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If money talks, it speaks volumes about Ciao's priorities. Sweat out a review of a well-remunerated product, assuming a few dozen reads, and you could earn a pound or two. Usually it's a lot less. If you're like me, you may have spent many hours writing and researching that review. Fill ... Read review

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Masters of all they survey?

AdvantagesPay real money, usually easy to complete

DisadvantagesThey're out to get information for nothing

" a survey however, and Ciao might pay you a couple of quid - or more - for 20 minutes' minimal effort. That suggests to me that our responses to surveys matter more to Ciao than our reviews. Other evidence bears this out. The site pulls in most of its new members with the promise of earning cash for surveys. Even I still occasionally get emails with offers like "Join Ciao and win an iPod Nano". Which not only makes me wonder how aware Ciao are ..." Read review

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Community Level 2davidwilkes


Start of a slippery slope?

AdvantagesLets you earn some extra cash

DisadvantagesCan be infuriating

"...of the "Die hard Loyal Ciao fans", however in recent times I have become a little dismayed with the survey side of Ciao. My little winge consists of two parts. The first one is the amount of money that is being paid to members for carrying out these surveys. The second concern is the amount of information that is obtained during the so called "Screening Process". PAYMENTS As well as carrying out surveys for Ciao, ..." Read review

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Community Level 5jouk04


More Questions than Answers

AdvantagesSounds like Easy Money

DisadvantagesCan be dissapointing / annoying

"...Theory. When you have been on Ciao for a while you will start to get emails from Ciao inviting you to take part in surveys, on a random range of subjects, from electrical goods, advertising, breakfast cereal etc. In fact the selection in theory is not so random as the surveys you are sent are supposed to reflect the information you provide in your member profile, where you give information to Ciao about your hobbies, interests etc. they use this ..." Read review

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Why do I even bother?

AdvantagesCan get paid for minimal effort?

DisadvantagesFew and far between | Hardly ever get to finish them.

"When I first joined Ciao in 2002, it was not to write reviews, in fact I didn't even realise that you could take part in that side of the site. No, I joined Ciao after receiving an email telling me how I could make my fortune by being paid to complete surveys that they sent me. At the time I joined, even if you didn't complete the surveys you could get paid a nominal amount just for being told you did not qualify, I can't tell you when this changed, ..." Read review

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Community Level 3tom_very1st


Whats all the fuss about?

AdvantagesSurveys a relevant to recpients and money is paid straight into ciao account.

Disadvantagesfew and far between for most people, and payment is quite unreliable

"Ciao surveys have been slagged off a bit in the review section I have noticed (maybe by newcomers who have found they havn't recieved as many survey offers as they expected) so I decided I woud try to shed some sort of light on the whole topic with my own experiences of 'ciao surveys'. Firtstly, its important that you realise you've got to sign up to take part in the surveys. This is done in our 'my ciao' section where you just tick a little box ..." Read review

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