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Recipes for Chicken Basil

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As many of you may have gathered by now I am a keen cook. Saying that I'm not the worlds best cook, I don't have huge funds and try to not break the bank and I also struggle because I have ill health so I don't want to be standing about and preparing things too much and for too long Now this ... Read review

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Chicken casserole...well sort of!

AdvantagesEasy to prepare, inexpensive and very tasty

DisadvantagesNone for me its really nice!

"...way and like all my recipes I add you really can adapt them and omit what you want to! Enjoy! ..." Read review

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CHICKEN BASIL Review with images

AdvantagesReally tasty


"CHICKEN BASIL My favourite. A dish with a Thai touch that is delicious and that it is very easy to make. It does not matter if you cannot find Thai basil, the regular one will do. You can use dried basil but it will be better if you can find fresh basil. The fish sauce will be easy to find in any Asian store, even in some regular supermarkets. I use lemon grass from a tube; fresh lemon grass is difficult to find. I use ginger but, of course, if you ..." Read review

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