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published 08/03/2005 | speedbird
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"Clunk Click every trip"

Reasons for visiting the Chiropractor

I have suffered for some time with a stiff neck, which was gradually getting worse and moving down my left shoulder. I was also waking in the night with numb fingers.
Having ignored this for some time, I decided to visit my GP who put me on the list for a bit of physio.
3 months later I was having the knots massaged out of my left shoulder – very painful.
This worked after a fashion but the relief didn’t last long, so I gave that up – well actually, because it wasn’t improving, the health service won’t carry on with the treatment.
I then decided I would have to put up with the problem.
Next my lower back went playing tennis – well that was it – enough is enough.
I did some research on the net and came to the conclusion that I would like to visit a chiropractor.

The first appointment

This lasted an hour and involved a thorough health check, heart, blood pressure, reflex testing, strength and flexibility testing, balance testing and finally an x-ray of my spine.

The follow up

Another long session to discuss the findings. My back and neck showed some wear and lack of curvature. We discussed the treatment needed, which involved 6 weeks of manipulation followed by a maintenance program of monthly visits.
He then stretched my back with long massages up my spine.
He then phoned me that night to see how I was.

The theory as explained to me

Over the years your spine get lots of wear and tear – bad posture, walking on hard pavements, everyday wear and tear all take their toll. Chiropractors manipulate the spine to release the tensions and realign the vertebrae.
All your nerves from your brain to the rest of your body run down the spine so any misalignments will impinge on your nerves causing pain and problems to all parts of your body. This can cause pain anywhere and also lower your immune system.


For the first week he worked on stretching my muscles in preparation for the manipulations.
After this came the crunching and clicking of my spine and neck. This is not a bit painful, but can sound dreadful.
It is quite a forceful treatment, but you do feel a certain relief when you have had it done.
Your lower back is twisted to loosen it off, your middle back is pushed down and your neck is given a short sharp twist. I repeat, it is nor painful, and in fact I tend to get the giggles after the air is woofed out of my lungs.
Each session last about 10 minutes.
You are also given exercises to do to strengthen your core muscles and to improve flexibility.


Very gradually my back started to ease up – loosening up nicely. I was also sleeping better – no more numb fingers. My back isn’t cured, but with monthly maintenance, I am hoping that the degeneration won’t get worse. If I do have a problem I can pop in for a quick click free of charge because I go regularly.

My advice

1. Go
2. Train to be a chiropractor and earn a fortune

And Finally

I would recommend this treatment – it does work, however it is expensive at £27 a go.
But now I just go once a month I feel that £27 for my health is well worth it.
My daughter now goes and she finds it helpful after sitting at school and carrying her bag around all day. She was very nervous to start with, but after finding it doesn’t hurt she looks forward to going.

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Comments on this review

  • classact39 published 13/04/2005
    chiropractors far better than physios as still trained in sports massage as well! expensive but effective, and for those who still consider acupuncture etc as alternative, its all about to change (trust me, im in the know and its about to become mainstream!)
  • thespurs published 11/04/2005
    nice review. i can get my chiropractor therapy for free!
  • AnitaM published 06/04/2005
    I was trying to persuade my hubby to go a while back because he has some problems. Maybe I'll make him read this review!
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