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Chicago town takeaway pizza – Pepperoni Reason for purchase Me and my husband both love pizza and pasta and although we have pasta a lot during the week, we perhaps have pizza once a fortnight, this is only because my husband has to eat a lot of healthy food to maintain his fitness at work, ... Read review

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Take aways soon to be out of business!

AdvantagesDelicious, great amount of filling, doesn't take forever to cook

DisadvantagesBit pricey compared to other frozen pizzas (but worth it!)

"...had many of the other Chicago town pizzas before but we have never tried this specific type. The only type in this product range that we are able to purchase is the pepperoni one. There are others such as Cheese and Tomato, New Yorker (ham, bacon, pepperoni and mushroom), Sloppy Joe (spicy beef, green peppers and red onion), Cheese, Chicken and Bacon Melt (chicken, bacon, mozzarella and cheddar). If I was able to get hold of the other pizzas I would ..." Read review

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Community Level 6Julieshobs


Take it away


Disadvantageshigh in calories, fat and tomato base is overpowering.

"...a try. 1 Chicago Town takeaway personal pizza, four cheese to go. According to the packaging this pizza has “All the great taste of a takeaway pizza” but will it I wonder as I pop it into the oven for the recommended time, though some may be interested to know that no pre-heating is apparently required prior to cooking. Twenty minutes later off to the oven to see whether the pizza is cooked and does it really look like the picture on the box? ..." Read review

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Community Level 4Claire_DC


To Takeaway, Or Not To Takeaway?

AdvantagesIt's edible, It's easy to just stick in the oven..

DisadvantagesSeriously Unhealthy, Can Break Up and Turn To Mush, Not Good Value

"Chicago Town Takeaway Sauce Stuffed Crust My fiancé had heard that the Chicago Town Takeaway Pizzas were one of the nicest shop bought pizza ranges, so when we saw them on offer in Tesco whilst shopping last week at 2 for £5, we picked a couple up! I bought a five cheese pizza from the tomato stuffed crust range, and my fiancé bought the chicken supreme from the 'Takeaway Original' range with no stuffed crust. We thought we'd have the pizzas ..." Read review

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Community Level 7paulpry118


Scrummy or crummy pizza Review with images

AdvantagesCheap and easy to cook

DisadvantagesNot that good

"...just any pizza but a Chicago Town Takeaway Sauce Stuffed Crust. I did ask him what was wrong with my home made pizzas (I have a bread maker so always make my own dough) and he told me "nothing" but it seems some of the lads he works with have been raving on about them and had said that it they are amazing. I had recently read a review on said pizza and did not really fancy trying it, however Darren is the one that works so he pays for the shopping ..." Read review

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Takeaway Pizza? Stuff It!

AdvantagesLarge size, cooks well to blend sauces & cheese, crust stuff adequately, tasty


"...of them! The base of Chicago Town Takeaway pizzas isn't pre-coked so when you put it in the oven it rises freshly. That's one thing I'd say about this pizza is that it does taste like it's made from fresh, good quality ingredients. It's quite soft rather than crunchy, and the slices aren't deep pan but they're not too thin either thanks to a generous layer of cheese. The stuffed crust is well stuffed with tomato sauce, which is a good amount to mix ..." Read review

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