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published 06/11/2009 | 1st2thebar
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"Moyles Redemption"

Radio ONE - Chris Moyles Breakfast Show

Date of Birth - 22 February 1974
The Chris Moyles Show runs from 06:30 - 10:00am
Salaried at - 494,000 (£) 2009 plus perks that makes him head and jam rolls above the rest

-- -- -- --

"Redemption- an element of salvation to express deliverance from sin"

-- -- -- --

To find anything wrong with Radio One DJ Chris Moyles script due on air is like taking anyway the freedom of speech clause which is part of our democratic rights. I'm not profusely going to back Moyles stance on any particular message, but he has a 'giveth' right to skip through show after show and boldly walk through the mayhem of BBC red tape that rocks our land of political correctness. - It must be a painstaking job to sift through the scripts and strip them to pieces that in turn severe your character by jumping hoops. Just to get my point across in an amicable way, I've an editing team that squeezes my arm whenever I over step the mark. I've a numb arm.

If Moyles is like me, it is absolutely irritating to find that your character has to be dulled down to fit a mainstream genre. Most of his material is equipped with a outlandish hand of quick wit and dry humor that many people have written to Ofcom to complain about. The thing is, that the more complaints Moyles has the bigger the listener groups become. He did average at 7 Million new listeners at his peak about 5 years ago, just as his now flag-ship morning slot took hold and got lazy Moyles fans nursed out of their hazy student hang-overs.

The self proclaimed 'Saviour of Radio One', may have lost an edge of recent as listener figures dwindled this last quarter; but I hasten a guess that if he is truly a 'saviour' he will rise again on the third day and create a storm-fest for the media. You can't keep a good 'saviour' down. Christopher Moyles for all his sins, including being a Leeds fan, will inevitably live on and deliver himself into another media form apart from radio. Moyles talents could end up with him being a future 'X Factor' judge; he's certainly got the role for it by dining in the media savvy hot spots. Best friends with Vernon Kay that could see Moyles flitter off into Strictly Come Prancing' and get a lift home with Vernon's glittery wife Tess Daly.

Days are looking slightly murky at present with radio one, he is losing ratings. Reports are rife stating that his unshaven grey shade is frightening off listeners; the web camera is usually off him and focused on a tired pen on the radio one table. Moyles in my opinion is not shy in provocation and evidently probably will opt for a few more hours in bed with his girlfriend Sophie Waite, so long there is a Jammy Dodger beside his clock radio and a Leeds United DVD set at 'Play'. - Moyles has a dysfunctional quiver when matters of seriousness transforms topics on his morning show, which for him is a gallant shifty at 4 am; two matchsticks and a gallon of Red Bull along with a jump lead attached to his headphones has cause concern for animal activists. Moyles is no animal, he just behaves like one; actually he moisturizes; I don't know what part but he's well known for it. The metro man thrives in Moyles, thanks to Sophie; that is as far as it goes.

When it comes to the EU and Brussels and the pound, Moyles is a true gritty Yorkshire lad with Hovis values born and bread, pun intended. He hates Brussells loves his Mam's Yorkshire puddings and as a fan she has rang in to his shows on occasions usually to waft a wooden spoon towards his rhetorical rear. Oh she has an Irish charm; that bares many a true verse, she can talk for Ireland and frequently does. - His Pa, is a postie, and young Moyles licked many a Queens head before his days at Capital Radio in 1996. Burst on the scene with a mouth larger than his big loaf, his young outlook and cheeky stance with an utter disregard to the establishment suffice to say brought in the punters. Gladly and proudly admits he is working class and rich. Global warming is above his head; and soon the ice-caps will be able to fit in his glass of Gin and Tonic. - However, behind the clown and bravado spirited fool is a clever conscientious round man who agreed to a 20% pay cut this last year, to help the BBC in their diminishing fund resources. He also was a main character behind the highly successful 2008 Children in Need Appeal in climbing Kilamanjaro; doing great impersonations of Gary Barlow low on oxygen' proving he's not just a man-mountain but he can climb them to. An estimated 17 Million was made on that venture alone.

I witnessed a tender Moyles moment way back in the early Sophie days when he sang on air Christine Agulara's 'Beautiful' to his new love. The torrid of listeners came flocking, he wasn't only a loud mouthed Northern lad with no grace, but one that couldn't sing either. It filled my tear ducts up with laughter, Moyles ticked the loveable rogue box for the girlies. That was a good move from the DJ maestro; it wasn't about getting groupees sending their Prada lingerie to his mail-box; that is vulgar in his eyes. Now if jam doughnuts were sent that would have been a different story.

