades with a wicked twist.

App-Player is compatible with iPod Touch, iPhone, iPad and Android Smart Phones. Just download the App-Games onto your device and select the one that you want to play. The virtual game cards will appear on the screen and you can start playing. The players keep score by gaining counters which are kept in the centre of the game board and adding them to their or their team's spoke of the board.
The board itself can be changed depending on which game is being played, and each application will check online every time it's opened in order to download the latest updates or question sets.

If you need to know more about the App-Player go to Cheatwell’s website:
The Games


Tension is one of the board games in the App-Player suite, compatible with the App-Player board game. It is a game for 2 teams of 2 or more people, in which you have 1 minute to name examples of a given subject, which could be anything from "Annoying personal habits" to "Foods that are naughty but nice", “Abba Hits” etc.
Each correct answer moves the team 1 point along the scoring track. The only problem is, only the 10 answers shown on the app card count. To play, simply divide the players into teams, set up the Tension game board on the phone and you're off.

Humm Bug

Humm Bug is a game that consists of humming famous song themes. The app has a wide range of classic tunes dating from the 60's to the present day, your aim is to hum them for your friends to guess. The quicker they can work them out, the better you'll do!
To play, simply divide into teams, set up the Humm Bug game board and you're off.
Great Big Trivia Quiz

The Great Big Trivia Quiz is the classic question and answer game but adapted to suit all ages. It has hundreds of diverse questions on Rock & Pop, Science & Nature, People, Places and more... but, best of all, you have graded levels of difficulty to handicap the best players and aid the youngsters so that the whole family can enjoy playing at the same time.


Masquerade is the like a game of Charades with a difference: In addition to the traditional Play, Film and Music rounds the mimes include a wacky mix of unpredictable phrases and sayings... So, nobody can guess what's coming next!
What the Manufacturer Says

“Imagine a game with more cards than you could possibly cram into the box. A game where cards don't date and come graded in difficulty to suit all the players taking part. Where you don't need to fill your cupboards up with ever bulkier and planet unfriendly boxes. Where technology you already use for personal gaming can be used by a whole party of people. The App-Player Board Game is all this and more”

• Play great family games using the latest technology that everyone has
• Download the 4 App Games from the Apple Store for free
• The universal game board can be used to play all and future App games
• iPhone and Android compatible
• The App Games are continually updated to provide new question cards
What Sellerleygirl Says

Several of us have downloaded the apps – on to I Phones, Samsung phones and a Samsung tablet and the apps downloaded quickly and work fine on all the devices.

We found the games are pretty simple to understand, and the game does provide a great platform for the whole family to enjoy regardless of what your personal preferences are. The fact that there is four games in one is definitely a huge advantage.
The games can all be played in teams or individually which makes it even more fun so you can team up as children against adults or girls against boys etc to make games night a little more fun. It is recommended for ages 12 and up and as such the age group can help decide which of the four games is played.

I’m sure most people have traditional games like Trivial Pursuit where the questions quickly get outdated, with this game, rather than having physical question cards that are often lost, damaged, easily memorized or outdated everything is there on your phone, and regularly updated. All the virtual game cards are able to be displayed on your device, all ready to challenge the players to rounds of trivia, singing, dancing and other crazy activities. There are some physical components to the game, but these are mostly for scorekeeping purposes. We use it without the board as a travel game on long car journeys as at least one of us has it downloaded on our phone or tablet.

It is not a game for very young children but perfect for families with kids from around 10 upwards. This is a really clever idea and a good tweak on some traditional games, the new interactive features brings o some great fun.
We have had a lot of fun playing this game , our favourite being the Trivia game although the Humming game is probably the most entertaining - especially after a few glasses of wine!! We haven't really played the Masquerade game a lot but do enjoy Tension, which can get a little manic as you try and beat the clock.
It is very easy to understand and play, and makes a really fun addition to gamaes nights - perfect for a large family get together, espoecially when the smaller children have gone to bed.

Jack’s game was a gift, so I have no idea how much it was; however, looking online today (11/9/17) while the RRP is £19.99 it is available for the following prices:

• Amazon: From £4.70
• E Bay: Frome £4.38

The apps are all free to download.


So, if you are ready to move to the interactive version of some traditional games on the iPad, Android or iPhone, then I recommend you give it a try. It is great fun and every good value – just a few pounds for four games that don’t go out of date.
I highly recommend this game, it is ideal to play as a family, with friends or siblings. It is also available so cheaply at the moment so if you are still looking for a great game for Christmas – either as a gift or just for the family, you could do a lot worse than the App Player Board Game.


1. The box
2. Inside the box
3. The ‘game board’
4. We don’t shout ‘get off the phone’ in this game]
5. Concentration
6. One of the questions on the app
7. Opening page of Trivia app

Thanks for reading I do hope that this review has been of some help!

© Sellerleygirl July 2017

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