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Children's Minds - Margaret Donaldson

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This book by Margaret Donaldson should be compulsory reading for people who work with young children, and, come to that, for parents. It gives not only an easily accessible overview of Piagetian theory of child development, but in the same go demolishes many of the main tenets of said theory. Scottish ... Read review
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Children's Minds - Margaret Donaldson

Children's Minds - Margaret Donaldson

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"Children's minds" could change yours

AdvantagesEasily accessible, thought provoking, well written

DisadvantagesWell, if you're not interested in children or education, you probably won't be taken

"...an effort to scaffold their children's learning process, and that failure to do so expresses a failure of the adults, and not of the children in their endeavour to learn. Children, Donaldson thinks, are primarily social beings. They are innately attuned to the reactions and feedback of their fellow human beings, and this means that their natural way of reasoning is far distanced from the cold logic of academic cognition. A child which has not ..." Read review

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Type Non-Fiction
Genre Psychology
Subgenre Child Psychology
Title Children's Minds
Author Margaret Donaldson
ISBN 0006861229; 0393951014; 0856647594


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