Controversy is no long lost stranger to Moyles, he shakes it's hand and offers it a cold Peroni; whatever, your views it is provocation that keeps the intrigue going, the listeners like the edgy fiasco, the boyish banter that comes from waking up to the Chris Moyles Show. Sailing close to the wind of immediate career demise and indecent dialogue is a flirt for Moyles, like a long cold pint winking at him across the mahogany bar. This all in all is an engaging ingredient to a young audience who he still captivates with filth and sleaze in the best possible taste. Sadly, his listener ratings have dropped by nearly 700,000 in the last three months, to just over 7.5 Million; the BBC have been fidgety with the fact Moyles only signed a one year contract of late, so at the grand old age of 35, his sparkle could be fading. Temptations of venturing into lucrative deals elsewhere must be on the horizon; though it could be just a freedom thing. The boy from Leeds 'done good', with a mouth the size of his beloved Leeds goal, seems to be ahead of the game.

Now with experience rattling about with beer lodged in his lobe, it would be a defining maturing time whether his young audience will continue being loyal you his cheek. His self claim of a mid thirty man going on twenty, maybe a ploy to keep his show on track with the help of his Side-kick Comedy Dave, 'the knockem dead' Rachel, 'Don't Wake Early' Dom, 'Right Said' Aled, 'Marry Me' Carrie, and simply Matt Fincham. - Roy Walker makes a guest appearance on his auto-cue endlessly giggly and innovative for the ageing TV presenter's street credibility. John Culshaw brought special VIP realism into the show as a frequented guest, for his impressions were pitched perfectly for radio. - Moyles has not changed his team format to that greater deal for the 12 years being at Radio One. Loyalty is boundless, to those close to him, maybe that's to do with the steadfast loving home-life he's had. Blatantly rude snipes and quick wit is said with a hyena's tongue cheekiness, is endured by so many yet by many who've not got a clue.

Moyles goes on and on...

On September 7th 2009, Moyles and the team had broken the longest breakfast time radio show duration record; beating Tony Blackburn, ex King of the Jungle stint in the morning hot seat. If, that didn't massage his ego further for the 'Saviour of Radio One' nothing will, unless Holly Willoughby got out the vegetable oil. - I did actually get in contact with Moyles years ago concerning Jo Wiley's non flexible dialogue auto-cue which was what I assumed was on a daily loop while on her shift. Ground-Hog Day revisited. It was noticeable that afterwards her drone was less irritating, and more fascinating. Her styled improved thereafter. My email daily stalking persistence paid off; I didn't get a reply, but the message got through. Problem is I then had nothing to complain about. I'm still going through therapy as I write this.

The runaway lip of Moyles has rubbed shoulders with the Complaints Commission Ofcom regularly, no doubt he will be getting a Christmas Card from them probably saying 'Happy Winter Festival' in gold lettering. Just to infuriate his brash British traditions. Sadly, the demise of the true British society could end colourful characters within the media of radio. Ofcom have no direct clout, but they are a mercury reading to the general consensus; the general consensus is over reactive. Moyles Breakfast Show still entertains 7 Million active listeners; a lot of the complaints come from individuals who switch on to Moyles items halfway through. It is easy to misconstrued listening script, when taken out of context. Moyles had a foe in the late great John Peel when Moyles first joined Radio One. It all changed dramatically at an awards night when Moyles spoke to Peel at length. A great 'unlikely' friendship emerged. - All Moyles asked Peel to do was 'just listen to the show from start to finish'. Peel did so and afterwards endorsed its greatness fully. There is a deep warmth and raw humanness rooted in all his shows; he doesn't pledge to be deemed as a youth role model for the youths to aspire to. Moyles sees that there is only a certain amount of responsibility in producing the shows, if he digs too deeply into the realms of responsibility, Moyles would stay in slumber land until a more reasonable hour.

Due to the postal strikes Moyles redemption package will be delayed until July next year. Until then, we want more Moyles, Dooyoo?

Thank you for reading
Copyright -1st2thebar 2009

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  • elfbwillow published 16/11/2009
    Well reviewed :)
  • Praski published 10/11/2009
    Just as good the second time round. Top review!
  • blackmagicstar4 published 09/11/2009
    Nice review. i was listening to this this morning driving down the motorway, even though he makes me laugh i think there is so much rubbish on there and hardly any music x
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