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I remember the old Ciao, probably like many of you, and always thought it was in a different league to other sites in terms of the surveys it offered. There was always more variety, more surveys that fitted your profile and they seemed far more in-depth than the likes of other companies. Invitations ... Read review

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Community Level 4lisacallow


Ciao: Beta than Ever!

AdvantagesEasy To Use, Good number of updated surveys available. New ones daily.

DisadvantagesSome interface niggles

"...because far less companies used Ciao to generate consumer opinion than they do now. The old method of completing surveys via Ciao, was inclusive within the Ciao consumer/ price-check website, and was a handy inclusion to bumping up Ciao Rewards from writing reviews. We are all quite aware that the payment for submitting reviews is generally quite low (ranges from 2-10 pence, although is specified that it can reach up to £3.00), but I think it is ..." Read review

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Community Level 8SusanLesley


The joke that is Ciao Surveys!


DisadvantagesIrritating, time consuming, no rewards

"...there who doesn’t know what Ciao is, especially as you must be connected to the site if you are reading this review, but just in case I’ll tell you. Ciao is a review site which is similar to Dooyoo but with much less capacity for earning. A few years ago Ciao was the superior site of the two as Dooyoo had lots of bugs but the balance has long since shifted and Ciao is definitely second best now – in my opinion of course. Some time ago Ciao started ..." Read review

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Community Level 3gsparkle


My view on Ciao surveys

AdvantagesThere is a low minimum payout of £5.00

DisadvantagesSome of the surveys are very long and you dont get paid much for them.

"Ciao surveys is very easy to join once you have registered you will have a chance to fill in your profile which has various sections for you to complete. Some of the sections include: Basic profile, Interests, Media, Travel and many more. They say the more of your profile you fill in the more likely you are to get a survey sent to you. The site sends out regular surveys by email I get about 6 a day I don't always complete them all it depends how ..." Read review

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Community Level 3quininho


Ciao Surveys - Get Out What You Put In

Advantageseasy to use, loads of surveys, fairly quick screenouts.

Disadvantagesslow payout, only via paypal

"...been a member of the Ciao review site for a while and seeing my hard earned words reap very little reward, I decided to try and add a little more income by signing up to their survey site. Registration was quick and easy and I was ready to go within minutes. I would recommend that you complete all of the profile questions soon after signup as this maximises the amount of surveys that you will be considered for. The profiles cover all sorts of things ..." Read review

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Community Level 4ItalianFra...


Want a little easy money?

AdvantagesSurveys sent by e-mail, bank transfer, small minimum balance

DisadvantagesYou don't always qualify, some take a while

"I joined Ciao surveys shortly after joining Ciao to make a little extra money. It's really simple to join, you just need your e-mail address and to make up a password. In your own time, you can fill out additional information, what you like, what you do for a living etc. They use this information to send you appropriate surveys, there's no point sending you a movie survey to do if you state you hate movies. The site sends you regular e-mails with ..." Read review

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Listed on Ciao since 14/08/2007

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Dooyoo is more straightforward than Ciao, and probably more remunerative
Dooyoo is a less animated and seems to be a less well-read site than Ciao (*)
Pais to surf for up to 40 hours, not jus twhen surfing
Pays out only at £45. Charge £3 to send a cheque (*)
Interesting surveys that reward fairly well
Credits to my account sometimes exceed the promised 28 days (*)
Easy to use and surveys are fast to complete
Website can be a litle slow, but One Poll are working on the problem. (*)
Getting something for nothing
time points take to credit (*)
Frequent & Interesting Surveys, Reward Variety, Instant Redemption
Sometime disconnected during the survey and you can't attempt it second time (*)
Lots of free games and toys etc
do reviews or give back the freebie (*)
Regular supply of books of stamps, regular prizes to be won, easy work, great support
Requires regular posting of letters at irregular times, need to log-on most days (*)
Online survey work offering a better than average reward
Locating the recruitment banner - no other way of joining the panel (*)
Simple and free to play
Will you ever get your prize?! (*)
similar by Name (A-Z) (C)
Up to date comps at your fingertips
none at all! (*)
Prizes for free, not a scam like other point redemption websites.
Small range of good prizes sometimes, encourages unhealthiness. (*)
Free ipoints if you ever get any.
Many. Read opinion (*)
Stays active for 20mins even if your not surfing!(*)
(*) Reviews by Ciao members

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