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Reviewing Caio!

16.03.2014 Review of ciao.co.uk

"...Review == This will be my first review on Ciao.co.uk and I couldn't think of what to review - so will review Ciao! === From a beginners perspective === My first thoughts of Ciao are very positive. It's great as i need something to do in my spare ..."

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Rating standards - have we all become softies?

02.03.2014 Review of Member Advice On Reading, Rating and Commenting

"Throughout all of my time using Ciao, the one thing that has frustrated me the most is rating. Now you’d think this is a strange statement from me considering all of my review do well but I think there are so many inconsistencies with rating, it does make ..."

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Very confused with this site

30.11.2013 Review of ciao.co.uk

"Im very confused about this site.I have did 2 review ,made 3 comments and rated other peoples reviews.I still haven't gotten paid a penny.The FAQs page doesn't really help me at all.The website is organized nonetheless.If I'm correct,you have to to 950+ p ..."

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20.11.2013 Review of New Ciao Homepage 2013

"I confess; I was an emotional wreck last Friday evening; watching Children in Need and the endless conveyor-belt of presenters doing their stint for the TV event of the year. Look what’s happened due to many years of ‘Children in Need’ – they’re still in ..."

Read full review by 1st2thebar

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