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Choosing your Options

For students going on to higher education or continuing with higher education, find helpful post-graduate guides and other books here to help you choose a university. Read reviews, compare prices and order your books online from the best UK book stores.

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Find the right degree course

28.01.2007 Review of ukcoursefinder.com

"*You only get one chance to choose a degree course so do it properly* is the message we get from school. Having seen the Ucas guide and read (looked at) one prospectus with hundreds more to read I was losing the will to live. But this site sorted it fo ..."

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Calling all Ph.D students.

07.01.2005 (11.02.2005) Review of How to Get a PhD by Estelle M. Phillips, Derek Pugh

"...I am a second year Ph.D student, enrolled in the Psychology Department at the University of Newcastle Upon Tyne. Those of you who are yourselves Ph.D students (presumably most of you reading) will know how difficult it is to know where to start the mamm ..."

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Website says all that is useful

29.05.2003 Review of The Push Guide to Which University 2000

"...must confess that i do not have this book but i have read it quite extensively from my University Library. I am moving university next year and therefore a book like this should be the tool i need to make my mind up from the offers i have reci ..."

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If you're stuck...

26.09.2001 Review of ukcoursefinder.com

"If you are trying to find a university and a really good course for you, I HIGHLY recommend you visit this website! It takes about 5/10 minutes to answer a few questions which works out your interests. You then answer a few MORE questions (they can ge ..."

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