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I think that these things should come with a government warning...."Excessive consumption will make you fat" Jeez these things are so unhealthy for you, yet soooo addictive, that you can easily forget what you are putting into your mouth! Infact i do my best to forget all about the unhealthiness ... Read review

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Community Level 5wellibelli


why do you want to make me fat!

Advantagestasty every step of the way

Disadvantagesthey make you fat - fact!!

"...and have been eating these chicago town pizzas since feb (started as a craving!!!) and believe me i have eaten alot!! The problem is with these is that i don't think you could find a more unhealthy pizza!! The other problem being that i myself eat them far too regulary, and when i do eat them, i make a fat b*stard of myself and eat them both!!!! ***THE PACKAGING*** Well it's your simple, normal cardboard box. Very colouful (main colour being ..." Read review

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Cheesy Chicago

AdvantagesTastes gorgeous, nice crispy base, loads of cheese

DisadvantagesVery fattening, do not cook very well in microwave

"...Pizza's at the moment and Chicago Town Cheese Deep Pan Pizzas are one of my favourites. Packaging These pizzas come in a normal cardboard box which is primarily red with a picture of the pizza on the front (which looks very appealing). The Chicago Town logo is written across the front and underneath that is written Deep Dish Triple Cheese Pizza. Price I buy these pizza from Tesco where they normally cost £1.65 for a box of two. At the moment ..." Read review

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Community Level 4quizzeyq


Micro them away..........

AdvantagesMicrowavable in 3 minutes, good size for children

DisadvantagesSoggy, funny tasting

"...i thought i would buy Chicago Town's 2 Deep Dish Ham & Mushroom Microwave Pizzas, being Microwavable and quite small i thought they would be ideal for my kids and they were on offer as buy one get one free, which was ideal as i have four kids. As i say they were on offer in my Iceland but the usual price is £1.99 per box of 2 pizzas. I think they are generally around this price in all stores and can be found in most stores with freezer departments. The ..." Read review

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Community Level 6seagulls-l...


Delicious you bet

Advantagesreally good tasting

Disadvantagesextra topping a must

" want to know about Chicago Town Triple Cheese Pizza’s that is. I quite like pizza’s y’know, but being vegetarian a good pizza, for me, is hard to come by, sure you get a cheese/cheese and tomato pizza, or a triple cheese, but what kind of pizza is that, boring I call it and not much of a vegetarian option, so I don’t buy them, well I never used too. My mum gave me some pizza’s - she’d bought some and didn’t like them, so she asked me if I wanted ..." Read review

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Community Level 7magicloudz


Three-minute disaster

AdvantagesCook in three minutes

DisadvantagesNot possible to cook two together, average taste

"...very enticing image, with the Chicago Town logo looking menacingly at you from the left side of the box. Setting the microwave on the highest setting for three minutes, I put the first pizza in, using the thoughtfully-provided individual cardboard tray to save on washing up later. Having established in a previous op that one pizza of this size will not satisfy the appetite, I am cautious when hearing I will have to cook them separately. The microwave ..." Read review

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