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Chocolate (Blu-ray)

From the makers of ONG-BAK and WARRIOR KING comes the new no stunt-doubles action sensation, starring Asia's new female action superstar JeeJa Yanin. ...

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published 08/05/2011 | Deru
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From the makers of Ong Bak, we’re presented with this Thai martial arts movie strangely titled ‘Chocolate’. The movie is an 18 certificate and is anything but sweet, full of martial arts, acrobatics, gun fights, sword fights and painful looking stunts. The story follows Zen (JeeJa Yanin), an autistic child whom turns out to be a bit of a genius when it comes to learning martial arts. Zen is the daughter of a Japanese man and Thai mobster’s mistress, both of whom were involved with a certain Thai gangster. Zen’s mother, Zin eventually gets sick and its is up to Zen and her friend to raise money for her mother’s medication and hospital treatment, which eventually gets Zen mixed up in dangerous situations involving her parent’s past gangster acquaintances.

I must admit that this movie is not quite how I had expected as I was expecting something like Kill Bill (swords and blood baths), which is not my cup of tea, however, I saw the Chocolate Blu-Ray in CEX for a bargain £4 so bought it on a whim. Looking at the Blu-Ray cover, it depicts Zen holding a sword sheaf in each hand, which is what gave me the wrong impression but turns out most of the fighting throughout the movie is Tony Jaa style, Muiy Thai (Thai Kicking Boxing) and acrobatics. There are gun fights, knife throwing, pole staff and some swords but it’s mostly kicks, punches and elbows.

Being a fan of martial arts movies, I enjoyed it very much. There isn’t much in the way of plot and dialogue. In fact, with Zen playing a girl whom suffers from autism, her lines are very limited even when she’s grown up in the movie. As for the dialogue throughout the movie, it’s a mix of Thai, Japanese and a bit of English (with odd accents), so if you care enough about what’s being said, you would need to read the subtitles unless you’re lucky enough to speak all three languages.

The movie style is very similar to Ong Bak with maybe a bit less humour but I feel Jeeja (playing Zen) did an excellent job in this movie and deserves the title of a female equivalent of Tony Jaa. As for the rest of the cast, they also did a great job with the stunts. The majority have no lines as it’s all about the fighting but for the few that did, they do help move the story along.

The end of the movie shows the outtakes, Jackie Chan style, whereby we see the stunts go wrong. These are also available in more detail (and in proper full colour) in the Special Features. There were no stunt doubles as the actors and actresses all did their own stunts, which they revealed in the interviews. I was very impressed, not just with the acrobatics but also with how realistic the falls were (men falling two or three storeys). The outtakes reveal how much pain the actors suffered each time a stunt went wrong or when someone got hit for real (by accident).

The Blu-Ray itself is well presented with audio at the intro, extracts of stunts from the movie in the background, and well laid out menus. Definitely doesn’t give off as a cheaply produced product. The video quality during the main feature is excellent as you would expect on Blu-Ray. It has a number Special Features, which were surprisingly interesting. The parts introducing us to some of the actors and showing them training and preforming the stunts were particularly interesting to watch. There are also deleted scenes (not particularly interesting), trailers, bits talking about the martial artists in the film, etc, which I quite enjoyed.


The movie is full of fast martial arts action with a bit of blood thrown into the mix but not too much in the way of gore, which is a good balance as I don’t like too much blood in these movies anyway. The fighting and stunts are well choreographed and are in some instances, more impressive than what I’ve seen from Jackie Chan. There’s a good variety of the type of stunts and type of action as there’s gun and swords as well as just the Muiy Thai and acrobatics.

The foreign languages may put some people off (there’s only Thai 5.1 (surround sounds) and Thai 2.0 selectable and no English dub) but I would recommend Chocolate unless you’re really not keen on violent movies. For those who like martial arts and action movies, highly recommended. For everyone else, if they’d give it a chance, I’m sure they’d be awed by the stunts as well with or without a complex story so long as they don’t mind a bit of violence.

The Blu-Ray is currently around £7 on Amazon. DVD is around £4.

Thanks for reading.

P.S. Oh and as for the movie title, I think it’s because Zen likes Smarties. :o)

* Also posted on Dooyoo / Amazon under Derren / Deru

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  • danielclark691 published 12/04/2017
    good work
  • justarube published 06/11/2016
    VH x
  • jesi published 22/05/2011
    I like subtitles . . . at least if you pay attention you enjoy the film . . . ♥ ~ Jesi ~ ♥
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From the makers of ONG-BAK and WARRIOR KING comes the new no stunt-doubles action sensation, starring Asia's new female action superstar JeeJa Yanin. <BR><BR><BR>Zin was once a prominent member of the most feared mafia gang in Thailand and mistress to its notorious leader, the ruthless Number-8. Now suffering from leukaemia, the only way to raise money for treatment is for her daughter, Zen, to seek out her old underworld contacts and collect aged debts. Blessed with an incredible ability to mimic the fighting moves of her favourite action heroes, Zen proves an awesome match for those who stand in her way. However, when Number 8 decides that the money belongs to him, Zen is faced with a full-on battle for survival.


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