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"Cher's way to fitness"

I bought this year's ago on VHS and did it every other day for a long long time. I then lost interest ( as you do ) and also gained a fair bit of weight ( as you do ), in my defense I did have a baby in the fitness workout lapse!


It was made in 1991( wow it's 15 years old), and to be honest from the outfits you really can tell, but the excercise routines themselves are great and haven't dated a bit. Cher is not the fitness instructer you'll be pleased to know, a lady called Keli Roberts teaches the class's. Keli is one of America's biggest fitness instructers, she went on to make her own step DVD, amongst other things. She is a renowned fitness educator and has done workshops all over the world. She also does master class's in indoor cycling,kickboxing,resistance band training ( the list is endless). She has countless awards for a number of her workshops and some I believe for competing. Keli is also a cerifiied personel trainer and has worked with a lot of big Hollywood names, Kirstie Alley, Russel Crowe,faye Dunaway, to name a few, but it was this first Video with Cher that made her famous, and a household name...more in America. I do have the first video she bought out on her own ' The Ultimate Step Workout' and that's great too!


It starts with the usual warnings about not doing this workouts if you are pregnant or have an unhealthy heart.

In between each workout cher explains about the next class you are going to start and their are photo's as she speaks, she then goes on to her few words of encouragement.

It is split into 3 workouts, they all include a warming up, workout and then the cooling down. Before each workout Cher talks about excercise and how it has made a difference to her life also about perservering it. I have to say Cher really does encourage you throughout the workouts, her motto is " you don't have to start out perfect, you just have to start " which I have to admit I found surprising. It is made in a studio, with what looks like a sunset behind them on the step workout. There are different numbers of women ( there aren't any men) in each section. The first workout is the step workout, then healthy back and abdominals then its hips bums and tums.


" the sweat your butt off class" ( Cher's description )

This is the longest workout on the video at 38 minutes, it doeesn't sound like long but about 30 minutes of that is high intensive step. There are 7 women doing this workout, they all using different levels. One is doing it without a step at all this is low impact and the easiest, then you have the lowest step ( 6/8"), most of the class are using this step, though same drop the arm movements which again makes it a bit easier and also one uses weights, the next level is the advanced (8/10") there's only Keli Roberts using this height step!
The workout starts with the aerobic warm up, it's good but be prepared it is pretty hard going, you're sweating and out of breathe before you start to step. You do need a bit of room for the warm up, though once you start the actual step it is pretty condensed space wise. The actual step part of the work out is split into 'sets' they flow into each other, and Keli does warn you there's a new combination coming up. There are 7 sets in all, with a break halfway through for a heart check. This is to ensure you are working out at the correct and safe pace for you. It explains how to do this with a countdown in the corner and also a scale so you can check you own, they have made it really simple to use! The cool down period lasts about 3 maybe 4 minutes and is nice and relaxing, it does relax your muscles...and you will need it. You will need a towel and a cold drink as you're doing this workout. Cher talks all the way through, don't get me wrong she isn't irritating at all infact you find yourself laughing at her, she's really upbeat and funny. The music's great, though very eighties I guess you could say, there's a lot of cher's own songs in their ( well there would be!), along with some other mostly rock tunes. They also make mistakes that have NOT been edited out, they laugh at each other and it feels very life like, I found this really refreshing, you almost feel part of a class instead of just in you own home.


Again this start with a few words from Cher, she briefly explains the class " we get in and we get out we don't prolong anything" when you do this workout you'll see what she means. It is a short workout 10 minutes, but it really does concentrate on those stomach muscles. The movements are all very small and very precise and to be honest very painful, though again they really do the job. There are five women doing this class including Keli and Cher, and every excercise is explained and demonstrated, you really can't go wrong. There are also some back excercises in this one to show you how to get and keep a healthy back. Keli explains about your breathing and posture, she walks round the room coorrecting the mistakes the other women are making, this helps a lot especially as I was making some of the same mistakes


( that isn't a misspelling it is REALLY called that)

Again Cher starts by giving a brief explanation " this is the hardest workout of the 3 " Which is pretty frightening stuff if you've ever done the other 2 workouts! This workout lasts for 32 minutes and is a mix of aerobic excercise and it then goes on to concentrate on individual lower body muscle groups...all of them, and you really do feel it. " Keli concentrates on one muscle group fatigues it and moves on" another Cher quote. There are four women doing this class including Keli and Cher. The outfits are still as bad and the sunset is still there behind them, and the excercises are still as great. Keli really is a brilliant instructer she explains everything as she goes through and does every bit of each workout, she turns around to show you exactley how you should be doing things. This workout hasn't got as much of the fun element that the step has got I think it's hurting them a little to much, The music is very rocky Billy Idol but it isn't overpowering, alot of the excercise are chreographed to work with the music. Again the cool down is about 3/4 minutes long and again you really will need it.
Every muscle group in the lower body is used in this workout, you are constantly moving sometimes it's the smallest of movements as with the Abs workout but each movement is definatly there for a reason.


As I said at the beginning I have used this on and off for years I bought it about 12 years ago when I gave up smoking and put on 3 stone, I went from a size 10/12 to a size 18/20 in about 3 months, devastated is the word I'd use at that I then decided to start smoking again in my naivity i thought the weight would just drop off, not a chance now I was a fat smoker. So again I packed up smoking but this time my friend lent me this video, and I decided to do albeit a bit to begin with every other day, after a couple of weeks i went and bought my own copy. I carried on and after a couple of months I was back in a size 14 jeans. That's the size I have been since, which I think at my height 5ft 10" ( my husband thinks I'm more 5ft 9" but I think it makes him feel is about right. I am at the minute at the higher end of the size 14 scale hence me searching all over the net for this workout on DVD. I managed to track it down on ebay for £15 but I also got Cher Body Confidence which I have never tried.


Great workout dvd, that really does work is fun to do and you see and feel results in a few weeks. You don't really need equipment just the step and you don't need too much space,only really for the warm up for the step workout. Through each workout the excercises are explained and demonstrated, you have Cher encouraging you with short voice overs all throughout and as I said it isn't at all irritating. There are some interviews with a few people that have used or are using the video and they tell it from their perspective, these interviews are at the beginning of the tape or DVD. The music is great and Keli Roberts has choreographed each workout with the music herself. As for Keli her expertise is astounding in this area, she has been teaching for years now and is on the American Sports Council, so you know she knows what she is doing. A great workout DVD.


This is the tricky bit, if you want to buy it on Video, HMV, Woolworths and all the bigger retailers should ( did last time I looked) have it for a minimal price, it was about £6.99. If you want to buy it on DVD it's so much harder to get, I managed to get it on ebay for £15 inclusive of P&P for both A New Attitude and Body Confidence, he was very slow to deliver though about 3 weeks!

The only thing I would say is if you haven't tried a workout DVD like this before take it slowly, do a bit at a time. When I haven't done it for a while I sometimes can't do the step all the way through straight away it might take me a week. Also don't forget the water and towel.... I'm off now to pop on the DVD and get fit the Cher way

Thank you for reading xx

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  • jude76 published 03/03/2007
    if it weren't for the very real - and sad - fact that i have to be the most unco-ordinated person to ever do aerobics, i would try and find this. But, being unable to master aerobics is proven through having attended class for 6 months and only able to co-ordintae arms andl egs for three of the countless movements that sadist teacher does. i kid you not, i promise!! I shall be sticking with swimming and yoga!! xxx
  • miggmoggspud published 23/02/2007
    I can imagine that the workout outfits are highly amusing. Would love to have Cher's figure but doubt it's ever going to happen. Great review and will try and find this one in a bargain bin somewhere. Alexandra x
  • bodsquidge published 20/01/2007
    i could do with some of this! ;
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